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    Summary 1. Game Donation 2. Combat Changes 3. Stores Rework 4. New Rank Icons 5. Misc 6. Bug Fixes 1. Game Donation For a very long time we haven't invested any time in our donation system, as we are planning many new great features to be released soon at GrinderScape we think that we are ready to invest a lot more than we ever did on advertising our game and bring many more players to make our server more entertaining to all of you. Since we are at this subject, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our donators for making this game remain online for all those years. We have reworked our Donation page and the way that donation items are gained, now they will come in bulk of packages with many extra rewards! Extreme Donator A new rank was just added into the game! The Extreme Donator is now the highest prestige rank and bring new cool features into the game. Luck Pool boost clue scroll reward chances by 0,5% New Sign and Title available. Stroke Head Messages Player Right Click Menu Icon Log-in explosion Extreme donators automatically become dicers, so they can host bets. Buy-x Limit expanded to 2,000 Daily flask purchase limit increased to 60 Yell Delay reduced by 10 seconds. Totem Effects: Precision: Duration 30 minutes. Knowledge: 110% Experience boost for 40 minutes. Luck: 0,06% Rares drop chance boost for 40 minutes. Security: Duration 5 hours. Possibility to automatically solve a single clue scroll task once daily with GrinderScape Guider's help (Use the clue scroll on GrinderScape Guider) Once you purchase an Extreme Donator rank, in case you have Super Donator you will gain extra 30,000 Premium points, if you have dicer rank you will gain more 30_000 extra participation points. New Premium Features Combat Switching Interruption A new donation feature is available: Disable combat switch interruption When active, player will not have the combat interrupted after switch equipment. Sortition Credits Some players have requested us to give the option to purchase sortition credits, we have decided to give it a chance and see how it turns out, this feature may be removed in the future. We have reworked our list of all donation features (Available at game guides interface): 2. Combat Changes Max Hit formula Max hit formula was reworked to be extremely accurate to RS. That generally means that all max-hits were increased by around 2-3. Dragon Claws hits were improved too. Now for most items you can compare with this max-hit calculator ( calculator ), however note that this is an OS-RS calculator, and some weapon special may have different effect there. (i.e: Armadyl Godsword) Comparision: Glory Actions Now once you right click glories at player equipment you will see all options available in the menu. Amulet of glory (t) will now work properly too. We will discuss further with the community about applying same system to other jeweleries. Torva Effect Each torva piece will boost your max HP (You no longer have to be using full set combination) Pieces Boost: Hat: 6 HP Chest: 20 HP Legs: 14 HP Korasi's Special Korasi's special wasn't working as supposed to be, there's how it's supposed to be: "[...]in a single-combat area, will deal anywhere between 50% and 150% of the wielder's maximum melee hit in damage." Meaning that from now on, Korasi's will never miss and will have a minimum damage of 50% of max hit. It's literally a death machine, consequently we have made it more hard to be obtained. Player Priority Now entities being interacted with will be prioritized and rendered at first position and right click will render that prioritized player firstly as well. Meaning that other players no longer can position themselves under your opponent. Upon duel start both players will prioritize each other. This idea was taken from an user in another forum. PK Tournament The last PK Tournament worked better than we expected, a few changes to balance the whole system were performed, we will be running more tests for 5 days to see how these changes turn out: Now you will lose half of the points that your killer has gained upon death. (You cannot be negative) A problem that your score wouldn't be instantly incremented after a kill was fixed. The amount of an item will now count when calculating equipped wealth (i.e: arrows). You may gain tournament scores during rank classification now. We will be looking at how those changes will affect the tournament which is still on beta stage. Those are the new rewards for the current tournament which ends day 02/03 Combat Adjusts Statius Warhammer is now 1 handed. Ring of Vigour was fixed, it will not require 10% less special too rather than just save 10% of special. Now you may be able to time your special restoring and double korasis' spec, etc. Teleblock spell will activate instantly once cast from now on, balancing against glories with quicker teleport. Handcannon no longer will cancel the special in case you you spam-click your target. Slayer's staff will now require 50 magic and 55 slayer to wield. Leaf-bladed sword and leaf-bladed spear will now require 50 attack and 55 slayer to wield. Fremennik helm will now require 30 defense to be worn. Blood Coins Rusty Tokens was replaced with Blood Coins. Most players are used to Blood Coins and Rusty Coins may sound a bit confusing to starters, it was a logical decision to change it. 3. Stores rework Donation Store was reworked and it's much better organized now (Thanks to @Russ and Zoeizo) Agility Store was reworked and new costumes are available! 4. New Rank Icons! There are new ranks available into the game: Elite Moderator: YouTuber: Content Designer: Bug Reporter: There are plans to allow players to select their display rank: 5. Misc Bounty Hunter caves entrance is now disabled, that minigame never has got popular and players enjoy that map, which is the only reason it's available. As result of bounty hunter caves removal, the panic task was changed Now notification button will flash yellow once you have new notifications. Familiars no longer will be visible at Edgeville Market area. The console command 'clearpm' was added to clear all private messages from the chat. 'Welcome to GrinderScape' is the first message to appear now. Now once you re-log your previous chat messages will remain followed by two spaces. 6. Bug Fixes @Mateus and @Russ and @Niko did an awesome job gathering a list of all reports from Bug Report section and replied|closed over a few hundred of topics! As result we have tons of bugs fixed on this update: H.A.M shirt that was missing from clothes stall is now obtainable there.. Now once you interact with a npc while standing behind him, you will move to his surroundings. Ironman no longer will be able to share loots Players will be able to continue farming without having to relog whenever they leave donator zone with a half done progress patch now. Fixed a problem where players wouldn't get the previous casket reward if they opened another casket before closing a previous one. Some patches were applied to Castle Wars bosses, now it will reward properly the team who dealt most damage. We are looking forward to see if the boss stucking at 1 HP issue was fixed. Familiars no longer will be affected by multi spells, meaning that no longer you will barrage your imp accidentally. Fixed a problem where players could interrupt obstacles by x-logging. Fixed a problem where players could morph right before doing an obstacle to gain experience without move. A problem causing players to be skulled upon retaliating was fixed. Now Dragon Scimitar will disable curses properly. Premium Training button at donators tab will take players to new kuradal's dungeon available only to donators. Using an unoted ring of recoil on eye rings will now put 40 charges like happens with noted versions. Hide Roof option setting will now be saved properly. Cure Group spell has received a delay and will only work when there are players around who requires cure. Once your target is killed by someone else, it will be removed as your target. 'A World of pain' task is now working properly. Summoners not teleporting to players was fixed. Tok-Xil animation was fixed. Ring of Slaying will take you to new donator zone kuradal rather than old donator zone. Skull Sceptre no longer can be noted into a book. Now all altar exit portals will lead players to front of zamorak mager. Players who are pending to accept rules no longer will gain EP and target meter at wilderness A few bugs related to fight caves npcs being nulled were fixed. Projectile casting was improved and it will no longer be displayed to players in different instances (such as fight caves) Ticket command was removed since it wasn't working as expected. Primal 2H no longer will work at wilderness. Spirit spider pouch will now summon the correct npc. Mega-phonus is now tradable. Inferno Scrolls will now stack properly. The firemaking system was improved and you no longer can drop a log before it light in order to save it. Fixed a problem where ironman couldn't pick up a loot if there was another exactly same item from another player over it. Clan Chat right click moderation with 'old context menu' was fixed. http://i.imgur.com/LF2IJdy.png You will no longer continue facing a NPC after reaching it and interacting with it. Now once you enable musics it will start playing a music rather than do just once you change region. Now once a Hardcore Ironman dies, the Chief Thief Robin progress will be reset. Tele-tabs no longer will be consumed in case it fail to teleport for not having the requirements. Now once you teleport to a random event, the interface will be displayed properly. Fixed a problem where players would no-clip out the map while attempting to attack dragons at Ancient Dungeon. Players no longer will have troubles behind a NPC trying to find a spot to attack, the system will do that smoothly now. Some changes were applied to player following to avoid the infinite dancing while attacking others. A problem causing minimap to freeze and display duplicated dots was fixed. Client system to draw rank icons was improved, and now frame 459 will display rank icons properly.
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    This would not be a surprise to everyone, but my long tenure as a forum staff member has come to a crashing halt. Keeping it short. I, of course, have not been as consistent as I was before. I recently got a temporary job from the co-operative education program, and that takes up majority of my free time. Not to mention my personal issues in real life, which I will not go into detail about. I will also take time off in-game as well, so that puts my goals on halt as well, at least for now. Would like to thank @Soccerlove and @Jplayer for the opportunity in the first place, I happily appreciate it. As far as other mentions go, you know who you are, I'll still get into contact if you hit me up. I will come on from time to time to finish up the goals I have started for myself, but I will have to prioritize my personal life first. Regards,
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    Hello everyone, I'm glad to present the Grinderscape music video's me and Sean have worked on for the past couple of weeks. Basicly we both wanted to make another GSMV & we thought is would be fun to make a little competition out of it. So hereby we present to you our music video's, let us know which one you enjoyed most & vote! #1. Sum 41 - No Reason (made by @Valar) #2. Blur - Song 2 (made by myself) Thanks for watching & we hope you enjoyed our music video's! Special thanks to:
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    Okay I'll take some time now to log the current updates. The NPC system is being reworked from SCRATCH | ZERO | NOTHING, the old system was totally removed. I've designed scripting tools to assist me on heavily testing every NPC function and exploring it's limits, it can be used at any other game feature. I have created so far full NPC walking, following, teleporting, facing. My point on reworking on NPCs is to ensure that all basic functionalities will work as expected, and provide very clear set of features to handle NPC behaviors, that way we can develop custom NPCs in a much shorter time, with precise results, that will allow us to make very dynamic NPCs that requires quite some Strategy to be defeated. Later on all current bosses will have to be reworked using the new system, as result drop rates may have to be adjusted. In essence I'm planning to keep current bosses as they currently work, as from my experience players do not accept changes very well, so I'll keep news to other bosses while current ones may remain as players are used to. Those support: - Smarter random walking withing a given area. (At world 1, we can only define the max distance that NPC can walk, now we can keep a NPC walking inside a building only). Currently at world 1, npcs walk tile by tile on random directions, at RS they walk to random long distances: http://i.imgur.com/TRuKWm9.gifv that's how it was created on new system as well: http://i.imgur.com/h2lOrhB.gifv - NPCs will collide with other NPCs, Map, Players when attempting to walk. Sample: http://i.imgur.com/82skI71.gifv - Whenever a NPC get stuck (being blocked by entities) for too long, it will teleport to original position automatically. - In case a NPC follow a player to outside its walking area, in case the NPC stop following that player, it will trace a route to inside it's walking area. (Usually NPCs doesn't perform trace-routes which are quite processing costy, they walk based on target-direction delta, that's why it's possible to get NPCs stuck behind a wall, as they are not smart enough to turn around the wall to reach the target, however not using a traced-route to its original position, could result in NPCs getting stuck outside their walking area by not finding a way back). - NPCs can follow players and other NPCs, the movements are efficient, as the game calculate shortest spot to position the NPC within a perpendicular position in relation to target, while still considering collision with entities and map objects, whenever a player goes behind this NPC, rather than move to random positions until find a spot get outside player location, it will find a shortest valid spot to surround the player instead. Sample: http://i.imgur.com/RpnFwMg.gifv Sample: http://i.imgur.com/ciOqLEv.gifv - Teleport system was created, originally on 317 RS Client jagex didn't add support for NPC teleporting, what we do on world 1 to bypass this issue, is remove the NPC from scene and add-back on it's new location, while it results in the expected effect, it causes overheat by removing and adding NPCs to the scene, and a period that NPC remains invisible (For not being added back to scene). - Teleport system allow to teleport NPCs to other entities surroundings, that's actually trickier than it seems as when we are talking about NPCs, they have dynamic size, and that size must be taken in account when surrounding an entity, and when the target entity is another NPC, both NPCs size should be considered. That's illustrated here: As you see, the NPC position is always the south west corner, rather than NPC center (Both are highlithed), so once position is set, everything should be translated in order to place the NPC center in that position, while still avoiding collision. (Look at ghost rectangles and lines that points to proper position) Seems complicated? Imagine now NPC > NPC following, where both entities sizes should be calculated... > That would be used on Pest Control where NPCs teleport, Abbyssal Demon that occasinally teleport to players's surrounding. - Teleport system calculates whether NPC can be placed at given position or not, which in some cases, such as familiars, the players will receive the message ("This NPC is too big to fit in this position.") - Facing system was also created, it's very basic, basically we are able to make NPC face a position|direction|entity for a certain amount of time, and automatically return to it's original facing direction, nothing big here. Sample: http://i.imgur.com/rhqBg5i.gifv - NPC updating system is a hundred more times efficient and dynamic and easier to modify than old one by avoiding a lot of redundancies. Basically the things done above, are the most complicated aspects of NPC system (Interaction with map and other entities), everything runs more efficiently than on world 1, which is good as NPCs are the biggest overheat on the server, as there are over 2K of spawned NPCs being processed every cycle (600ms), even tho random walking performance should still be improved. Once npc's decide to walk on a direction, it should first check all surrounding NPCs, then test collision of the destine position on those surrounding NPCs, imagine thousands of NPCs doing that in a cycle, the main solution to this issue is just make NPCs walk once there are any player close, however it still requires to for each one of 500+ (walk-able npcs only) NPCs to check if there's a Player close, which also involves quite a lot of heavy math, but still faster than check for collision with other NPCs when there's nobody there to see they walk around. There are still a few things to be done, but I expect to face less issues than I've faced with above updates. - Damage System The damage system should be worked, NPCs should be able to receive damage and be poisoned, which will affect its health and occasionally result on its death. Nothing new here, as shouldn't differ much from original system. - Instancing Each game entity should have a instance in the world, each instance would have a defined policy such as: 'See NPCs from other instances', 'See Players from main instance', meaning that instances should be added to Ground Items, Spawned Objects (some). The instancing system will calculate whether the other entity is view-able from its current instance, then render that entity (NPC, Player) on the scene or skip entities from different instances. Basically this will allow us to have multiple bosses spawned and multiple players fighting those bosses in a same room, at different instances. - Dynamic invisibility Basically a system that allow us to define whether a NPC should be visible or invisible on a scene based on it's stats, such as location. (Used for familiars whenever they should be invisible) - Speech Script (Already started) -> A Chat script system, that holds a collection of messages mapped to NPCs possible actions (Iddle, Fight, Spawn, Death) and make NPCs chat those random messages based on current NPC state, so whenever a NPC die, it would get a random message from 'death' script. Iddle and Fight speeches are cast each period of time. - Weakness NPCs should have weakness types (Fire, Water, Each, Air spells, Crush, Stab, Slash, Thrownables, Bolts, Arrows, etc) which will affect opponent's accuracy and damage boost upon this NPC once it's weakness are being exploited. - Respawning Yeh, that's actually a part of the system, once a NPC dies it doesn't get removed from the game, it just become inactive until it's ready to be respawned, except for the cases where NPCs doesn't re-spawn, actually the whole NPC stage system should be define (Was already). (Alive, Dying, Dead, Respawning) Now it becomes mainly combat aspects. - Attacking Ability to set a target to be attacked, either a player or another NPC. (There are cases where we would like to have NPCs being able to attack others, such as God Wars, Pest Controll, Familiars) That's the core of NPC combat system, it's nowhere near as complicated as Players combat, don't worry it will not take years - Aggression Aggression system defines behavior of aggressive NPCs, those who start attacking other entities around, that system will take in account target level, there will be a max combat level to be aggressive against, and a period of time that this NPC will behave aggressively upon an entity, which resets once entity walks far away from this NPC. There will be a tolerance system (started) that defines aggression tolerance, that means that once it's defined that a respective entity is tolerant to this NPC aggression, this NPC will ignore that (player | npc), such as in God Wars, where you may not be attacked by zamorak minions when using any zamorak equipment, meaning that they are tolerant to you. - Area analyzer The purpose of this system is to easily pick players around based on criterias and random aspect, allowing to select an amount of players around to be atacked, or just select players who are attacking the NPC, etc. It's an important part of combat system that allows to make dynamic fights. - Protection Prayers NPCs are supposed to be able to use protection prayers, those protection prayers will have an absorption percentage, meaning that will absorb a given amount of damage type being protected. In the other hand, there will be a penetration percentage, which determines how much this NPC can penetrate on other entities prayer protection, meaning that this NPC has 50% prayer penetration, and you are protecting melee, this NPC will still damage 50% of it's original hit as melee on you. - Poisoning NPCs should be able to poison other players based on probabilities and starting poison damage, pretty simple. - Life Staging NPCs should be able to relive, transform and avoid death. To have dynamic bosses that transform or have multiple lifes, those functions are required. - Loot rewarding Calculates who dealt most damage and reward the loot, occasionally a different approach is implemented and could allow us to reward players who have dealt over a percentage of damage. - Kill time calculation Just like we already have - Task progressing It's in the list to avoid forgetting to re-implement current tasks. - Projectile casting Simple system that allow us to easily make NPC throw a projectile upon an entity or direction. - Prayer disabling Ability to disable target prayers are an important feature. - Player teleporting | freezing and stunning Same as above. - Minion Handler Some bosses may have minions, and just re-spawn once those minions are dead, or as I've made on Nazastarool that only dies once all minions are killed, otherwise it would suck minions life to himself. Those are the main things, occasionally new things appear to the list, but those are the main ones to have a really great system that will allow us to make awesome bosses, we already have a good combat system, now NPC then skilling and minigames and I'm sure that we will be doing great! I have much faith in GS.
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    I don't have any good memories because I constantly want to kill myself
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    In-game name: My ingame name is Saim. What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): I am applying for Administrator. What is your Timezone?: My timezone is GMT +1 (Norway) How long have you played for?: I have been playing for a few years now. I believe I started in late 2012 or early 2013. How many hours do you play per day?: It really depends on the day, I try to play as much as I can. But of course IRL is deciding how many hours I play a day. I believe my average time at the moment is 3,5 hours a day. And I play more when theres holidays / weekends. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I were a loyal member of Spectrum when Primal Red and Nucleus was the owner of the clan. Then after a long time, I joined "Help" and have basically been a member of spectrum fully since the merge with Help. Do you have ::yell?: Yes, I do have ::yell. Why should your application be accepted?: I believe that I should be accepted because I have been a loyal member of Spectrum for a long time. I have been helping in the clan whenever I can (Yes I have been "lazy" sometimes, but I do try to improve on that. And I think that I have gone over that now). I always try to improve in all possible ways and I love helping the members which is why I am here to begin with. I have been a Spectrum Moderator from scratch over three times I believe. And that is one of many reasons why I should be considered at the next step. I also do understand the responsibilities that it comes with. Spectrum has been a serious helping clan for a very long time and I am thankful for being a part of it. - Saim -
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    I think all omm's should have the ::bank feature, and all the staff tools, inclouding ban/mute etc, and also the ability to spawn. This is incase money gets lost.
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    While normally I don't post topics such as these, I figured this special occasion was definitely an excuse to do so. I figured on this thread though, I would give some hindsight on my previous activities before I joined Grinderscape and what I'm currently doing in real-life. When I first joined Grinderscape, I had absolutely no intentions of staying. I had been on a previous RSPS for many years and when it was shut down, I was pretty confident I could never get as intertwined again in these games. During spring break last year (spring break for me again right now), I decided I wanted to find a new RSPS since I wasn't going anywhere and celebrating the holiday and figured it'd be nice to "relive the experiences'". I was never into the spawn/pk specific private servers so after looking for a while, I saw Grinderscape on Runelocus and figured I'd give it a try since it was the type of private server that I was most interested in joining. We can all obviously see how "not going to get intertwined" worked out. Even though my swift promotions have caused controvery in the past (especially among select ex-staff members), I've always been one to encourage the promotions of others over myself if it was more deserved because I personally don't like seeing hard work not get noticed. While I'm now in a position to make sure that hard work does get noticed, I rooted for many staff members and encouraged their promotions (regardless if they were the same rank) as I was still working my way up the chain because it's simply the type of man I am. I'm not explaining any of this for some form of positive response to it directly, I'm doing so because I've never explained these things up until this point. For months on end I was despised by many staff members because I was the new guy who was "trying for all the ranks", but I had always privately rooted for their promotion over mine to the admins (only Niels at the time) and I figured it was time to state all this because up until this point, I've never told anyone. As for my real-life if anyone is curious, I'm still enrolled in college (same as last year, yay), but I've changed my major to Criminal Justice. I'd like to incorporate psychology into this field in the future as some form of BA (hopefully federal) or a Juvenile Probation Officer early on in my career because I truely enjoy helping young adults finding the right path in life. In December I'll have earned my AAS Degree and will either join the criminal justice workforce while completing my Bachelor's, or just continue to work part-time and go to school full time. While Grinderscape is still a game and this must always be acknowledged, my years of being a staff member combined have helped me with an assortment of real-life situations (public speaking, debates, even my crime scene analyst class one time) and none of this would be possible without a community so this is a large thank you to everyone here on Grinderscape. If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to private message me or ask below.
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    Pls no take this personal, just bants this is @Sir Wizard this is @Saim as omm/legend pker (nubownger for staff!) the @Saim right now (he bsed nubownger)
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    War Of Your Life Simple really, we only ever "war" at your timings... AoG never has ranked players online when you finally appear from your caves, but when we do have our members you all log on hmong alternative accounts and pretend to be someone else which is kinda immature. https://gyazo.com/f1fe60f2a53d8f1b1267fc677809f41f This is The B A N G (leader of bang gang) saying he wont back down from a war and he will be there on 5th March 6pm Gmt. You guys got plenty of time now to make more accounts to 4 item with/prep and think of excuses but AoG will be waiting at Greater demons at 18:00 Gmt Sunday 5th March and will no longer be waiting 23 hours a day for some multi action. Either organise a war or don't even bother at all? @Bang @Jays0n @Outa light @Icecold @Pale Of Cmen @Bloody Tearz @Yolo Zombie @fakya madda @Rippa @dour @Sir Wizard @Fishy
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    I think the price is fair, most can't afford it, but what's wrong with that? it's exactly how life is. Everyone is saying "omg, i wont pay that, please lower the price??!" Should we lower the price of luxury cars because most people can't afford them? no.
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    The first suggestion that I want to make is a suggestion for skilling. The current situation is that you wont receive any coins for skilling if your inventory is full (even if you have a cash stack lower then max cash in inventory). What I want to suggest is that the money you earn by skilling should add uo to the cash in the inventory. The second suggestion is about the falling star. Whenever someone logs in they now have no notification as of where the star is and this results in people asking where the star is a lot. I would like to suggest an interface at the helpdesk called "star information", where you can see if there's a current star active or not. And which layer the star is at. Also the hint that has been given in-game should be added to this interface aswell. I'd like your oppinions about those two suggestions
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    For the Shooting Star Shop, we would like to bring new items. There's a post but it got messed up so i wanted to list you some for non-combat items With the Suggestions: - Increasing the Star Dust Limit is 10k - Decreasing 5 Star dust to 10 participation points each - 1/10k Pet rate this will obtain you a Shooting Star Pet New Items Including Item ID - 3k Orb of Oculus - 15484 - 5k Giants Hand - 13666 - 7k Gnomeball - 751 - 10k Dragonstone Armour Box. Opens a box and contains 1 armour piece @Vechtking for the idea - 8k Ram Skull - 7818 If you have any Non-Combat Items, feel free to comment them with the Item ID -> http://www.itemdb.biz/ Thanks for reading my suggestion
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    Old dz2 was clean and smooth, everything was close together and you could talk to anyone while doing things because everything was compacted close together. This new dz looks like a big mess IMO. Old dz1 was big and empty all the time. Just bring us back old dz2 with some more things added.
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    Well, I guess my time is up and it's time for me to say my farewells. I have been playing Grinderscape for years and it's just time to split my ways from the server. A lot of players may not doubt why I'm leaving because just I been playing for a long time also one of the main reasons I played was because of weapon game. the updates that had been changed to the mini game just destroyed the weapon game community causing it to have no players inside. Anyways I want to say thank you for everyone who had been through it with me throughout the years of playing Grinderscape. @tech n9ne- a.k.a Mayed We have been through a lot throughout playing weapon game we had our ups and downs and one point we actually hated each other but became good friends at the end of the day. @killers12376- a.k.a Emma You're one of the main people that made weapon game the best for me and I wanted you to know that man. I hope you keep in touch fam. @Yolo Zombie- Drew I haven't known you for that long but for me and you got along so well while being friends for a short amount of time with so much trust we have a good friendship I'll keep in touch. I hope you enjoy your stay on here and make that bank #cleanteam2k17 @Emq- a.k.a Fat skiller Jordan Thank you for giving me the chance to join Army of Gods and hopefully, I will come back to see you destroying bg even tho we do anyways so yea I'll keep in touch in discord thank you so much bro. Well, I don't want to make this long so I'm going to just tag the rest <3 @So Yontoo @Bro Eye Lift @Woody @Prodigy King @Bloody Tearz @t3stm3 @Saim @Valar I can't come up with anymore names but shoutout to #Weapon game squad #Kop Squad #C men squad #Elite squad #Army of Gods squad. I love you all Bye Everyone. If I didin't tag you I'm sorry
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    Hello fellow Grinderscape members today I hereby am saying my goodbyes, This actually does suck a lot and something I don't want to do but it's happening. I first came to Grinderscape 3 and a half years ago just for something to do to fill in my time while playing rs3 and what not, I fell in love with this game I couldn't get enough of it because it was fun the people were nice and I was maxed within 2 weeks within playing on my first account, I then went along and made my pure wear. that is when I got addicted to this game I used to shred the fuck out of that pure while hunting for that ss rank , I was apart of Kop for a long time and during the time I was in that cc I met the best guy I've ever met before and that ofcourse is @Jamie, Jamie was going to block me from getting my kiln but then he told his cc to get off me and since that day I absolutely love the kid to pieces. from that day was the day I can say I met a best mate. You're the best kid I've met in a long time Jamie and I appreciate you. I then went from kop to spectrum where I was spending 5 hours a day helping away in the cc to manage to get admin in it then get asked to be a server supporter, everything I worked for finally worked out to be something great, In the 2 weeks I was ss I learnt a lot of things about respecting others and what not unfortunately I got demoted for some fucked up shit but I look back at that and laugh now and find it funny still to this day. After I got demoted I rwt and that led to me getting banned for 6 months or so which was probably a good thing, I came back to the server after being banned to still find noobs that I was good friends with were playing, I love the fact you boys still hang around and play the server and hopefully you're still here for many more years to come. But yeah my time here has come to an end. Mentions @Saim - first off, You're a pretty decent kid but can also be a toss at times but hey so can everyone, You were one of the blokes that always believed in me from start to finish and even those these last few weeks have been rocky as fuck with me being a lil cunt glad you still are a mate. @Angel - I fucking love you angel, You're a very kind kid and honestly hope we never lose connections because I love you buddy so much!! <3 @Sir Wizard - Yeah nic you're my favourite mod because you let me off with a lot of things that I should have been muted for haha but that's not the only good thing about you, I love your sense of humour and I can actually joke around with you a bit man it's great haha. @Acolyte - Joe thanks for being a good bloke from day 1, I still remember when you got ss haha. I love you dude and hope for the best. @Tpid - Charlie you're a cunt, nah love you bro ty for add on snapchat. @Gygax - Tarquin tarquin tarquin, I am harsh as fuck on you because I hate you so fucking much but hey, I do think you're a good lad man and honestly most of the shit I say to you is just an absolute pisstake (example) best banter in gs for a while but nah it was just fun and games really have no hard feelings on you bro. stay safe Liam. @seann - S34NN you're a good kid and hopefully your step sister hits me up on them dm's cause she fit. @Icarly65 - Chris man I will always remember the bubbly inactive65 because you're always so friendly and I love it when you flame me back holy fuck it's great!!! just like this @Lisaax - Jess you do need to send me nudes sometimes soon, Hit up my pm and send me that sc name ;), nah have fun cutie talk to you sometime soon and gz on that ss rank. @Opy - Michael, you're deadset such a good kid I love watching yo snapchat storys and honestly just love you in general my dude, stay safe in the world and hit me up with a sc bro!! @Soccerlove - Mr Ronald I know you wont look at this but thanks for being dad to everyone on the server <3 @Russ - Hi sir, I would like to say thanks for everything you're such a good kid. I will never forget you because you're a lad. ( russ also played phone down 55 times in the space of 3 hours in discord) But love you man!! @Colt - Colt thank you so much for inspiring me to get into gfx work my dude, I honestly look up to you and thankyou so much for being an absolute legend and such a good dude, I love you man. @Tabor you are a little fag but you're my fag, keep talking to me on messenger homo @Nucleus haha Braedon I will miss you mycdude but I'll be sure to talk to you on discord sometime soon have fun dude xx @Zod - hey bro, thank you for everything I appreciate what you did for me and how much of a superstar you were. I love you Adam and I hope you still talk to me on Facebook because I would really like that thanks bru xx So for anyone who I missed I'm sorry but these people right here are my mains on gs. I will be sure to come back sometime soon to check up on how the server is going and stuff but for the meantime I'll just be chilling on forums. I wish everyone on grinderscape the safest year and years to come and I hope you all get spoilt for christmas because that fat cunt santa gonna be coming down that chimney in like 9 months? Insane I know, But yeah thanks all for being such great people. The only way to end this thread is with a big FUCK OFF YOU CUNTS <3 Peace out from Bryan xx
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    End my suffering
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    This fullout was agreed and arranged by both teams 2 weeks prior to the scheduled fight. https://gyazo.com/f1fe60f2a53d8f1b1267fc677809f41f <-- The B A N G agreeing... Then just before the war which was agreed 2 weeks prior we got a message from the bang saying: And then we EVEN got this (even though both teams agreed @Climb Rope): Bang Gang back to their old tricks (ty @Ziko): Oh, nearly forgot, their numbers (ty again @Ziko): Now there saying we had over 60? well.... Taken mid fight by myself Shoutout to all them Gang members with their d hide rags the whole war! @[email protected] us bruh Shoutout to @Outa light for the video, and remember #free frenna! Applications for a better cc still open at :
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    Terminated. Xfering items to an alt and calling yourself Liam wont get you OMM. You've kind of lost your chance to get OMM. Remember, we have tools to see who you are, lying to us wont help your case. -OMM Recruiters-
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    bruh if im paying $200 NZD im expectin ::bank and ::worship-me and more wtf
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    Can we stop the posts about giving OMM's unecessary power. Their job is quite simple, you don't need a whole area to make a trade that takes a minute (slightly longer if they need to be checked i understand that part). But it's getting a but tedious now with "OMM userbars" or "OMM crowns". People have previously abused the title of OMM's for personal benefits, only makes it worse to give them more power. And you only need 1 opportunity to fuck up the whole system, let alone 2 before getting kicked out.
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    Welcome to the Army Of Gods Army Of Gods is a main multi pking clan that was founded and created by Emqeror. We are an experienced team with some of the best pkers in game with good knowledge on how multi pking works, the aim of our clan is to reclaim which has always been ours, the wild! This clan is also affiliated with the pure clans named : C men and Aao This clan is currently destroying the wild in multi areas and will continue to destroy other clans it comes across The Rules and Requirements and Application Format to join the Army Of Gods are listed below: Rules DONT afk in the clan chat DONT backstab each other in the wilderness - This is a important rule to us as other clans have been known to make alternative accounts to kill their own clan members. Attack ALL white dots you see in multi zone, friend or enemy - Seeing your friend in Edgeville singles zone is all good, but when it comes to multi zones, it's a complete different story! DONT scam/lure any clan members in the clan chat Requirements Be able to use any attack stlye either Mage, Ranged or Melee! Be Level 104 - 126 in wilderness! Have at least 96 summoning for Pack Yack - essential when we have wars! Must be able to Create a discord or/and a teamspeak account Loyalty to clan members NO MATTER WHAT Have a minimum of 10 pk sets in bank to pk with Have a basic knowledge with multi pking and understanding what piles and returns are IF YOU FAIL WITH ANY OF THESE REQUIREMNETS, DONT APPLY Application Format is listed below: ( Please copy and paste and fill in ) The Gods Team itself: Owner: Emqeror Co - Owner: Bro Eye Lift High Admins: Don't Lure Iscold9220 Admins: Rockerzz Isimsy Outa Light Barragetax Moderators: Rodrigues Aussie Prods Bloody Tearz Yolo Zombie So Yontoo Recruiters: Blood X Bow Rippa Yolo You Say Deadeye Bub Mr Universe Le0ps Pernix Beast Honoured members: Liser Cya Pker Ace Ventura Farting Cow 0j Clan Legend/Mascot: Lankioras To gain a rank in our clan chat is simple. Be an active multi pker who is loyal, helpfull and supporting the clan. You will be noticed by a senior rank and mentioned to either Iscold, Emqeror or Outa Light who will decide if your worthy of a rank. Please be aware that ranks are not given out often and when you do achieve a certain rank you will have responsibilities. These are as follows : Honoured members - No Specific Task- although answering any questions from grinderscape players is always helpfull. Recruiter Rank - Inviting applicants to the cc once they have been accepted, controling the clan chat dramas. Moderator Rank : In charge of assisting and watching over recruiters, checking the clan chat often for any scouts or finding leakers. Admin Rank: In charge of assisting Moderators, Keeping the ban list updated and organising wars/ rg locations. Co- leaders: Updating forums, uploading videos, organising wars and rg locations. Below is our comp and max cape designs which have started to become the traditional clan colours, feel free to carry the trend on! #AoG (If you don't have a max/comp cape, please don't be disheartened and feel that you are unable to join, all levels as per the requirements will be looked at by ranked members in the clan chat) Wars This is a big part of the clan chat and we are after players who can be active and reliable for wars. Fullout wars will be posted on the clan waring section 2 weeks prior and will encourage all members to be active for a good war! We encourage players to have presets sorted and also a tab in their bank where they can regear quickly and return to battle, the faster the returns, the more likely of winning. Clan admins are not responsible for drama caused on yell so if you get muted for flaming, please don't cry to admins in the clan. All non ranked personnel from Admin and below will be muted during wars so admins can lead piles/ nominated members. Try not to loot items from enemies during the war so you can help straight away on the next pile. If the war is finished there is no problem looting as long as the enemy has been destroyed. "The Edge Rule" This rule represents the edgeville pking area. As this is not a multi area the clan is allowed to attack each other and not give loots back. The edgeville area will be free for all unless both individuals decide not to attack each other. However, "ragging" cc members is not permitted and will be dealt by moderators in the clan chat. VIDEOS!
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    As we all probably know, the current donator is in a state of disaster. It looks like a fucking trashfest, it looks like a gathering of filthy fat sweaty greasy old men grinding on top of each other. I suggest we bring back the old donator zones, they also served as a great hang out place, something I think the donator rank is missing at the moment.
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    Hall of fame In this thread you can see the winner of every event. Outfit contest #1 - Unknown #2 - Unknown #3 - Unknown #4 - Unknown #5 - Unknown #6 - quebec #7 - ohh jebus #8 - Unknown #9 - Russ #10 - Taalq & Ter kello x #11 - Eu bruno #12 - Elitas #13 - Kyle #14 - An old puppy #15 - Sma11plz #16 - Valar #17 - Adam #18 - Aurimuks #19 - Valar #20 - An old puppy Skilling Contest #1 - Shwoop #2 - Strivefast #3 - Strivefast #4 - Alvin #5 - Kala Ranger #6 - No winner #7 - Suffer plox Bossing Event #1 - Grumpy ginger #2 - Nefarix #3 - Nefarix #4 - Raiderist 8Ball Pool tournament #1 - Salt #2 - Pkedbyzig #3 - So Yontoo #4 - Tautvyds Pk tournament #1 - Whoops #2 - Icarly65 #3 - Us R Saints #4 - Not Russ #5 - Gothar #6 - Stone design #7 - To be decided
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    we all are going to die
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    the problem with the new donor zone is where you tele into, there are just trees and shit like right in the way, old DZ2 was so good because u could just tele in, nothing in the way and just chill around others. basically the tele spot into the donor zone should be around an open area and right next to a bank with no walls and stuff in the way, then people would be happy imo
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    Atleast I had the balls to return in ahrims/sol everytime instead of a dark mystic set l m a o
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    -When we took over 95% of the eco. @Taalq @0xCAFEBABE -Security's short tenure on our forums. #nailher -Basically everything before IPS.
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    In-game name: Simply Claws What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): I am applying for Recruiter rank. What is your Timezone?: Timezone GMT+1 How long have you played for?: I've been playing Grinderscape since 2013. How many hours do you play per day?: At the moment i have no job, so most of the days im 12 hours online. Weekends a bit less because of the girlfriend. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I've been a while now in Spectrum, In the beginning i was in the "dutch pride" where i became first admin of the clan. Do you have ::yell? At the moment i do have yell, soon i will be Super donator again. Why should your application be accepted?: Why i should be accepted is for several reasons, I'm a social man who knows how to help people. I want to give everybody a chance, no matter how hard the question might be, I "yell" a lot if people have questions they always can Private message me. Helping people is my number one priority! I hope i will be accepted as the new recruiter in the Spectrum clan chat to prove myself worthy! Best Regards, Simply Claws - Pablo
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    More than us, still slapped them again. Go recruit more at edge. 76 Minute War
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    Hello everyone, so after last nights update there was a lot of uproar in-game about the new donator rank. I'd like to make this poll, and comment section available for everyone to vote and voice their opinion and ideas no matter what they might be, so pb can look at them. I mean there's no point complaining about it over yell when we can just come to forums with hard numbers and idea all in one easy section for him to look at. I'll start. My opinion. No, i don't think that $150 is fair at all for such a rank, that's overly expensive and not many people have that type of money to spare on a game. Majority of this player base are teenagers/young adults (uni students with payments/etc), people who can't afford this. I've always, always admired about this game that the Donator benefits are awesome, but not game-changing. Which is the best possible medium that one can have. Now we have a new rank worth $195 in my Australian currency.. which I can get about 5 tanks of petrol with this money to drive to school/work and back. I'm not going to spend this amount am I? (Personal choice I know, but logical.) Pb said last night that he wishes to recognise the people on this game who donate this type of money. Well pb if that is the case then this should be a cumulative donation reward, where over time if you spend $150USD this gets added onto your account, because those people who have sunk their money into grinderscape over the years should be recognised. as you said.
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    sure let me just spawn players into weapon game
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    Not everyone will go for the 500$ donation and if they do they deserve to have the extreme donator status for donating such a huge amount If extreme donator was available in the 150$ or 200$ package a lot more people would buy that instead of the separate extreme donator itself while receiving a lot more bonuses with the premium points they receive. If the ranks worked off how much people donated in premium points e.g 10k prem points = 10$ = Donator Then it would be different but it doesn't so no Anyways don't want to go more into detail as there are a lot more reasons to do with affecting eco etc... But once again please DO NOT FEEL FORCED TO DONATE The people donating are the ones that are keeping the server alive
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    There are other servers where the maximum donator rank is $1000 (some even more) I don't think $150 is too ridiculous at all to be honest. I would like to see some extra benefits though because if I'll be honest, there's only a few things that really appeal to me
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    I thought it would be nice to have item sets added to game. For those of you who aren't aware what 'item sets' are , they are simply a box that contains certain items. i.e Dharok's set would be a box containing: Dh Helm, body,legs and axe, all at 100%, untouched condition. This is the RS Wikia of what i mean http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Item_set I thought it would be nice to add an npc to somewhere like shops or the ge like where decanter is or, preferably, add it as an option to ALL bankers. It'd be cool if there was some 'custom' sets that were added (by custom i mean ones not already on rs ) eg. "Pk set" which would include helm of netiz, torso, fury, d legs, b gloves, d def, abby whip. Let me know what ye think below and also add some more set suggestions if you have some.
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    Voted no because people in divine will take 10 years to die and in a war killing people fast is the way to win a multi fight. Everyone has a divine now so ye...
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    Dear players and development team, Recently when voting I discovered that the rsps100 page acts very strange when voting. If I fill in the captcha correctly and hit the button to vote and refresh the main voting page it still says that I haven't voted on that site. However, if I keep retrying it sometimes fixes the bug. List of things I tried: Using a different browser Using the ingocnito modus Opening the rsps100 page in a new window Asked arround to check if it's my computer I asked some people in-Game if they are experiencing the same issue and the conclusion is that I am not the only one experiencing this bug. I'd love to vote for grinderscape to keep it active, but if voting on a site doesn't work, it demotivates me to do so and I think a lot of Grinderscape players agree with me on this. I hope that this bug can be fixed soon. Yours sincerely, Thomas
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    Today i hosted another giveaway within the clan chat! Todays prizes were : bandos set, spectral, arcance, ags, divine, blue hween , claws and steadfast boots. Unfortunately I lost the pics of bandos set/spectral but the rest can be viewed in this album here: Also, idue to @simply claws insane hints and my work restraints, i ran out of time. However i did add the claws and steads to activity rewarrds and as of posting they are both still in there! Thanks to all who participated
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    If a forum mod sees this, don't close the thread just because these two people are going off-topic and arguing on my thread. Remove their posts instead, thanks. <3 Hint: stop arguing.
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    Skip to 15 seconds! My BAD Cleared these fools again with less than them, yet again.
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    I made a vow i would never make a farewell thread again so a break it is! IRL has been absolutely crazy these past couple weeks and im having trouble keeping up with everything Women / Work / Trying to move out / Trying to build my dream vehicle / Nights with my right arm these are all key factors in keeping me from getting on the PC. a lot of you know how to request signatures from me now and that's also taking a toll on me, i cannot stand saying no to you guys but sometimes you just have to GFX will always be a major passion of mine but at this point i dont want to see it as a job right now .. i just want to have fun with it. Since re-joining the team the GFX community has sort of come back to life .. it's sort of a chain reaction, you get one person interested and the rest follow. It's super cool to watch and even cooler to see you guys get so good I would sort of call this an inactive/active/not really active break ????????????????????? few quick apologies to the people in queue for signatures @Emq @Lisaax again im not saying i wont give you guys a signature im just saying it could be some time before i get around to it, basically what im saying is that if i hop on the PC to mess around i'll use your guys' name's. @Vape Lord Nord Master Kay i dont know what the rules are anymore but if i dont post a signature or anything for like 2 weeks i will not be angry if the rank is gone .. yes i take pride in ranks but i also could care less if they are there or not. it's just not fair if i have it and dont do anything with it. All my friends you know who you are .. i check skype once in a while, let me know how you are. Love you guys
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    wrath bombin LUL @Surreal
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    @zoiezo @Vechtking @Woody Have been helping out in game and doing a great job overall. Good luck evertone
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    By far when Security came, hacked Joao's account, gave himself MOTM, respected and contributor, became bug tester, was superior in every way possible, got banned. Oh, and triggering half the server wasn't too shabby either @0xCAFEBABE
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    With an forced teleport like an jail. NOPE you could easily low key abuse some really nice exploits. And ppl who say it cant be abused in anyway is so wrong. Every forced teleport can be abused to some really extreme lengths 2 warnings and they are out? On that time they can destroy the game in some aspects already