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    Enjoy :} Thanks Colt for the GFX kkkcat is a goodguy Songs Noisia - Devil May Cry Soundtrack - 17 - Mundus Theme BASTILLE feat. Ella - No Angels
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    Hello Players, Today a few game changing updates are launching, hope you all love! PK Tournament From now on, every month we will be hosting a PK Tournament, this current live tournament is a beta test. Once the Tournament time is over, the rewards are placed automatically into player's collect box! To participate of the tournament all you have to do is kill your wild targets! Each kill will automatically improve your score and rank you up in the tournament! While in the wilderness you are able to check your tournament score and position in real time. (The rank position is updated every ~40 seconds) You may click the icon to open the tournament guide You can type ::tournament or click over tournament icon at wilderness interface to open the Tournament Guide interface (It's not complete, and will include a tournament guide in the future) In the interface you are able to check: Time left until the tournament is over. (You can type ::time to check the current UTF time) Current tournament rewards. Latest tournament winners in the 'Champions' section. Current Top 10 Placements Top 3 Tournament winners will have a trophy displayed over their head until the next tournament is over. (You can toggle it using ::toggletrophy) command. There are plans to allow players to cancel current target every few minutes. We will be rewarding unique weapon | armor that will remain on player's account until the next tournament is over and champions selected. We will be also hosting $300|$150|$50 rewards tournaments. Donation - Participation Points As requested by our players, some changes on participation point reward upon donating were performed. Once you donate, you will now receive an amount of participation points relative to the amount donated. The base of participation points reward is amount * 60, plus some bonuses based on the donated amount. Donation: 10$ >= 600 + 50 (Bonus) 20$ >= 1200 + 150 (Bonus) 30$ >= 1800 + 300 (Bonus) 40$ >= 2400 + 600 (Bonus) 50$ >= 3000 + 1200 (Bonus) 100$ >= 6000 + 3000 (Bonus) Revenant (Forinthy) dungeon locating Some players may have troubles to find the revenant caves entrance, many players asked a teleport straight to the dungeon, but that would result in a safer wilderness, which is not our goal. So the command ::revs was created, when used, if player is not too far from dungeon, a map hit will point the closet cave entrance. Combat Player Killing Points Shop Rework The PKP Shop was reworked with many prices adjusted and new items added. TookHaar-Kal The cape death keep priority was reduced to 1,000,000, so you will no longer keep it over godswords and steadfast boot. Other Combat Changes A problem causing NPCs to become un-attackable may have been fixed (Requires confirmation) Untradables that gets converted into coins upon death, will only go straight to Reaper in case player dies at wilderness, otherwise it will behave as default. (However will always be dropped) Players no longer may be able to attack while teleporting with tab|glory|ring of life. Dragonfire shield death-keep priority was adjusted. Rockshell defence requirement was adjusted to 40. Some items wearing into invalid slot were fixed. Ranged strength bonuses was added to Bolt Rack. Duel Arena Anti Scamming Now once a Duel rule gets changed, the opponent will have to wait 5 seconds before being able to confirm them. New Commands ::time - Displays current UTF time ::revs ::tournament - Displays current tournament data. ::toggletrophy - Hide or Show PK Tournament trophy over player's head Misc You may now hide roof from game settings interface You will receive a message when you attempt to restore your summoning in case your summoning is already fully charged. Players no longer will stop facing target in case they are not target-able. Musics were added to new DZ zone. A bug causing NPCs to deal sound damage after dead was fixed. A few glitchy roof at DZ was fixed. An issue when scrolling a main screen interface resulting in the tab interface to be scrolled was fixed. Glory's recharge fountain was added to Donator Zone The Banker from donator zone was removed to prevent players from banking from far away. Collect option now works at DZ bank booth. Stairs at DZ were made unfunctional to prevent no-clip. Fixed Wilfred selling logs to Ironmans. Items drop under players due to lack of inventory space no longer can be picked up by Ironmans. A few more visual bugs were fixed (Mostly related to completionist cape). Black Robe will now go to the proper slot. A graphic animation will display once a player kill a target at wild, like used to happen. The Nurse healing timer will be saved now once player logout. The Nurse will only reset the reduced stats. (boosted stats will remain boosted) Lucky Spirit shields will now have the proper requirements. The broken fishing spots were fixed, the fishing system didn't allow more than 1 different spot for the same fish, it has been fixed now. Premium Tickets were removed from participation point store, with many new donator features coming e'd like to keep them strictly as a feature to those who actually contributed to the game by donating. Regular Party-Hats and Christmas cracker have been removed from premium points exchange shop. Crackers will be available at Mysterious Boxes as a rare reward until we come with a proper method of implementation. Hope you guys loved the news! - Have a great day!
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    Hello Guys! Today I'll be quickly releasing some combat changes and a few things that have been worked on before by our supporter team! Combat Hugging & Stutter Stepping I've been talking to Pures to see what we can do to improve their aspect of PKing and I was told that some techniques should be improved, so I've been working on a few things to allow Hugging and Sutter Stepping. (Thanks to Cinderblock for explaining me about some techniques ) Walk here - Option The old system would move to the current mouse coordinate, rather than where you had pressed initially in the menu. Having things that way would get tricky to position yourself precisely at some point while running, since your pointed always change as you move. So from now on when right clicking 'walk here' from the menu, it will move the player to the original location (where the menu was open) Also if you right click and press 'walk here' over a player, you will move precisely behind that player, even if he moves With those details improved, now lets talk about techniques: Stutter Stepping Hugging Nurse - Edgeville Healing A Nurse was placed in front of edgeville wilderness, she will be healing and restoring prayer's special. Healing Timers: Regular Players: 5 minutes Donators: 3 minutes Super Donators: 1:40 minute Those values above can suffer adjustments soon. Skeleton equipment bonuses were removed as it was quite strong and didn't have any wearing requirement, however it's used mostly as outfit item. Donator Zone Donator Zone #1 and #2 were merged into a single Zone. Our supporter team have planned and designed the new donator zone. Precision, Defence, Health Totens will provide the pool effects in a quicker way. Cooking Range Mining Farming Fishing ( Manta Ray + Sharks ) Altar Stalls Obelisk Woodcutting New Skilling Core & Donator zone farming As donator zone required some special attention on farming patch I ended up creating a sort of skilling core system, it has turned out to be quite good to develop skills, meaning that donator zone farming is more properly coded and players cannot spam clicks in order to get faster experience, so the experience gain there was doubled to compensate the delays. Stopwatch For many reasons it's useful to have a stopwatch, so it was added as a real function available to all players thro key-binding system Misc - Potion Drinking delay was slighly adjusted to be like RS. - Some spelling issues were fixed. - Saggitarian no longer will work at wilderness. Have a great day!
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    Hello Guys Today I'm comming with more new content and some fixes! Ancient Dungeon The Ancient Dungeon was 100% designed by our Content Designer @Mateus You can access the dungeon through teleport interface (CTRL + T) All the cave short-cuts work! The Kuradal's dungeon access is restricted to donators only. Free for All monsters Abyssal demons Fire Giants and Dust Devils Waterfiends Dark Beasts Bronze, Iron and Steel dragons Mithril Dragons Kuradal's Dungeon (Premium only) Hellhounds Blue & Green Dragons Greater & Lesser Demons Black & Red Dragons Abyssal Demons Dark Beasts Mithril Dragons Misc URI No longer will quickly disappear after being killed. The problems related to NPC damage were fixed. Frost Dragon's retaliate icon should display properly now. Telekinetic grab will now remove runes. A way to smuggle items into WG reported by Nolife was fixed. Players no longer will be able to perform attack or walk during completionist and max cape emotes. Completionist and Max cape emotes were disabled inside wilderness! Divine Spirit shield will require 75 prayer rather than 75 magic. Now once you die at Fight Caves the current monsters there will be cleared, meaning that you no longer can come back and attack Jad. Chivalry requires now 65 Prayer Level as supposed to be. Black unicorn and black cavalier no longer will have any wearing equipment.
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    Hello Dear Players I'd like to apologize for the down time that we have experienced today. What happened is that our host company has migrated to Los Angeles, which naturally takes a while to be fully performed. Regarding the vote penalties that may naturally occur due that down-time, they will all be removed in the 24 hours (once everyone has received their penalty). Will only be reset on those players that have less than 5 penalties active. As compensation this next weekend we will enable (1.5x 1.75x 2.0x) experience bonus to Regular players, Donators and Super Donators! I'd like to thank all those who were patient.
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    Welcome To The Mains Only No Honor tournament! This is A No Honor tournament for mains only, This is my first installment of a series of tournaments I wish to hold for mains to showcase there NH skills, A strict set of rules will be applied for all entries. What Is NH? NH is a style of player vs player, it means No Honor, this premise allows players to do what ever is necessary to win in A fight, over head prayers, far-casting hugging/stutter stepping, However to balance this tournament I will be implementing A set of rules to allow for a level field to showcase skill over luck/items. How Will It Be Run? This tournament will be run in team singles fashion meaning each entry will be paired with another and, the winner of A best of 3 between the two will move on to the next bracket. Gear set ups and rules. As long as you abide by the setup there are no rules in-place. if you however fail to follow the gear setup, you will lose the round immediately. How to enter? Post A screenshot of your stats and include your name, so that I can add you to the ladder. Entry is Now Closed. Prizes are donation based and yet to be decided. Donation From Me Myself and I Donation From @Zod Donation From @oliviawilde Donation From @Cinderblock Donation From @Mongool Donation From @i pk kinkbmx U Die Dude vs Rippa Climb Rope vs Jays0n Frenna vs The Fish (Forfeit) Olivia Wilde vs 8bits (Forfeit) Not Russ vs Pkfailure Arcane Blast vs Dont Lure Iscold vs Troll Pk3r Isimsy vs Zoiezo Quarter Finals Iscold vs Olivia Wilde Climb Rope vs Isimsy Arcane Blast vs U Die Dude Not Russ vs Frenna Semi Finals Iscold vs Arcane Blast Russ vs Climb Rope Finals Russ vs Iscold 3rd Place Lord Rope 2nd Place Iscold9220 1st Place Russ
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    Done, I'm so tired of you and your egocentrism, just quit and stop pissing everyone, I can assure you that many are tired of you bitching every corner, and your lack of respect. You dare to blame our supporters FOR ANYTHING? I left you in charge to test stacking update, you said it was ok and turned out to be the biggest shit in the world, did I blame you? No, I said on updates notes it was my fault. You asked me to add Slutter Stepping and other techniques that you'd like, only you asked me this, nobody else, yet I gave you attention and watched a few videos that you sent me and worked in the system core to improve it and allow the content that you requested, even tho 99% of players doesn't get such kind of attention (I can't give that personal attention to every single player) you have this retarded feeling that you deserve 100% of my attention even tho I have 10000 shit to solve that you DON'T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CLUE ABOUT. As I mentioned in the updates notes, the new cave was 100% designed by our development supporter Mateus, using tools that he has available to create such content, he's not able to fix bugs, and I would be able to fix 1 bug in the time that I took to implement his project that benefits many people, so if you think that I should have fixed a single small bug rather than add a big new content and feature for donators, then sorry to say this, but you're a ret... Another thing, I don't answer non-fixed reported bugs because I know that they're yet pending to be fixed, since I skip the ones that I have answered already. You were inserted into the Development Supporters team and you have contributed ZERO (didn't even talk in that chat) for days, so I kicked you, and you come here and DARE to say a single word about those who spend hours daily with me helping to update the game???? I said that I fixed the bug where you'd be killed by Jad and could come back to attack him at Fight Caves, but apparently you're not able to read properly as it's clearly stated by my commentaries above. This week I had to solve 2 different host issues, staff tools that broke and prevented them from assisting players (Because host messed up), had to fix a WebClient because I also spent days reworking our advertisement that was 5 years outdated ( http://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-1858-GrinderScape - Best PK Tournament!/ ) and it has already resulted in players count increase (We reached 400 players 2-3 days after it was updated) I've been also working on advertising the game in many other forums, also many many other things in the background that I've been having to handle, yet you're there bitching that I didn't fix your slutter stepping. I've been trying to release constant updates, but one thing that I ALWAYS STATED WAS THAT FASTER UPDATES = LESS QUALITY, but that's exactly what players wanted, constant updates, I'm also releasing lots of important bug fixes together with the updates. (Lots of them are not documented because they are sensible bugs found by Nolife that could help players find other bugs if they knew about, just because they aren't documented doesn't mean that they don't take time to fix) Then you complain that I don't give feedback about bug reports, but I answered your bug report 'Rigour was broken' saying that telling you that it's not like that in the 2012 June Wiki(Since I wouldn't fix it, I answered so I wouldn't look at it again), I'll repeat as you have some problems reading... Our combat system was based on RS 2012 June, it doesn't have to stay like that, but the changes should be polled, I don't see where it says that Rigour requires 70 Prayer at 2012 Wiki ( http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rigour?oldid=6863544 ), so stop giving 2007 wiki as evidence of a bug /facepalm I told you in the thread that if you wanted it as you wish, JUST MAKE A DAMN POLL, the other bug reports I didn't answer because I couldn't fix it yet and if I answered, I wouldn't remember to fix it later, either you show valid evidences that it's a bug... But know what? Just like Arcane Blast, I'll ignore every new post or commentary from you, you can report or suggest or beg as much as you want, I'll only fix | do once someone else that is not disrespectful and can make a sentence without put 'fuck' in it, requests. I suggest you to just leave.
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    Hello everyone. Today we decided to promote Gramatik to Server Support! @4 Agent 7 has been doing a fantastic job in-game for quite some time now and we believe he's ready to take on the Server Support position. Gramatik lives in Greece (GMT +2) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, Gramatik will be on a two week trial. Congratulations Panos, and good luck!
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    I'd disagree with that. The staff here, just looking at this case, is pretty bad if there's no consistency and a staff member can just change the punishment because he feels like it. Look at it like this, Ron had already decided a FAIR punishment was the clear the inventory. Alright, let's go clear the inventory and WHOOPS there goes his bank. Welp, let's just hide behind the fact he broke a rule and call THAT fair. ???? Both punishments were on the opposite sides of the spectrum and how can you call both of them fair? There's no consistency and there's something called justice (giving each their due). Something that I've learnt is the staff aren't always right, staff members make mistakes too. The problem is the community continuously backs the staff no matter what the situation is, I used to be guilty of this a lot. That makes the player who are on the "wrong side" get driven off and essentially exiled. That's the problem with the community and to call the staff team "supreme" is unbased. There are rules, but there are no consistent punishments. If this continues, I don't know what will happen to gs but the attitude that currently exists isn't helping.
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    You drag that ags with you. And 1tick that cancers ass and smite it for life.
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    Febuary 5th 2017 Sometimes when people wake up in the morning they put on a mask i'm not talking about a make up mask or a costume mask or anything else, i'm talking about an imaginary mask hiding the real them from everyone else. When we make new friends we try to get to know them to the best of our capabilities but sometimes our "real" friends could actually be fake, you could be best friends with someone for 6 months, a year hell even 10 years but the moment they don't need you anymore that mask comes off and the real them comes out. the morale of this is when you meet someone and want to be friends make sure you actually know them before you let them into your own little world. i once was best friends with someone for 6 months thought i knew everything about them but one day an old friend came back into their life and all of a sudden i was a ghost to them, i was devastated that someone who i thought was a close "real" friend was hiding under a mask the whole time like i was as close to this person you could possibly get with a best friend then it was as if they had died all of a sudden and what rose from the ashes was worse than what hides in the shadows of my darkest nightmares. So the next time you meet someone new i want you to think twice to yourself, can i trust this person? would this person ever hurt me emotionally or physically? is this just another fake friend using me?, cause you never know who's fake and who's actually real. one of the many quotes i live by in life is "the closer you look the less you will actually see"
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    Hello Wiki-team! Most of the time people leave feedback for in-game staff etc... but a good server runs with a good manual. So here is my thanks to the Wiki-Team! I know I made some posts about annoying changes to the wiki hihi, just to help you guys out ( @Suffer Plox ) Thanks for making time to add/change those things. Thanks for keeping the Wiki up to date with all new releases. Thanks for making an Ironman section! I'm sure more greater stuff will come on the wiki in the future. Keep up the good job! @Sma11zplz Keep hiring & coordinating the noobs that are willing to read my suggestions & wiki changes! @Suffer Plox Keep focusing on the Ironman section, I sense much greatness will come & editing all my wiki suggestion posts! @Timebrawler I'm looking forward to that Slayer guide you promised, because when I start doing slayer, I'm going to read the f*ck out of it haha! Thanks Wiki-team! Kind regards Iron Cypher
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    u gotta leave spectrum if u wanna call urself a pker cause rn ur just a faggot wanting staff
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    jack, do you actually have severe autism or do you just constantly try and be relevant? i can tell you got bullied from a very young age by your parents, and maybe if your nan. just fuck off.
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    Shame you are just 3 years late with this, Servers which listened to players have the clans right now.
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    hello, my suggestion today is about steadfast and dragon boots. * the steadfast/dboots have the same bonus strength. The boots show in the pic that is the strength bonus are the same, so i suggest to boost up 5+ strength bonus to steadfast boots. 2. you can see over here the different! if you all agree pls post something down and suggest it with me!
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    Hello everyone. Today we decided to promote Nucleus to Server Support! @Nucleus has been doing a fantastic job in-game for quite some time now and we believe he's ready to join the staff team once again. Nucleus lives in Australia (GMT +10) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, Nucleus will be on a two week trial. Congratulations Braedon, and good luck!
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    Hello everyone, So i have been working on this for my WHOLE staffing career on GS. Ever since being promoted, ive been stacking Ring of Stone. It has taken me a bit, but my goal was 20 of each. Im still going My next goal would be to reach #1 on top scores
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    I think party hats should be removed from the server and be re introduced in a mystery box rework. This is because they are so cheap right now and should be a rare item like in every other eco server. Leave your options down below!
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    In-game name: Iron Koen/Koen121 What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT +1 How long have you played for?: Actively 1,5 years How many hours do you play per day?: Monday-Thursday 3-6 hours Friday 0-6 hours Saturday 4-8 hours Sunday 4-12+ hours Ofcourse it can be different, depending on IRL, but this is the usual for the past couple of weeks. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: 2 weeks+, in total a lot more. Do you have ::yell?: Yes, super donor. Why should your application be accepted?: I think I proved that I really changed my attitude & it's here to stay that way. I'm consistently helping in the clan chat again. I'm enjoying to help again & will be as active as possible. Also I'm filling in my timezone with the help in the weekdays (I'm only helper for atleast 1 hour per day). It's been a week since my last apply & I think I showed everyone that I'm here to stay. Thanks for reading/considering once again! ~ Koen
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    Hello there, I was just wondering if we could have some new kind of events/minigames ingame. This is my suggestion: GROUP BOSSING/ TEAM BOSSING I remember when Michael used to go into wildy and ALOT of people attacked him and stuff for rewards (or was it carl?) Anyway maybe we can do that with a boss? This picture is BORK from RS but it could be any boss/NPC and it doesn't have to be wildy, but you get the idea right? How this would work? - Simply the one who did the most damage gets the best reward - The other participants get rewards aswell but not as valuable as the one who did the most damage - For the sake of non-donators, I thought diabling any combat related pool effects (just IMO), potions are allowed This could provide: - Another PVM method - Maybe new title(s) - Another thing to do ingame and gives one more option for clans to have fun. Thank you for checking it out - Valar
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    Looking at other RSPS servers which have multi pking action they all have a number of things in common... Wildy Bosses - Which drop decent gear like divine shields etc. This would obviously encourage more people to come to deep wildy and some bosses are in multi zones. It encourages teams and people will fight to get that boss kill! Obviously theres needs be set times when the bosses spawn but that would help a lot. Resource Areas - People fish a lot on severs to get dark crabs etc and I know our server has them... maybe adding more value to fish or making it more important for players to actually go there... Purple Portal - don't need to really say much here as I know this is a possible update soon? @Pb600 Multi Pking On trailers - I know we have one , and I believe it was gang bang vs subzero which we dced on and gang bang ran lel but back to topic... we have like 2 seconds advertising it while other servers spend good 2 minutes. Not trying to say our trailer is bad, I think its one of the better ones but you see my point? Advertisment- Pure and simple, we need more adds. Leaderboards- On some servers they have clan leaderboards and multi kills, I know this has been mentioned by someone already but its a very good idea. PK Events- Servers on weekends gets two moderators to make clan chat and spam in global to join their clan, they then have big fullout wars...... Imagine if we could do that? encouraging pvmers/ 1v1ers into multi so they experience how fun it is... The double exp which @Climb Rope mentioned is a brilliant idea.. 100% on that. The whole TPN, KOP thing was a good era for multi pking, we all seen the video earlier this year where TPN fought CMEN in a fullout, over 1k views.... people get inspired but theres no way to promote it in-game. True leaders got banned making people want to leave but maybe adding a tournament weekly where pk clans can fight each other? obviously there will be a team which wins a lot which will then become the team to beat, the team which stays to try and run wildy... making other clans join as one.... and there you go its like TPN vs KOP again. Pb was right by staying at edge ditch to ask players what can be done. I mean even I said it needs fixing but my reason was old update was better... But how can the server go forwards by going backwards, so pb is right in what he says. The combat system now is good although you always going to get the ppl who say omfg he hit 50 in welf vs my vesta or some shit but things happen. Ive noticed recently though mage is way harder to actually hit? or am I wrong? The answer to this part is simply all the above... I think the leaderboards if it was to come out should be like a few signs on edge ditch where people can click on it and read it, making people actually want to get on the leaderboards to maybe win prizes. Not for single pking in edge though because that's easy for 1 person to camp fc 24 hours to get a prize. it would have to be in multi zone. And @Cinderblock yes the player count has gone up, but the wildy is still the same people, and perhaps pvming has gone up because of our grinderscape trailer. Even I came on to pvm after seeing our trailer... Thanks for reading
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    My account Keffbrud got cleared on everything. What happened was i voted, and got a "lucky dragon full helm" from the roll. I used it and noticed it turned my account invisible. What i did was i used it in wilderness as some sort of benefit that people wouldnt see my item switches. After just a couple of minutes staff member irish came up to me and asked me what caused this invisiblilty, so i spoke to him about it and he told me not to use it anymore. I agreed on it and went banking it. Couple of seconds later saim jailed me and asked me to show him the "lucky dragon full helm". So then i got unjailed again and went for it from the bank, but before i got there, Soccerlove send me back to jail once again. He then told me i had abused a bug instead of telling the staff team about it, and that i was aware of that i was abusing. He said he wouldn't ban me for it, but he gave me a warning. After the warning he typed the ::clear command. Here is some proof of soccerlove basically saying that he didn't know what the ::clear command exactly does. https://gyazo.com/1644e03e9a9283f82ac44f47c942a3fc He was supposed to ::clear my inventory to remove the noclip item (lucky dragon full helm) from the game, but instead cleared my entire bank on my account. My question to the community is, do you thing this was the right punishment? All the hours and hours i've put into this game since 2012 has been erased by soccerlove for this minor rule break. This is of topic, but i'm wondering, what about the removal of the rs gp trade limits on Grinderscape? Don't even try to deny the fact the since the trade limit was gone, people get rich on here and then sell tons of gold to runescape and from there sell the gp on gold websites for real money. These players doesn't get ::clear on their accounts even tho it's a MAJOR rule break. Good bye Grinderscape. https://gyazo.com/debe08ef897fcd77fc49316fc59c5fba
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    Accepted. You have been helping a lot recently and you are pretty active. We have noticed that you have been stepping out of your way for our members in the clan chat, keep it up! Very well deserved. Please get in contact with a member of leadership (Acolyte, Tyler, Icarly65 or myself) and we will get you squared away with your rank and to join our Skype chat. Accepted. The leadership speaks very highly of you. You show that you have what it takes. Welcome back to the team! Very well deserved. Please get in contact with a member of leadership (Acolyte, Tyler, Icarly65 or myself) and we will get you squared away with your rank and to join our Skype chat.
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    In-game name: Woody2097 What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT How long have you played for?: At least 3 years. How many hours do you play per day?: I play at least 3-4 hours daily. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Since late 2013. Do you have ::yell?: I do indeed. Why should your application be accepted?: I think my application should be accepted because since coming back to the game after my break I have been trying my best to be a consistent helper in the cc. I try my best to resolve situations and do my best to help anyone I can. I have been an admin in the cc before and have the experience when handing situations. I have also demonstrated my trust within the game having been a staff member and now being an official middleman. I know pretty much everything about this game and I am used to all the prices again (they seem to just stick in my head). I have shown my loyalty to the clan overtime and I will continue to do so regardless of the outcome of this application. I would love to be given the chance to be ranked in the cc again.
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    Hello everyone! As most of you know, i am Nic, a In-Game Mod. I wanted to chat a little bit about my goals, my achievements and to create a little appreciation thread. So to start out, i have been an In-Game Mod for almost a month now. This is actually something i thought would never happen. I have been playing GS for a very long time, and im just still shocked. I would have never of had this chance without my leaders. @Soccerlove @Acolyte @Tyler These leaders gave me a chance to prove that i was a helpful person in the community. These leaders have faith in me and trust me to be the best that i can be. For that, i am very thankful to my leaders for this awesome opportunity to moderate/assist the community. More achievements of mine is that i am an Admin in Clan Chat Spectrum. This means a lot to me, to he apart of the clan chat leadership. I love assisting our players and i plan to never let any of them down. I am also an OMM Recruiter/Leader. This was one of my first leadership duties. I thank my leaders for giving me this opportunity to be apart of such a high standard group. I was recently added to the Event team, and i am excited to start drafting ideas and hosting events for our players. Event team has been doing a great job and i wish i can help contribute to such a great organization. Now all of my achievements...i didnt get it alone. With the help and guidance of my leaders and the support from my friends. @Tyler This kid has been guiding me since day 1. Supporting me and believing in me. I feel Tyler and i are very similar and i feel strongly that i wont let him down. @Acolyte This kid has given me a chance to prove myself...and im still trying to prove it @Kyle My bro, always believed i could do it. Look where i am at now! @Mystery Ltd We didnt get to work together on the staff team, but i know that if you stayed that you would have achieved greatness. You are a good leader. @Aa Cc Ii Dd My lover, my friend... your snapchats get me through the day. In all seriousness, i thank you for a lot of things. ILY BBY I know there are more people i should be thanking, because i did not achieve all this alone. I plan to be a great leader. To my brothers in arms @Straightkill @J A I Z i will do my best to be a great role model. Please ask me if you ever need anything. That is all. #Wizards #GPD4 #TakeOverUnit #Mr79cb #Brok3n #BladeK0
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    Heya! I'm Iron Cypher, an Ironman from Grinderscape! I'm born in Edgeville, but I haven't stayed there for long, after I grew up (some levels) I moved to other parts of the world and started my quest as becoming a master skiller. I started as a Hardcore Ironman in September 2016 but I've died in November (somewhat half November). So I became a regular Ironman (lucky for @Suffer Plox ofcourse or I would've overthrown his spot on the highscores! Hihi ), I was close to maxing so I maxed a.s.a.p. and went for 350M skills, while still discovering the game a bit. I kept going with my journey and here I am skilling to the top! @Ep1c D0wnz L already has most skills at 1st place, so I'm aiming to get 2e/highest place at whatever I can get . Whatever I've done so far is in a time of playing about 6-7 hours / day during the week (5/7days). I do not play in the weekends. So these are my future goals and things I've already obtained this year. January has been a successful month already for me. On the 3th I obtained 350M XP in Mining I mined about 38.000 runite ores. The 11th I obtained 350M XP in Thieving I had to race here! I stopped smithing and started thieving, I saw some people going for 350M XP in thieving and I really wanted that 3rd spot on the highscores, even though they already had more XP then me so, I .. yea nolifed duh! and got myself the 3rd spot on the highscores! I stole a lot of crossbows and bolts from the stalls. To be precise: The 25th I finally finished my Smithing and obtained 350M XP in smithing I smelted and smithed about 40.000 runite ores. (yea 1 by 1.... ) ----- I already had 350M Fishing & Agility from in December. Meaning this is my 5th Skill with 350.000.000 XP. I've already started on my next skills to get 350M XP, these skills are Woodcutting & Farming. ----- So my future goals for 2017 are: - Clean up my bank Skills I wish to obtain: - 350M XP in Mining (Mine 38.000 runite ore) - 350M XP in Smithing (Smelt & Smith 40.000 runite ore) - 350M XP in Thieving - 350M XP in Farming (planting loads of seeds) - 350M XP in Woodcutting (chop 85.000 magic logs, way slower then expected) - 350M XP in Firemaking (burn 62.500 magic logs (from adze and making fires) - 350M XP in Herblore (clean 175.000 lantadymes) - 350M XP in Attack - 350M XP in Strength - 350M XP in Defense - 350M XP in HP - 350M XP in Magic - 350M XP in Ranging Items I would like to collect/do: - Obtain Inferno Adze (3.000 skill points) - Obtain a Mining suite set (1.750 skill points) - Obtain a Purple ele set (8.000 skill points) (be the 2e Ironman with this set) - Obtain a Red ele set (castle wars) - Obtain a Blue ele set (Participant points) - Obtain Charming Imp - Obtain a Black ele set (Vote points) - Obtain a H-ween mask set (only orange missing from votes) - Obtain a Party hat set (few missing from premium points) - Obtain Taskmaster title (5 tasks left) - Obtain 4B Total XP - Obtain 5B Total XP (if all goes well hihi) - Make 1.000 Super Anti-Fire pots (for future slayer training) - Make 1.000 Ruby bolts (e) (to train ranging) - Become top 3 highscores: Iron Cypher - Bank 350M XP in Herblore: Obtain 175.000 lantadymes - Bank 350M XP in Crafting: Obtain 75.000 uncut dragon stones - 300 Vote streak - Finish 100 Clue scrolls - Do loads of Math for skilling! (this never stops!!) So I don't really know what else to say so wish me luck! Kind regards Iron Cypher
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    In-game name(s): Sir Wizard Will you be active within the event team?: Yes How much do you play per day?: 4-8 hours Why should we accept you into the event team?: I am active and creative for event ideas. I really enjoy helping/creating a fun environment for others. Do you have prior experience hosting events?: Yes, i was on the event team back in 2013ish Do you have any creative event(s) idea(s)? If so, explain it(them) below: Just everyday clan events-bossing,giveaways ect. I would also like to assist in the lotto. Timezones suck, but i think we should have at least a 4-6 prize giveaway to promote either a minigame or some type of trivia every week (not near/with lotto). If you have an opening on the team i feel i would be most qualified for the spot. I will not let you guys down
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    CCB is mainly intended for PvP, but you fail to address the crossbow issue which is what most people who don't support this suggestion in general are doing as well. Right now the only viable option for using range in PvE is a rune crossbow and that reason alone diminishes the amount of people who use range and therefore decreases the popularity of certain bosses (especially kree). I'm all for "re-introducing bosses with better dynamics and cool rewards", but introducing new bosses that don't help fix the crossbow problem does no good to address the main issue involved in this physical thread. I support Armadyl Crossbow because I know many players would like to see it and how it encourage bossing. I'm also not conceited and I support any range weapons being implemented; however, right now we basically have a total of 2 plausible choices for crossbows and that needs to be addressed.
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    Spectrum Graphic Review Today I have made a GIF signature for every rank, I did this because I thought it would look neat . Instead of me posting each one, I posted it on Imgur I hope you enjoy them, took me a while. @Acolyte @Tyler @Icarly65 @Sir Wizard @Saim @Straightkill @j a i z @Jess @iron zeuss @iTz Fatal @kkkcat @sweet weed @ANZ @Nucleus Link - [http://imgur.com/a/5cjXn] Hope you enjoy them my friends. How to get the link - Moderator Dragenforce2.
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    agreed but maybe add a small exchange for the phats so we dont get absolutely fucking robbed like we did with 3a pieces and other clue items.
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    Why couldn't you have told Keff to clear his inventory... You can just look into his inv to verify whether he had done it or not. That's not that hard, would have saved this whole fiasco.
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    So I decided to mess around with photoshop today and created this lowpoly seal out of this image: http://imgur.com/8AnyCqg. Wallpaper: Signature: Profile picture: Foca means Seal in portuguese/Spanish, that's why I dedicated it to my old friend @Carol. Hope you like it Carlito!
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    If this were to happen, claws, ags and vine should be removed. on ironman mode it shouldn't be possible to get the best weapons at level 3. Even if this doesn't get implemented, i still think they should be removed.
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    In-game name: Zoiezo. What rank are you applying for? Recruiter. What is your Timezone?: GMT+1 How long have you played for?: I've been playing Grinderscape for about 3 years and a half. How many hours do you play per day?: I usually play about 4-6 hours a day even more on weekends How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I've been a member of Spectrum on and off. When ever i needed help or wasn't in my pking/weapon game clan i was in spectrum. Do you have ::yell?: Yeah i do. Why should your application be accepted?: My knowledge about the game is really good i keep up with every update. And i try to be as consistent as i can, i feel like i can give back alot to the community with helping them. It gives me a good feeling that i'm giving something back to the community. When ever i get tips/orders from higher ranks i will take that and even improve myself further. Thanks for reading. Yours sincerly, Ayyoub
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    Accepted. You've been a consistent helper in the spectrum clan for a while now and we believe you've earned a shot at recruiter. Welcome to the team. Denied. Unfortunately we've had to deny your application. A few factors such as not being consistent, not generally assisting & in a sense not attempting to display yourself as a role model for the community via your actions are a few of the reasons. Regardless, if you work on these and show us otherwise, nothing will hold you back. Accepted. We know you're capable of holding this rank effectively and we believe you've earned a shot at recruiter. While you've recently returned and have started back assisting the community again (something that is always encouraged), please keep in mind what I told you on Skype the other day. Welcome to the team Gygax and Vechtking.
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    Still getting some slayer done, even during lecture... Total xp: 4.769 bil Date: Feb. 7, 2017
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    If you're gonna raise it (and possibly raise it again within a year or two when the same number of people [20] have hit max exp) why not just do it all at once and just raise it to 2,147m xp in each skill?
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    As Pb already told in his thread, if you don't like it here ( Grinderscape), feel free to leave and stop making drama The development team is doing a great job, including Pb is doing a great job If things don't go the way you want, doesn't mean nothing has been done in the background Not going to be personal to anyone on here but don't mention the playercount to attack Pb If you know the facts about the player count, you would also know that our playerbase has been growing lately, especially since the latest updates So the latest updates ( since new cmb system) are doing exactly what they were expected to do for our Server, making the server more interesting for our players, if all these things can't satisfy you, then I think it is time to move on and to stop being toxic to our community Regards,
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    Let me make this clear because some people are new to warring/multi pking... When warring it is the last team to be in wildy, or until the other team accepts defeat and simply stops returning.. - For those that think we "called spectrum / Russ" you can see very clear in the video that we had 10-12 in the clan at all times, with 1-2 being alternate accounts. "Mrledbeaudry" helped us for almost half of the war as well, but he was a friend of a member in our clan so he participated for some of the war. - At no point did we mass, you can see how many white dots were on the video at many points in the war.. You can also see the members in the clan. - For those that think we were with the random kids such as "LtPure/Salim121" and the Dbowers and 1 itemers, we clearly were not.. Take a look at the minimap, and we clearly killed them all at the end of the video. And at no point were they in my clan. -I left the end of the video in to show the amount we had in the clan and who we were exactly with.. We can't help if other people join in on the war, it's actually very common on Runescape 07. Also, For those saying I "left parts of the video out" .. Is that even something I need to address? It was an hour and 18 minute war.. Nobody wants raw footage, we were losing the war at parts, obviously someone has to be losing at some point.. However, we obviously won the war. I'm not mad at anyone who made these claims because obviously tempers were flaring at the end of the war, It's all fun and games, just thought I'd address this to prevent future conflicts and issues on yell and in-game (also on forums) Thanks for reading, hope this cleared the air PS: The video is on my page on a separate thread if you want to take a look!
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    Hi so once again I'm making a post because I added a plug in on c4d so I played around with it and I think I made something pretty cool but reminder still a rookie aha but here they are @Kyle @Jamie Sorry if you don't like but yeah as I said just a play around with it and I hope to advance and come out with some more cool shit thanks
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    Don't be a pussy and think about the eco
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    Bin laden is alive!@!@!@! @Jamie @Arcane Blast
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    No from me. Edgeville is the perfect location for the server just because it includes everything and has the right amount of space. It also has the wilderness which just makes everything so perfect ^^ Lumbridge imo is for servers that have pvp in cities
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    Just wanted to try another kind of video and just screwing around with some effects here. Hope you enjoy! OT:
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    Omfg, guys i'm so sorry for not seeing this thread before! i'm super busy in real life and can't get on forums much I love you all so much <3 !! thanks a lot ! i will try to make a thread of the birthday i had and the fun things/pictures from that day @Koen @Valar @Dragenforce2 @Saim @Taalq @Master Diceee @Jess
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    wasn't even a major bug though, loooooooooooooooool. I saw keffbrud whilst he had the drag hat on... could of simply to himself to empty it, as Alvin said.but not even an apology. what an embarrassment. the might feared co-owner. nice fuck up
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    I like the idea. Perhaps having Task Master too would be a requirement for the cape? Considering that cape would show that you achieved all that you need in-game. In other words, great suggestion.