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  1. I'll support this but in all honesty this isn't a top priority update in my opinion. Just be smart and pay attention to the duel screen and you'll be fine
  2. I'm so glad this thread was made, really opened my eyes..
  3. Icarly65, 


    I am looking to recover a Grinderscape account that hasn't been active for about 2 years. I don't however know which email is associated with my account. How do you suggest I go about doing this. My ip address likely hasn't changed so it is probably the same as it used to be. 



    Evan Leupen 

    1. Icarly65



      post an account recovery thread

    2. trivixy1
  4. I like option 2, but it would only prove useful in edgeville really, because if you tab away, your fight doesn't know where you went. Blackjack I wouldn't mind, but I don't see it happening
  5. Support .
  6. Brackets are up. Please do them asap
  7. As a friend of yours, I am happy that this is happening. Your overall attitude was changing, and you were acting like a completely different person in game. A lot of what you said is true, as I look at it from both sides, however some of it was on you. Which surprised me a bit, because you always were a role model to the server. Hope that you take a break and eventually come back, just don't forget about us See ya man, good luck irl and on 07
  8. Dz1 was boring, but dz2 was good My suggestion to please both sides (potentially) is to possibly have the old dz2 become the new Ge. Personally the one we have now I'm not a big fan of at all, it is my least favorite trading center that we've had. This suggestion pleases both sides because dz2/ge can still be used as a talking place (people talked at the old ge all the time), and we would still have only one full donator zone, to make it look professional
  9. No- No- Yes- Yes- No- Yes- Yes Ags spec is fine to me Skilling doesn't give much reward as it is, removing coins from it would just make it less desirable I wouldn't mind having the cost of it lowered I personally feel like you should have the option to pick the 3 things you will keep on death (basically prioritize your own items) I think 350m is fine as it is I wouldn't mind having osrs models, not too big of a necessity though YES. I understand the point, having people have to work to get what they want. However, having to walk there is just unnecessary, and confuses newer players. Think if somebody new joins- gets a slayer task (monster ends up being in the chaos tunnel)- Asks where it is, still can't find it. They're gonna say to hell with the server. No point in losing players over something so small
  10. Thanks for all you've done Jake. It's crazy how far you have come, I'm proud of you brother
  11. Been a good year with you on the team man. Keep up the good work brother
  12. As Zoiezo said, the task was changed so that you could get the achievment by getting a target in the wild, then killing them. However, if this doesn't get the achievment then it is bugged
  13. I told you my cat jumped on my keyboard bro.. See ya later man ily
  14. So you let the scammer win. Disappointing to see man, im sure quitting will show him?
  15. Just remember, irl comes first We miss you too though! Keep up the good work on the designs