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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. Great to see this promotion, welcome back to the team Yogi
  2. Accepted Since you've been back, you've been doing a great job in game with helping/setting a good example etc. You also were in the event team in the past, so this was a really easy decision. Welcome back
  3. Sad to see you go, really wanted things to be different, as I thought you were a damn good staff member. Hope to see you back someday, good luck irl
  4. sorry icarly65 i aint that good at forums.. but i edit the page so u can look for it ... and i can alot of necessary details if u want :P


  5. Accepted Well Kyle you've been doing a fantastic job in game as both an in game staff member, and a spectrum staff member. You've consistently improved, and we feel you are at a point where you are done learning, and ready to be a leader. I would wish you good luck, but I know you don't need it. Keep up the good work
  6. Well done, be sure to advertise this
  7. Happy b-day my dude
  8. Welcome back man, enjoy your stay
  9. I'd definitely like to see the defense requirement added, but I'd also like these prayers to be hard to obtain
  10. So YOU got scammed YOU didn't report it right away, and yet it is our fault. The guy lost the items staking. We can't go up to the guy who won those items and take it from him, and we aren't going to spawn in 30b. If we spawned in items for anyone who was scammed it would ruin the economy
  11. Nic it's crazy how far you've come. We've definitely had our differences, but you're somebody I consider a friend for life now, and it really is great having you on the staff team
  12. Really nice having you in the community Ryan, you've been a great example for everyone. Thanks for writing this out!
  13. I'll definitely support this. Diminishes the value of a hcim