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    Hello everyone, Today marks 25 weeks of being on the staff team. It has been a great experience. I have really enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite thing is hanging out with the players. I love hosting events and just legit talking about nothing to the players. (To those star miners-ILY). I love assisting players with their needs, the way i see it----if i can help you, i will help you;if i cant help you----i will find someone who can. I want to thank the community for allowing me this opportunity to moderate your community. I put this in the achievement section because this is a huge achievement for me. Everyday is not promised to you, and i thank everyone for this chance----i wont let you guys down! S/O to the staff team, you guys are amazing. Sir Wizard-----------------
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    Hello Dear Players, In the last few days we have been hit by an unexpected problem, we have been attacked (DDoS) and unfortunately during weekends things work in a slower frequency, and our host was focusing on restore the service rather than fix the issue, resulting in our service falling back a few minutes after being restored... That was a horribly time for such thing to happen as we already have a reduced in-game activity, pretty much due the lack of frequent updates. However this will serve as a mean to make us stronger and become invulnerable to future problems, the new client loader that you can download here is already more effective and will reduce the amount of 'Error 32' messages. So we apologize for all the inconvenient that we have caused and would like to thank everyone who remain with us through these difficult times. Now that things are better established, we will be reseting penalties from those who has less than 10 penalties points and have played in the past few days. As I've mentioned there is a lack of updates, I acknowledge that, so I'll take this opportunity to talk a bit more about this matter and a bit about future of GrinderScape. I'm trying to interact more with you guys, even tho I spend 99.9% of my time on programming, I understand that community interaction is really inportant in a game, so I've sticked discord on my browser (actually now downloaded and sticked on task bar :p) and I'll try to be there more frequently, we will be sending monthly e-mails with month's updates and GrinderScape events|promotions summarized, those will be available here on forums too... So at Discord I have explained a bit the reason that we have been working a lot in the game, but not releasing many updates: So recently I have been working on NPC core system, it's pretty much finished by now, here you can follow a bit of the progress: (Move until last pages to see some Bosses in action) So as I've said, NPC system is almost done, we will be soon moving to test phase and then we will release it together with a brand new Wilderness boss Now I'll talk about our plans for future updates; First make sure that you read this thread, that mention most of things bellow with some pictures included 1 - NPC Sysstem | Wilderess Boss (Royal items) - On Progress 2 - PK Tournament beta phase end > Up to $200 weekly reward! We will start broadcasting e-mails with monthly updates brief descriptions and community events, to keep everyone up to date. 3 - Login Screen Rework + Tutorial - We advertise at many places, however players that has never played RS have no idea how to register (just write a name and pass) and to play the game, so it's important to have a more intuitive login screen with register button and a tutorial to guide those new players. At that point we will invest more on advertisement as now we have a good PK System, fun bosses and weekly PK Tournaments with a proper in-game introduction. 4 - Wild Skilling 5 - Profile System + Video Integration We want to provide players who make YouTube videos related to GrinderScape, an environment to link their videos to their account, those videos will be validated before being approved, and once approved will be placed in your profile so everyone else can see, the in-game YouTuber rank will be automatically given to anyone who have a minimum specif amount of videos linked to their account. At player profile we will display much more information, such as PK Rank, view count, streaming status, a status message, latest rare drops, goals and progress, dices history and more! The possibilities are huge! 6 - Welcome Screen (Newsletter) We are planning a more dynamic welcome screen, that will display some personal information but will focus on updating players about what is going on in the community, we want to you guys to have a good relationship between each other and enjoy participating of events and showing your achievements and productions. The Login Screen would display things such as, latest updates, latest published videos, pk tournament status, clans status (rank, tournament, etc) 7 - In game browser I'm planning this for a very long time, already have shown it working here on forums, and I think it will be a great step to make the game more social and allow players to vote, view updates and watch youtube videos in a smoother manner. 8 - In-game voting We want to allow you guys to vote in like no-time, and create the habit of contributing to the server without any effort, it helps us advertise and bring you guys more fellas to play with! Having more players is important to rise the social aspect, increase mini-games activities and soft the economy issues, as the items would be better distributed. (100 divines for 200 players is way worse than 100 divines for 500 players for example) 9 - Skilling Pets Pets will be comming for skilling as well! 10 - Clan Skilling + Ranking We are planning a clan skilling system where everyone co-operate to advance it! A brand new clan skilling area is planned, and I've shown at the other thread that I have linked above. 11 - High Scores expansion Now that clans will be able to compete better between each other, it's time as well to expand the HighScores and display many more categories such as 'Clans', 'Minigames', 'PvP', 'PvM', etc! 12 - OSRS Content We are planning to implement some OSRS Content together with our pre-eoc content (Items, Maps, NPCs) that way we will have more content available to you guys. 13 - Clan Wars This is an important update I aknowledge, and will come when I start working on minigames. 14 - Two Way Auth We are planning to implement Two Way Authentication after we require registered e-mails at players account, this not necessarily will be the last update of all those. Hope you guys are excited to see those updates, I'll try my best to be more active here in community and still finish those ASAP. Have a great day!
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    Hey Guys, Some peaks of new wilderness boss! (GIFs are slow to render, thus may seems like it's laggy) Meteors Rain Meteors will fall everywhere, with guides showing where they will land, damaging anyone within 2 of distance from where it has landed, healing the boss by the total of damage dealt. Meteors fallen right over a player will deal Real Damage, meaning that will not suffer absorption or prayer protection. The Wyrm becomes invincible for 7 seconds while meteors are falling down. Rebound Blast Throws a blast upon an entity, that will sequentially ricochet upon up to ten players, the blast penetrates into target's body and explode at once, the max hit is increased by 5 every time that it ricochets, allowing up to 50 damage on the last affected player. With Ranged protection enabled, the first targeted player has a 50% of chance of blocking the ricochet effect upon others. Condensed Ray Shock Throws a Ray Shock attack unto a single target, this target will have it's combat interrupted and the players within 1 distance will be shocked and heal the boss by 25% of the damage received. Rage Arrow Fall [...] Telekinetic Pull [...] The boss will have 4 phases effect, which are triggered as it loses life points, will be described better soon. Keep tuned for more updates soon!
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    I'm no AOG member, but I want to break this up from start to finish real quick. ''The untouchable Gang empire'' - Obviously not when you lost in a full out. ''The Gang intelligence agency productions'' - Oh dear, what are you thinking. ''Most dominant clan on Grinderscape'' - Obviously not when you lost in a full out. ''An unstopable force of dominance'' -Obviously not when you lost in a full out. You need spelling lessons, also. ''The end of Aog 1.0'' - Idk, killing 2 or 3 of their members isn't the end. *Cringe intro comes in* - Haven't cringed so hard in ages. *Shows a few clips of him redbarring to kill people* - nice, heard switching weapons helps. ''Do not challenge us'' - We did and you lost. *Clip of killing a guy* - Nice, probably the only decent part of the video. ''The smartest leaders'' - Didn't one of them go to jail irl? And you guys quit/come back more times than I change my underwear. *Clip of war at bc comes in* - I can see 7v1, embarrassing to show tbh. ''Unbeatable'' - Obviously beatable when you lost a full out. ''Emqeror having mandatory bandos trips to get yolo zombie some bank gear'' - Not sure how that's relevant to pking. Also, idk but I think it's only BG that tanks in bandos *Clip of pking* - Nice 1 tick. Nothing more to say here really. ''Terrorized'' - This is an rsps, keep that in mind. *Clip of little war* - 6v3. Fail run in IMO. ''Abused'' - Oh dear. *Clip of clan spamming'' - Cringe #2 Great effort on the vid, must've taken a long time to make. @Everyone - Remember, flaming or off-topic comments will result in warnings and possibly a closed thread. Keep it civil!
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    Hey guys and gals, I got bored while getting 350m fishing XP and so I decided to make a post about my time here on Grinderscape. 2012-13 When I first joined Grinderscape back in 2012-13 I didn't really get up to much. I was just a little nub running around not know what to do. I made a few friends and just started skilling and merching to try and make some money. Along the way while merching I started to become friends with some old staff members and we all used to go to camelot and just sit there talking all day. I then started to just go and kill dragons all day long to make that GP. 2014 I didn't really start getting into it properly until 2014 when I also started to post on the forums more. The first few things I posted were my bank pictures because around 2014-15 everyone was doing it so i decided to join in. I made all my money mainly just from killing dragons and merching. Once I started to learn my way around I started to win a lot of games of Hide and Seek hosted by players called Tyrone 07 and Bank Much. I won a few t sets and vines this way. I also started to Middleman duel's along with a good friend @Jordan. At this point I never knew you had to be an Official Middleman to do this although I never got into any trouble for it, Sorry @Soccerlove. Duel wasn't like it is now, players used to give the items over at the end of the duel and tons of people used to scam. 2015 This is the year I started to help the Grinderscape community more. At the start of 2015 @Jplayer made a clan called "Skillin Peeps". I applied for the Recruiter rank and got accepted in late January. Then in June I was allowed to join the Development team and started to help test and help come up with ideas for Grinderscape. In July I applied for the Official Middleman rank and got straight up Denied by Michael Ouch. Then near the end of July I applied to join the Event team and I was so happy when @Carl accepted me. I re applied for the Official middleman rank at the end of July and Carl accepted me once again. Hmm he seems to like me. The event team back then was very small and we all had a great time hosting events Together which I think doesn't happen as much now. In August I got bugged by @Tragicv3 to apply for a rank in Spectrum, so I did and got pended gg. I was finally accepted to be a Spectrum Recruiter in late August and started to work my way up. In September I applied for the Moderator rank within Spectrum and got accepted first time :D. In late September I was again bugged by @Tragicv3 to apply for the Wiki Editor rank which I was accepted into on my first Application. Dylan pushed me a lot in 2015 and I thank him a lot for making me be the best I could be. On November 10th I was promoted to Server Support and was so happy that my hard work was starting to pay off. People doubted me at first as they hadn't seen me around as much as others but I tried my best to prove to them what I am capable of. On December 4th I was accepted by Michael to be an Administrator within Spectrum. Spectrum was such a great clan to be apart of and I made so many friends here. In Late 2015 I was asked if I would like to be a Recruiter for the Middleman team which i Accepted. I think it is safe to say that 2015 was the busiest year for me on Grinderscape. 2016 In 2016 my Wiki mentor Jplayer Resigned from being the manager and left the spot open until he thought someone was ready to fill it, later on in March Jplayer made me the Manager of the Wikipedia. Then in February I was Promoted to Moderator by Niels. I was so happy and every started to respect me more in game. 2016 was a year full or Resignations and Promotions. With Michaels Demotion in April he promoted me to the Co-owner within Spectrum and I was amazed that he thought I was ready for this Position. In june I was promoted again to Elite moderator by Niels, I wasn't really expecting it but I feel I done a good job for the time I was in this position. On june 21st Blake decided to Resign and made me the Owner of Spectrum. Wow. I had so much support from the clan and we were an amazing team. I loved every second of it. On August 8th was the day that I resigned from my position within the staff team and as an Official middleman recruiter. My life got extremely busy really fast and I didn't want to be an inactive staff member. In 2016 I was Nominated for the Respected rank and most people voted YES. To me respect is a big thing so this Rank means a lot to me. Thank you. On december 1st I Resigned from my position as the Owner of Spectrum and passed Ownership onto @Acolyte who has been doing a great job with Spectrum. 2017 I don't get up to much now. I mainly sit online doing AFK skilling and Editing the Wikipedia. I am now slowly starting to obtain 350m in every skill and will soon be at 7.7b Thank you for taking the time to read over this thread. Love you all <3
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    Dear Fellow Grinderscapers! I am sorry to say, that my time as a Server Support has come to an end. I am currently busy in real life at the moment with this new manager position, and not really active as I should be. I will still be active in the game when I can. If I have let some of you down, I am sorry. It was a great opportunity to help all of you in the community and I will continue to help you all. Just think I'm only one click away! I want to thank Acolyte and Ron for accepting me into the team, it was definitely an experience that I won't forget. I want to thank Sir Wizard, Ridok, Bobbins, Saim, and Tyler for helping me and giving advice and input as I went through my journey of being a Server Support. In the near future I hope I have another opportunity to become a Server Support again. Thanks, Roy (Straightkill)
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    In-game name(s): Woody2097 Timezone: GMT 0 Skype name: Pretty sure most of you have it lol Will you be active within the event team?: Yes of course I will How much do you play per day?: Averaging 5 hours atm + more at weekends. Why should we accept you into the event team?: I think you guys should accept me because I have pervious experience being in the event team and can hopefully bring some of what I did before to the table. I have been back for a few months now and have been pondering if I should apply again. I have a few ideas for some events and I am hoping I can get the ball rolling with them. I am an active player who is respectful and is willing to do anything that you throw at me. Do you have prior experience hosting events?: I do indeed I hosted the outfit comp for a while and helped out with a few more events while in the event team. Do you have any creative event(s) idea(s)? If so, explain it(them) below: I have an idea that may have been used before but it is has only been used for certain times of the year. I think it would be cool to have sort of a riddle that goes on every 2 weeks or something where the community has to narrow down either a location or a person to get a reward. It could even be done weekly. With the help of you guys I can come up with a riddle every week and people will have to use the info I give daily during that week to come up with who it is or where it is. It will be done mainly on the forums and hopefully it will make it that little bit more active. Sort of like what happened when the event for "Pb's lover" was on but on a weekly basis. It could always be sort of a cluedo type of event I think it would be pretty cool and hopefully I could iron out the plan for it with the help of you guys. I would also like to maybe get a weapon game event going again. The place is completely dead. Or any minigame for that matter whether it is fight pits or whatever. But yeah that's all from me. Thanks, Joe.
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    Suhh everyone. Today we decided to promote J a i z to Ingame Moderator. @J A I Z has been a beneficial staff member for quite some time now and we believe he's ready for the next step as Ingame Moderator. J a i z lives in Ireland (GMT +0) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, J a i z will be on a two week trial. Best of luck Kyle.
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    Hello everybody, it sucks that today I am saying my farewells to Grinderscape. I have enjoyed my time playing Grinderscape but sadly I am moving abroad so I no longer have time to play this. Thanks alot to everyone who has made my time on here as good as it possibly could of been. These people are the reason i didn't quit along time ago, but sadly, I have no choice :c. @Jamie - Jamie, we have been good friends on here for some while now and we will always be close. My best memory with Jamie is making a Raggerman account and ragging him, but then actually ended up getting bodied :c, but gl irl dude! @Sean Roy - Seann, we have been close for a short amount of time but in that time we have bonded so much, you're a little shit at times but ily, Have fun dude. @Mongool - We have been friends and enemies for some while now, but you can now take my place as #1 pker! Jokes, but keep that #1 bounty score Big Steve! @Lisaax - Jess, we haven't known eachother for too long but I believe we have became quite close friends in the time we have known eachother. I hope you get that Mod rank, try to keep in contact too! @Bloody Tearz - Kay, Me and you have been friends for maybe a good year now, you are the reason I did not quit a long time ago! Ily lots dude and as always, gl irl! @Emq - Jordan, a big thanks to making my time in multi pk the best it could of, we have got so close lately and I hope you keep in contact! I hope you get that omm rank dude! @hot skills - Emily, you have only just come back, but in the time you have been here we got so close, I hope you can keep in contact, and get all those 350m's! @rockerzz - You've been my slut since day one, enjoyed the multi action we had together, ily bro gl And a Big Thanks to the rest of AOG! @Mr Universe @Pale Of Cmen @Outa light @larsorick @Le0ps @rockerzz @blood x bow @Mayed @dourand everyone else! I hope that I can maybe come back soon and will keep in contact with all of you!
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    Dear players, It's very hard for me to write this, but I'm afraid to say that Grinderscape has to close. There are many reasons behind this, first of all, I'm getting really busy with my studies, and there is not enough time to keep the server online with constant updates. I will try to keep this message as short as possible. The server will continue to operate until the end of April 2017. Players will have access to all donator features, choose your stats option, daily free items will be dropped by the server at home non stop. I would like to every staff member who contributed to Grinderscape and all the players. It was fun having this game! Goodbye! You probably believed this, but it's April fools!! Nothing of the above is real, just a joke
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    Hi everyone. Today we decided to promote Zoiezo to Server Support. @zoiezo has been a consistent and productive member of the community for a couple of months now and has proven he has earned this opportunity. Ayyoub lives in The Netherlands (Gmt +1) and will be assisting this timezone mainly. As with all promotions, Ayyoub will be on a two week trial. Congratulations Ayyoub, and best of luck!
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    i've been contemplating this for a while now and i've finally decided to resign being an admin really killed this game for me and i just couldn't do it anymore i'm not quitting Grinderscape, as i'm still excited for the up coming updates. Not having the obligation of being an in-game admin will allow me to enjoy the actual game more, so you guys will still see me around (if i get unbanned)
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    Hello players, Yesterday we experienced some downtime. To put it in short, it was a website database issue which caused an error to load website pages, and that prevented the client from starting up. Our host took longer than usual to address the issue because of a database disk corruption on their end. Our developer will be working on the issue once he has time to make in-game more independent from the website to avoid issues like these. Speaking on behalf of @Pb600
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    Well done to all promoted! Well deserved In-game name: Woody2097 What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Moderator What is your Timezone?: GMT 0 How long have you played for?: Over 3 years How many hours do you play per day?: During the week I am for 3-6 hours a day (depends on work really) and at the weekend I play as much as I can. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Since late 2013 Do you have ::yell?: I do indeed. Why should your application be accepted?:I think my application should be accepted because I feel I have been doing a good job as a recruiter now for 6 weeks and I feel I am ready for the next step. I have previously been an admin in the cc so I know how to deal with punishments. I try my best when online to help as much as I possibly can in the clan chat. I also believe I have always been a good role model in the cc. I always try to resolve any issues people have in the cc and am always there to let people know when they have stepped out of line. I hope that with my experience I can guide some of the other cc staff members and help them as much as I can. Thanks, Joe.
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    Suhh everyone. Today we decided to promote Boibandido. @Boibandido resigned in November of last year due to real-life events. Yogi has since returned to Grinderscape and has once again became an active, positive, and outstanding member of the community over the last two months and we believe he's ready to take on Server Support again. Yogi lives in Brazil (GMT -3) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, Boibandido will be on a two week trial. Best of luck Yogi.
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    In-game name: J A I Z What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Administrator What is your Timezone?: GMT How long have you played for?: I started playing GrinderScape in or around September 2016 How many hours do you play per day?: Currently i play 5-8 hours a day depending on how busy work is, at weekends i play about the same. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I have been a member of spectrum since i started playing , I became a recruiter on 21st of November and a Spectrum Moderator since the 4th of January Do you have ::yell?: Yes Why should your application be accepted?: I feel that my application should be accepted because when i'm online i try my best to reply in spectrum as often as possible, of course there are times where i get quite busy at work and can't answer everyone, during these times i let the CC know to pm me if their stuck or let my fellow CC ranks answer. I feel that i have a vast knowledge of the game and will always go out of my way to help people , especially with clues /slayer locations. I also feel like i have a good knowledge of how to moderate the cc after being a moderator in cc and Now an in game global moderator. I will always try my hardest to assist our ever growing community which includes yelling as much as i can. Thanks for taking time to read my application. ~J A I Z
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    The NPC system is pretty much done, just require a few adjustments, while it I'm reworking all bosses using the new system. Now players will also absorb NPC damages! And player's protection prayers will also work agains't NPCs (which didn't happen), and now players defence will affect NPC's accuracy (unlike atm which is your attack affecting NPCs accuracy, duh...) Just to keep you tunned! Tarn was almost left as it was (since lots of players dislike changes), just made it a bit more professional by reworking wrong graphic effects, etc...
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    there are 2 genders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    In-game name(s): Emqeror but most people know me as Jordan Age: 21 Timezone: GMT, UK Will you be active within the OMM team?: Yeah, otherwise why would I even bother applying? How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: 3-4 Hours? usually more on weekends when I'm not working or getting hammered down town.. Why do you deserve to be in this team?: Always wanted to give something back to the game, I actually do like helping players although I am known to be one of the "bad guys" from the PK community but I suppose I cant be everyone's cup of tea. I believe that after 3 years on this server and a good year and half on forums, I have what it takes to become a OMM in Grinderscape. I'm a friendly guy, nice to talk too, I like to have a laugh with people (Not in an intimidating way) and I'm trusted. I'm good with staff, talk to most of them everyday in-game and also on discord and I know how to manage things. I run a clan in-game and also share ownership with the clans discord channel. I'm a good organiser and know who to talk to people, assist them. I'm not about scamming people for pixels on a RSPS and decided it was time to offer my assistance to Staff/OMM team as a whole Any other info: I have screenshots below when I have done previous OMM's, not done so many at the moment but will keep updating this when I have more, thanks for looking at my application Pce, Jordan Rcmbs and D b 3, overwatched by irish3601 This was with Cya Pker and A death Hawk... Overwatched by Zoiezo This was with Cya Pker again but I forgot the other guy's name, overwatched by Zoiezo Mongooli and Blood X Bow, Overwatched by J A I Z Blood X Bow and Pyk, overwatched by Zoiezo!
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    Hello guys and welcome to this month's Newspaper by myself, So Yontoo. This newspaper is made for those that want a quick summary of what happened in the past month. It will include staff changes, on-going events and most importantly, the updates that have happened on Grinderscape. Have fun reading! No updates happened this month, but you can see what is soon to come. Soon to come So far our developer @Pb600 has been working hard on the NPC system completely from scratch. This includes the way NPCs walk around and the way they follow players. You can check all fixes to the NPC system that will come soon here. Wilderness Skilling A new skilling area deep in the wilderness will be added which will give you extra exp for skilling inside the area. Improved quest tab We will see improvements to the currently out of date quest tab Clan Skilling area In this area you will be able to skill together with your clan, which results in your clan improving the clan score and your leader being able to buy features for the clan. New Welcome screen A welcome newsletter screen is planned which will display information about Grinderscape and your account when you log in.(This is an example) Skilling pets Soon you will be able to receive pets from skilling activities such as fishing, woodcutting and mining. These will be like the boss pets. Buffs to weapons Later on we will see buffs to some weapons such as the Armadyl Godsword and Dragon Claws. These are all the staff changes that have happened in the month of March. Tyler -> Tyler Icarly65 -> Icarly65 / Outfit Contest Players post an outfit which matches the theme and at the end of the week players vote on the best outfit. The winner of this event was: #21 - Sma11zplz You can enter outfit contest #22 here. MOTM Players nominate the player they believe should win the MOTM rank. MOTM is a rank which is given to the best helping hand of the month. The winner of this event was: Zoiezo AOTM Players post their best achievements from the month and at the end of the month players vote on which achievement was the best. The winner of this event was: Cypherdrone Thanks for reading!
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    In-game name: My ingame name is Saim. What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): I am Applying for Administrator. What is your Timezone?: My timezone is GMT +1. How long have you played for?: Since early 2013. How many hours do you play per day?: It depends from weekdays to weekends, usually around 3-5 hours in weekdays and more in the weekends. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I've been member of the spectrum since the merge with "Help" Do you have ::yell?: Yes, I do have yell. Why should your application be accepted?: I like to help players whether its a price check, a location to find, a problem they need more of a personal help with or any other kind of help that I am capable of doing, and I try to do it whenever I can/have time. I recently quit PKing so I can fully focus on helping the members of the community which has been a very hard decision for me but also an opportunity for me to show that I am really here to help out the community. I have been a moderator in the clan chat for a long time and I hope I can have the chance to take the next step. Thanks for reading, Saim
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    u remind me of those vegan feminists on facebook who keep shitposting about feminism shit and saying how much they hate men (everything u post is pointless)
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    Hello everyone. Today we've decided to promote a Server Support Today we decided today to promote Woody to Server Support @Woody has been a consistent helping force on GS as of lately and we believe he's ready to tackle a staff position again. Woody lives in the UK (Gmt +0) and will be mainly assisting this timezone. As with all promotions, he'll be on a two week trial. Best of luck Woody.
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    Accepted Well Kyle you've been doing a fantastic job in game as both an in game staff member, and a spectrum staff member. You've consistently improved, and we feel you are at a point where you are done learning, and ready to be a leader. I would wish you good luck, but I know you don't need it. Keep up the good work
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    Ello! Today is the day I obtained 350M XP in thieving on my Hardcore Ironman . It took me a while but I finally made it. I've thieved from the crossbow stall, but yea I get 7x less XP then regular accounts so it took me about 39.500 steals. It gave me a lot of bolts though: - 9300 Dragon bolts (e) - 4400 Onyx bolts (e) Next skill I hear ya say? I don't know to be honest. I'll do some woodcutting mean I make some more guides. So I can do fletching meanwhile while pooling it since it will take so many days <3 Perhaps I'll do some cooking later not sure yet! haha. Anyways thanks for letting me play here, I'm having so much fun and it's a nice community too! Thanks for reading! Kind regards Cypher PS: My thieving era isn't over yet, still gems to steal & seeds so yea GG. Atleast I get 1 more bankspace spot! (perhaps 2 more if I drop the bolts)
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    Congratulations on most topics this week bro, keep going
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    I found a shoutbox over the internet, another gaming forum uses this shoutbox, can say 10/10 its better than the current one we have @Grinder Its called "Babble". Features Supported: Creating Multiple Chats , Eg: Staff Chat / Public Chat / Donator chat, etc.. Option to show alerts on new threads creation Option to have a separate chatbox window from the forums. Moderator have ability to kick / mute / ban. Players can start private chat / ignore other players. Whisper option Image/Video support Chat logs history accessible by people who have rights to see it. Optional message on joining/leaving chatbox. Emoji Support This chatbox is supported on 4.1.X which is the current version of Grinderscape forums. Would make a great addition, since the forums are currently dead cuz chatbox is too rusty.
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    Guys a few more sneak peaks!
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    Bro, I genuinely thought I was watching a Frontline PK video then I realized it is actually just someone who is fanboying hard as fuck, I genuinely hope this is a troll TLDR : If your gonna try and edit a propaganda video, don't rip the entire first 30 seconds from someone elses video lmao
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    Divine make it so divine isn't as good as it currently is, make it so it doesn't have a 100% chance of absorbing damage, make it drain more prayer then it does right now, make it so a white whip spec makes it absorb 0% for 50 hits Staff of light spec make it so it only absorbs melee damage like 07 Dragon Dagger make it so the spec increases the damage Armadyl Godsword make it so it specs higher, it currently consistently specs 30-40 but rarely above, on 07 it highers higher more often. Insta Freezing idk why this happens but sometimes u get instantly frozen after only moving like 2 squares, it should like minimum of 5-6 if they do it right Crystal Bow make it so u cant use dragon bolts (e) in it Pvp Armour and Chaotics make it so you can destroy it so you dont have to go into a fight with 2% and it degrade mid fight will probably add more once i think of some, add some down below and leave ur opinions
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    So it's kind of farfetched but here goes my story. Hopefully it will become reality! ----- A Grinderscape Easter story Once upon a time in the far north of grinderscape. Deep inside the chaos tunnels, there was a warrior slaying dragons. He knew no fear and was kind to all humans. The fearless warrior was named @Koen. But suddenly the unexpected happened. A white bunny appeared yelling ‘ help help ‘. Koen bravely aided the bunny and killed all the monsters that were after the white bunny meat. He said: Dear bunny, what are you doing here in such a horrific place? What is your name bunny? The bunny didn’t know where he came from or who he was and so he replied: I… I…. I don’t remember. I’m lost and frightened please get me out of here. Koen, the noble warrior, helped the bunny. He guided him out of the chaos tunnels and brought him to Edgeville. The bunny thanks Koen for his noble deeds but asked for more. The bunny asked Koen to help him find out who he is and where he came from. Koen was curious, because a bunny doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. He had to come from somewhere. So he decided to help the bunny. He will seek out of a friend for more information to find out who he is or where he came from. Koen took the bunny to his good friends @Russ & @Mateus and asked: Do you know who this is or where he came from? Russ nor Mateus knew anything about the bunny and said: Sorry Koen, we didn’t design it. Perhaps it’s a bug? Koen knew what to do, he instantly reached out to @Niko. Nor Niko knew what it was, but he explained that it couldn’t have been a bug. The 4 curious friends had to know where the bunny came from. They travelled around the world of grinderscape in seek of knowledge. When suddenly they heard music….. @J A I Z was singing near Camelot about‘ The unknown places & magic ‘. The 4 friends & the bunny listened a bit to his singing as it was actually quite good. When J A I Z took a break they asked about the bunny if he had any idea where he’ll come from? J A I Z said they could always check the manual for Bunny…. but unfortunately there was no bunny in the manual…. out of curiosity Koen asked J A I Z what he was singing about and J A I Z replied: I was singing about the almighty wizard. Ow! He might know the answer to what you seek! Koen instantly asked: Where would we find this wizard? J A I Z: The almighty @Sir Wizard can’t be found, he finds you! Wise words but neither of the 4 got any idea how to find the wizard. So they continued their quest. When they arrived in Draynor, they visited the Wizards tower, just to see if the wizard that they were looking for, is there. The tower was empty….. going back outside there were fireworks. Sir Wizard appeared! The 4 friends explained what happened and asked help to the wizard. The wizard nods and said: I will explain everything. But…. only to you bunny! The wizard and the bunny went into the tower. The wizard explain how the bunny is an easter bunny and he spawned to early. He should have spawned the 16th. He was an surprise project of the @Pb600 who controlled the Grinderscape to be released the 16th of April. It was the bunnies job to share and hide chocolate eggs on Easter day. The bunny was glad and finally knew what to do. He now waits in the wizards tower until it’s the 16th of April. The wizard is aiding him making chocolate eggs and even more! The 4 friends still knew nothing of the bunny today as for it will still be a surprise… and walked back to Edgeville. The easter bunny will return…… on 16th of april…… on Grinderscape live! * subtle hints* Thanks for reading in advance! Hope you enjoyed it! Kind regards Cypher
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    In-game name(s): Boibandido; Age: 18; Timezone: GMT -3; Will you be active within the OMM team?: Yes i will be; How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: About 4-5 hours per day; Why do you deserve to be in this team?: I'm sure it wasn't the best way I left the team, have a lot to show and to do yet. With my back to the game I'll show my performance that I had in the past but much better. I'm coming back more mature and conscious. Any other info: There some evidence of trades: 1º http://prnt.sc/ests3e http://prnt.sc/estrlk 2º http://prnt.sc/esupxi http://prnt.sc/esuogk 3º http://prnt.sc/esx60q http://prnt.sc/esx4uy Thanks to those who helped me - @evow @vechtking @Woody
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    So does this mean you'll stop spamming the SB with the same message about joining Discord?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Proves how GS is always on top even after being removed from the top
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    Accepted. Congratulations on reaching this point Irish. Please remember that with this promotion, you'll need to maintain consistent interaction with the clan in all forms and this is something we closely monitor. Denied. Please work on assisting clan members, becoming trusted within the community/clan and displaying how you can be a role model to all of the members in Spectrum. Accepted Congratulations on becoming a recruiter Evow. Even though you recently returned, we believe you can handle this and we expect nothing but the best from you. Denied. Please work on assisting clan members and becoming a role model for everyone in Spectrum and the community. Accepted As with Evow, you recently returned but we do believe you can handle this. We expect nothing but the best from you in regards to effort and fulfilling the duties of a recruiter, but we're sure you'll do so effectively Yogi. Accepted You've been a consistent recruiter for quite sometime now and we believe you're ready for moderator. Please keep in mind that with this new rank comes the power to punish, and we expect all moderators to use their power level-headedly and we're always here for you in times you need advice. Congratulations to those who were accepted. For those of you denied, please continue to show us you're dedicated to Spectrum and re-apply when you feel as though you've done so effectively.
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    Another one.. or for people in foreign countries
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    Subscribe and tell your friends boys. hope you enjoyed.
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    In-game name: Koen121/Iron Koen What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT +1 How long have you played for?: Actively 1,5+ years How many hours do you play per day?: Monday 2 hours Tuesday 3-5 hours Wednesday-Thursday 3-4 hours Friday 0-6 hours Saturday 0-4 hours Sunday 4-12+ hours Ofcourse it can be different, depending on IRL, but this is the usual for the past couple of weeks. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Around 3-4 months, in total a lot more. Do you have ::yell?: Yes, super donor. Why should your application be accepted?: - I'm consistently helping in the clan chat. - I'm enjoying to help again & will be as active as possible. Thanks for reading/considering once again! ~ Koen
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    Hey all. Four days ago (15/04/2017) I did a big giveaway (hide and seek and first to trade) for these respective items: onyx rings (i), santa hat, elysian spirit shields, arcane spirit shields, armadyl god swords, 300m cash, divine spirit shield. First of all just want to thank you @riptor br3, @Tpid, @Boibandido, @Grinderpoint for few items you gave me for this giveaway, also for your help. Thank you guys for participation, i hope you all enjoyed it, also want to say congratulations for the winners. screenshots:
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    ACCEPTED. You have been doing a great job within the Clan Chat. We have noticed you stepping out of your way to assist our members. Keep up the great work and congratulations!. PENDING. Keep trying man, obtaining these ranks are difficult. It is not for everyone to become a leader within our community. We know you have it in you, we need to see more consistency. Keep advertising the clan chat and help as many players as possible. Reapply in 2 weeks. Thanks. PENDING. We know you are capable of such rank but the activity is really low. As a mod in our clan chat we would rely on you to assist and help create a peaceful environment for our players-at least maintaining a stable time frame of hours online. Keep up the good work tho, you are doing awesome! Reapply in 2 weeks. Thanks. PENDING. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. We need consistency within our clan chat. Advertise and assist-keep up the good work. Reapply in 2 weeks. Thanks. Gz to Woody2097 for the promotion. Everyone else, dont give up--it takes times to reach your goals. Spectrum Staff,
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    Hello, Welcome to my Fletching, Woodcutting and Firemaking guide for Hardcore Ironman! I’ll explain everything below and show you the most efficient ways to skill. Why would I make a skilling guide with 3 skills in 1 topic? It’s because this guide will only look at the gameplay of Hardcore Ironmans (HCIM). HCIM’s are not able to trade or buy items from the store. So they have to gather everything themselves. Meaning combined skilling is the only way to level up. We’ll go over 3 skills - Woodcutting - Fletching - Firemaking I’ll start out with woodcutting, since you need logs for Firemaking & Fletching. I also noted under every skill how I would deal with the skill, how I would level it. Woodcutting There are 2 ways of woodcutting on a HCIM. The most efficient way: You skill until you have 3.000 skill points to buy Inferno Adze and only then you start woodcutting. The less efficient way: You train it like a normal character without farming for Inferno Adze. Not to worry we’ll go over both ways. Items required - a Hatchet Inferno adze requires level 61 Woodcutting to use. So in order to get 61 woodcutting you’ll find to find some other axes first. As an HCIM, you’ll have to smith your axe. You are not able to buy axes from Wilfred. What’s Inferno adze? It’s the same as a dragon axe but it has a 1/3 chance of granting Firemaking experience while chopping trees. My suggestion here is to make an Iron axe, Mithril axe, Adamantite axe and Runite axe. Why make almost all the types of axes? → you obv. haven’t tried chopping an oak/willow tree with an iron axe. It takes ages….. Iron axe = lvl 1 - lvl 21 Mithril axe = lvl 21 - lvl 31 Adamant axe = lvl 31 - lvl 41 Runite axe = lvl 41 - 61 Dragon axe / Inferno adze = lvl 61 - lvl 99 ( - 350M xp) Trees available & required level to chop Regular tree: lvl 1 Oak tree: lvl 15 Willow tree: lvl 30 Maple tree: lvl 45 Yew tree: lvl 60 Magic tree: lvl 75 How you want to level woodcutting You’ll chop from level 1 to level 21 regular logs. You’ll chop from level 21 to level 31 oak logs. You’ll chop from level 31 to level 45 willow logs. You’ll chop from level 45 to level 61 maple logs. You’ll chop from level 61 to level 75 yew logs. You’ll chop from level 75 to level 99 & 350M xp Magic logs. Since you’re playing HCIM, you won’t have loads of bank space. So banking all the logs isn’t an option. We talked about combined skilling and you’ll think it would be good to instantly burn the logs or fletch the logs. Correct, if you don’t have an Inferno adze ready at level 61. You can however bank: Maple logs, Yews logs and Magic logs. (Willow too if you have the bank space.) There is a task ‘ Make the cut ’ you’ll have to obtain 99 woodcutting in order to complete this task. This is the most effective way of leveling woodcutting/fletching/firemaking. You’ll level woodcutting completely to 99 first before you start off with the other skills. The task will give you: - 500 regular logs - 500 oak logs - 500 willow logs - 500 maple logs - 250 yew logs - 250 magic logs These are an epic starter for your fletching skill! Is it worth using knowledge totem on woodcutting? No, not even on a higher level. Is it worth using my daily 200K bonus xp on woodcutting? No, it’s not worth any bonus xp. Is it worth doing woodcutting on the 1st-5th of every month for x1.25 bonus xp? No, it’s not worth any bonus xp. Is it worth using woodcutting brawlers? Errrr, good question. Yes & No. It’s more effective to use inferno adze with firemaking brawlers. But having woodcutting brawlers in you bank is just 1 waste of space. (HCIM only has 50 bank slots) So: Yes: if you don’t have adze. Yes: if you have adze but no firemaking brawlers. No: if you have adze and firemaking brawlers. Yes: if you want a quick level 61 woodcutting in order to use adze. It’s always nice to get more XP, but you’ll need to cut more logs anyways in order to get max fletching & firemaking. The XP tables The levels: From lvl 1 to 21 = 5.018 xp. From lvl 21 to 31 = 9.815 xp. From lvl 31 to 45 = 46.679 xp. From lvl 45 to 61 = 240.776 xp. From lvl 61 to 75 = 908.133 xp. From lvl 75 to 99 = 11.824.010 xp. From lvl 99 to 350M xp = 336.965.569 xp. The logs xp’s: Regular logs: 178 xp (356 xp with brawlers) Oak logs: 271 xp (542 xp with brawlers) Willow logs: 485 xp (970 xp with brawlers) Maple logs: 714 xp (1.428 xp with brawlers) Yew logs: 1.250 xp (2.500 xp with brawlers) Magic logs: 1.785 xp (3.570 xp with brawlers) Amount of logs: Regular logs: 29 (15 with brawlers) Oak logs: 37 (19 with brawlers) Willow logs: 97 (49 with brawlers) Maple logs: 338 (169 with brawlers) Yew logs: 727 (364 with brawlers) Magic logs from lvl 75 to lvl 99: 6.625 (3.313 with brawlers) Magic logs from lvl 99 to 350M xp: 188.777 (94.389 with brawlers) How would I do? I didn’t even touch woodcutting before I had inferno adze. I grinded 3.000 skilling points by doing other skills. Then I leveled to 61 woodcutting (without brawlers, I didn’t have any but I would have used wc brawlers to get to lvl 61) then I chopped to lvl 99 woodcutting using inferno adze with firemaking brawlers. I banked willow,maple,yew and magic logs. Nah this guide isn’t over yet we just started! When chopping those magic logs, the next question is: Is it enough for 99 firemaking & 99 fletching AND 350M xp in both skills? Should I do firemaking before fletching or the other way around? The answer is simple: You should always do fletching before firemaking. Why? Because of Inferno adze, you’ll burn more logs while chopping magic tree’s. You don’t want to get 350M Firemaking xp and still have to chop more logs to get fletching to 350M XP, it’s just a waste of logs. So let’s get started with fletching! Fletching I’m only going to be writing about making bows and not bolts. I find that making bolts is less efficient and way less xp/hour. Item required - Knife (teleport to catherby, steal 100gp from the man and buy the knife from the store) Logs available & required level to cut Regular tree: lvl 1 Oak tree: lvl 20 Willow tree: lvl 35 Maple tree: lvl 50 Yew tree: lvl 65 Magic tree: lvl 80 How you want to level fletching You’ll cut from level 1 to level 20 regular logs. You’ll cut from level 20 to level 35 oak logs. You’ll cut from level 35 to level 50 willow logs. You’ll cut from level 50 to level 65 maple logs. You’ll cut from level 65 to level 80 yew logs. You’ll cut from level 80 to level 99 & 350M xp Magic logs. A bit more in-depth: Level 1-10: Arrows shafts Level 10-20: Long bow (u) Level 20-25: Oak shortbow (u) Level 25-35: Oak longbow (u) Level 35-40: Willow shortbow (u) Level 40-50: Willow longbow (u) Level 50-55: Maple shortbow (u) Level 55-65: Maple longbow (u) Level 65-70: Yew shortbow (u) Level 70-80: Yew longbow (u) Level 80-85: Magic shortbow (u) Level 85-99: Magic longbow (u) Level 99-350M xp: Magic longbow (u) Why not making regular shortbow (u)’s? Because it gives the same xp as arrow shafts and arrow shafs are stackable. Is it worth using knowledge totem on fletching? Yes, but only on a higher level. (level 50+) Is it worth using my daily 200K bonus xp on fletching? Yes, fletching is worth it. Is it worth doing fletching on the 1st-5th of every month for x1.25 bonus xp? Yes, fletching is worth it, but I personally wouldn’t pick it, I would prefer to smith or use it for prayer. Is it worth using fletching brawlers? There are no fletching brawlers Do I use bowstring to make a complete bow? That doesn’t work atm. You’ll just have to make bows (u). Do you save the bows in your bank? Well, I’m currently saving all magic longbow (u) myself in the bank. You’ll be a bit shocked if you see how many logs you’ll need for 350m xp. So I’m sort of hoping we will be able to string bows in the future, that’s why I’m keeping those bows for now. It does take up 1 bank slot! The XP tables The levels: Level 1-10: 1.154 xp. Level 10-20: 3.316 xp. Level 20-25: 3.372 xp. Level 25-35: 14.564 xp. Level 35-40: 14.818 xp. Level 40-50: 64.109 xp. Level 50-55: 65.303 xp. Level 55-65: 282.792 xp. Level 65-70: 463.885 xp. Level 70-80: 1.248.441 xp. Level 80-85: 1.272.526 xp. Level 85-99: 9.775.837 xp. Level 99-350M xp: 336.965.569 xp. XP per cut: Arrows shafts: 57 xp Long bow (u): 114 xp Oak shortbow (u): 182 xp Oak longbow (u): 285 xp Willow shortbow (u): 337 xp Willow longbow (u): 468 xp Maple shortbow (u): 571 xp Maple longbow (u): 662 xp Yew shortbow (u): 777 xp Yew longbow (u): 857 xp Magic shortbow (u): 948 xp Magic longbow (u): 1.040 xp Amount of logs: Level 1-10: 21 regular logs Level 10-20: 30 regular logs A total of 51 regular logs (500 from the task). Level 20-25: 19 oaks logs Level 25-35: 52 oak logs A total of 71 oak logs (500 from the task). Level 35-40: 44 willow logs Level 40-50: 137 willow logs A total of 181 willow logs (500 from the task). Level 50-55: 115 maple logs Level 55-65: 428 maple logs A total of 543 maple logs (500 from the task + 334 from chopping (169 with brawlers) that’s a total of 834 maple logs). Level 65-70: 598 yew logs Level 70-80: 1.457 yew logs A total of 2.055 yew logs (250 from the task + 727 from chopping (364 with brawlers) that’s a total of 977 yew logs). If you do it like this, you’ll have to use the knowledge totem to get to level 80 & cut a bit more maple logs into maple longbow (u). I strongly advise it doing it this way, if you level with yews from level 70-80 and not 85. Level 80-85: 1.343 magic logs Level 85-99: 9.400 magic logs A total of 10.743 magic logs (250 from the task + 6.625 from chopping (3.313 with brawlers) that’s a total of 6.875 magic logs). It’s definitely worth using knowledge pool all the way to 99! Level 99-350M xp: 324.006 magic logs. (188.777 from chopping to 350M xp (94.389 with brawlers) Get chopping! So yea you can see why using knowledge totem is useful on this skill. Even with the 100% xp boost from the totem (20 minutes one) you’ll need 162.003 magic logs. You’ll just make it… and you’ll still need logs for firemaking. Also useful information: You can fletching about 400-450 bows in 20 minutes. Let’s say 425 to be sure. This would require 382’s uses of knowledge totem and since you can only use it 1x / 16 hours aka a ‘day. 350M Fletching with just using knowledge pool would take 382 days to get on Hardcore Ironman. This is over a year! If you are an extreme donator, you’ll need 145.803 magic logs if you use knowledge totem every single time (without bxp). So let’s say you can fletch 850 bows in 40 minutes… this would take 172 days. Half a year, time to get extreme donator rank! How would I do it? Cut every single log you get from the task and from chopping trees from willow and up. You’ll get to about level 85 without making magic shortbow(u). And use knowledge totem from yews and further. You can even pool from maple longbows (u) already if you want. So last but not least Firemaking A skill we all love. To be completely honest, it’s not too bad…. (if you compare it with fletching) Items required: - Tinderbox - Firemaking brawlers - Inferno adze First off: I’ll show you the basic calculations of how many fires you’ll need to make and then I’ll add in some extra probability math using inferno adze. Logs available & required level to burn Regular tree: lvl 1 Oak tree: lvl 15 Willow tree: lvl 30 Maple tree: lvl 45 Yew tree: lvl 60 Magic tree: lvl 75 How you want to level firemaking You’ll burn from level 1 to level 15 regular logs. You’ll burn from level 15 to level 30 oak logs. You’ll burn from level 30 to level 45 willow logs. You’ll burn from level 45 to level 60 maple logs. You’ll burn from level 60 to level 75 yew logs. You’ll burn from level 75 to level 99 & 350M xp Magic logs. Is it worth using knowledge totem on Firemaking? Yes, but not while using inferno adze Is it worth using my daily 200K bonus xp on firemaking? Yes, but not while using inferno adze Is it worth doing firemaking on the 1st-5th of every month for x1.25 bonus xp? Yes, but not while using inferno adze Is it worth using firemaking brawlers? Hell yes! The XP tables The levels: Level 1 - 15: 2.411 xp. Level 15 - 30: 10.952 xp. Level 30 - 45: 48.149 xp. Level 45-60: 212.230 xp. Level 60-75: 936.679 xp. Level 75-99: 11.824.010 xp. Level 99-350M xp: 336.965.569 xp. Xp per log lit: Regular log: 223 xp (446 xp with brawlers). Oak log: 357 xp (714 xp with brawlers). Willow log: 450 xp (900 xp with brawlers). Maple log: 607 xp (1.214 xp with brawlers). Yew log: 871 xp (1.742 xp with brawlers). Magic log: 1.142 xp (2.284 xp with brawlers). Amount of logs required: Level 1 - 15: 11 regular logs (6 with fm brawlers) Level 15 - 30: 31 oak logs (16 with fm brawlers) Level 30 - 45: 107 willow logs (54 with fm brawlers) Level 45-60: 350 maple logs (175 with fm brawlers) Level 60-75: 1.076 yew logs (538 with fm brawlers) Level 75-99: 10.354 magic logs (5.177 with fm brawlers) Level 99-350M xp: 295.067 magic logs (147.534 with fm brawlers) Inferno adze has a 1/3 chance of granting Firemaking experience while chopping trees. It gives the same XP as you would lit the log you get from chopping. (Firemaking brawlers do work while using inferno adze. Even if your firemaking level is 1 and you are chopping magic logs you’ll get the xp of the magic logs burnt. It has no level requirements. Combined firemaking Let’s say you’ll pool fletching and use 188.777 magic logs to get 350M XP. ⅓ of those logs is burned as firemaking xp from inferno adze while having firemaking gloves on. That amount is equal to 62.925 logs burnt from adze. You’ll have 143.720.700 xp in the firemaking skill from chopping those logs with firemaking brawlers. Without firemaking brawlers you’ll have 71.860.350 xp. Without brawlers: 350M xp - 71.860.350 xp = 278.139.650 xp left for firemaking. This requires 243.555 more logs to be burnt with firemaking brawlers. For this you’ll need to chop about 182.000 more logs and lit them. (Inferno adze will burn 60.666 of them) With brawlers: 350M xp - 143.720.700 xp = 206.279.300 xp left for firemaking. This requires 90.315 more logs to be burnt with firemaking brawlers. For this you’ll need to chop about 67.500 more logs and lit them. (Inferno adze will burn 22.500 of them) Trust me, it will be way less. Inferno adze burns more then ⅓ of your logs. Atleast with me. unless I’m really lucky! Where to lit fires? There are many places, where you can make fires. Varrock, Yanille, … I prefer Yanille. Start at the bank, make fires that go near the wizards tower and teleport back to the bank when you inventory is empty. How would I do it? I yolo’d it as some would say. I had firemaking brawlers so I grinded for 3.000 skillpoints and bought inferno adze. I started using inferno adze at level 61 and burnt yew logs on my way to 75. It got me a pretty high firemaking level already. Making me able to skip regular logs, oak logs, willow logs and some maple logs. After that I farmed magic logs to 99 and to about 28M woodcutting XP. This is how I got 99 firemaking, purely by chopping with inferno adze. Not a single log have I lit & burnt. I would chop til I had enough logs for fletching, get fletching to 350m xp then chop til I have enough logs for firemaking and burn my way to 350m xp. After you’ve reached 350M fletching xp you can use knowledge totem on making fires for firemaking. ----- To long - didn’t ready: Get 3k skilling points buy inferno adze. Chop magic logs with firemaking brawlers, knowledge totem for fletching and then firemaking. Don’t use any bonus xp on woodcutting and get 350M xp. So yea this is basically how to skill on a hardcore ironman. I hope you enjoyed reading it all. I hope you understand why I took these 3 skills together in 1 guide. Perhaps the wiki-team could make some use of it. i'm sure the required logs with/without brawlers could be edited into the wiki. It's always helpful information! I'll leave that up to your guys ( @Suffer Plox @Sma11zplz) Thanks for reading! Kind regards Cypher
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    In-game name: Zoiezo What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Moderator What is your Timezone?: GMT +1 How long have you played for?: Almost 4 years now. How many hours do you play per day?: 4-6 hours, sometimes even more. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: I've been in Spectrum whenever i wasn't in a pvp clan, but ever since i've started helping in Spectrum i haven't left the clan once. Do you have ::yell?: I do. Why should your application be accepted?: I've been consistent everyday since I got promoted to a recruiter and i enjoyed every bit of it. I believe that I've also became a roll model player to the players inside of Spectrum and even outside. I've never gotten any problems within the clan. I go along well with all the players inside of Spectrum. I try to never let down any player inside of Spectrum, and I try my best to answer every question asked. Also do i get daily pms from members in Spectrum and sometimes outside Spectrum asking me for help. Wich i'm greatful for, it makes me feel that i'm having a impact inside the Spectrum community and even outside. Thanks for reading. Yours sincerly, Ayyoub
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    In-game name: Boibandido What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT -3 How long have you played for?: 1 year How many hours do you play per day?: 4-5 hours per day How long you been a member of Spectrum?: About a year ago, going back to my normal activity. Do you have ::yell?: Yes i do Why should your application be accepted? I was for a while inactive for personal reasons and I think I'm able to go back to my old form within the game. I'm going to be the same person that everyone knows but more mature.
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    Does this mean you're allowed to impersonate pb? oh, and ty for update. On behalf of Vape Lord Nord
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    Shame I can't play more than 20 hours a week. Well, thanks for the second and last tenure as staff Soccerlove. I would care to explain more to the public but because I was demoted I will simply just reside respectfully, thank you.
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    Hi everyone. Over the past few days the staff team have discussed certain actions in the game we did not allow, but we also did not have specifically in the rule book. Due to a recent thread regarding one of these issues and staff receiving a substantial amount of reports per day as well, we decided to officially add these to the rule book: While these were worded to ensure the community could easily understand all aspects of it, I will delve into the specifics a bit. While only three specific actions are included in the rule regarding Harassment, this rule covers physical harassment entirely ingame. Verbal harassment can be slander, toxic jargon, rude comments and anything that verbally offends another, but this Harassment is listed under Action Related because we're going to crack down on actions that intend to deprive another community member or bring negativity to their gameplay. The gambling systems we have on Grinderscape are specifically created and have been improved to ensure scamming does not occur. While player negligence unfortunately comes into play and this still happens, the systems themselves cannot be exploited nor can a player specific action cause malfunction, therefore we strictly enforce the created systems to be used for all staking and dicing. Making "verbal agreements" to gamble more items than the system allows and having someone else host your items is now officially prohibited and is punishable. Please keep in mind that these are new rules and we will be enforcing them properly now; however, each situation will be handled on a case-to-case basis and over the next few weeks we will be learning how to handle the general rule-breaking congruously. If you have any issues with these rules or would like to advise a change, please message a staff member and it will be discussed by the staff team.
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    The new rules will be staying, and let me explain to you why. The new rule regarding Harassment (that involves ragging) is only enforced at the Edgeville Wilderness. Why? Edgeville is the main premises for 1v1 PKing in Grinderscape, and this is also the place where new players come to check out the PKing scene and how the community is. We do not allow ragging at this location because not only do we want to display to new players that we have a positive and non-toxic community, but if all they see is ragging and players not being able to actually PK properly then they will not stay. Secondly, let me explain what the staff team has defined as "Ragging". The staff team defines (and will enforce it by this term) as attempts by a player that is specifically targeting the gameplay of another in attempts to either depreciate or completely deprive. This means that we're not going to be punishing every single incident where someone claims they're being ragged, but we will look into each and every situation thoroughly and if all the factors we judge by (punishment history, longevity of player, proof of the actions) show that a player is breaking the rule, then we will mildly punish to begin with and the punishment will become severe if the player keeps breaking it (standard protocol). While you should certainly watch what you say Niko considering you're wrong in this situation, it's common sense that Harassment is not allowed on any private server or runescape itself. Lastly, we realize that some pkers would not enjoy this rule because all they simply do is rag and try to annoy others (two of those were already embarrassed ingame yesterday for their dumb comments), but we've also had positive feedback from many members of the PKing community. These players who have given positive feedback are the PKers who actually enjoy the activity and don't feel the need to bring about negativity onto others. Making a thread and only supporting your statement via your opinion is nice, but factual statements are needed to make a direct impact on this and trying to "rally the other raggers" in this community to voice their opinion will not change this rule. I've said this on three different threads now and this will certainly be the last, if you want to express your concerns about this rule and you have a legitimate case, message a staff member and the staff team will discuss it.