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Everything posted by Icarly65

  1. Nice, loving how frequent these updates are coming out. maybe add ::td though so players can easily get to the entrance, rather than searching around for it
  2. Jerry Jerry Jerry
  3. Fantastic guide tbh, almost makes me want to try doing hcim
  4. How about let's demote you (k) 1-0 vote so far who is in favor
  5. The hate continues. Voted no, keep doing your thing Saim
  6. Yeah it's just for the normal hit, I've seen people in welfare hit 60's with the spec. There is nothing wrong with Godswords tbh
  7. Yeah I don't think it should go straight to the reaper In Pvp I think if you die, it should go to the reaper (900m is a bit extreme though, should be like 100-150m) In Pvm I'd say it'd be fair if it drops on the ground for a bit, then it'd go to the grim reaper if you aren't able to pick it up. Personally I'd like to see it just kept in your inventory on death though
  8. Definitely a good choice! Welcome to the team man
  9. One of my favorite set ups to pk with is the mage bow- obby maul pure (99 str/99 range/99 hp 1 in everything else except possibly prayer) so yeah I'd like to see something happen
  10. Love this update! Hope to see some of these ranks around
  11. Wow pb this looks really good. Keep it up man
  12. I've gotten quite a few from mith dragons, they are good if you want elites as well. I will update you if I find any better monster for just hard clue scrolls
  13. I'm pretty neutral, as I don't really hate you Taalq or any of your friends. However I do have to say, you guys do troll a lot, and that will rub some people the wrong way. Nothing wrong with having a little fun, but sometimes I feel like you guys do it to fuck with people. Regards, K
  14. Hmm close vote but I've seen Jack standing out even more lately. He gets my vote, but to the others, you're all doing well
  15. Brawlers are untradeable, but I will sell you the dbones for the arcane
  16. I support this tbh, I've always thought that if anything would give a good reward, it'd be voting. Even add a few better things to the super rare (such as a colored sol, maybe even a colored hween, Custom phats (iron/gold/addy/iron)
  17. Pending We have noticed you doing a good job so far, and it's nice to see you back. We do trust you, we just want to make sure you are 100% committed to being back, as you have just returned. Keep doing what you're doing, middleman for some more people, and I can definitely see you being on the team.
  18. Good guide but you should also add the scan clue scroll locations (if you know them)
  19. Accepted We've seen a lot of consistency from you, and think you are ready to take this next step. Keep it up Denied We haven't seen you consistently helping out in the clan chat. Help out a bit more (not just when staff are on) and reapply in no less than a week Accepted Since your return you have been nothing but helpful and a positive role model. Welcome back
  20. Today I'm going to be nominating Dragenforce2 for the Respected member rank. Dragen has been helpful for the longest time, and has constantly stayed out of trouble. Some may say he is immature, but he has been consistently improving. He is also extremely active both in game and on the forums, helping out in the shoutbox often.He has gone through a lot, and has kept a positive attitude through it all. He's somebody you can talk to if need someone, without fearing that he will go out telling everyone else. He rarely (if ever) gets in any fight/argument. I can't think of anyone this is more deserving of this rank So good luck Jack! Remember if you vote please post a reason why you voted yes/no or your vote will be removed.
  21. Pending While you did do a lot for the team, you just recently returned. We wanna see you back for a bit and see how you handle yourself. Return to being a role model (which I know you're more than capable of being) and I see no reason to not have you back on the team. Apply in no less than 2 weeks, and good luck
  22. Lol sorry I don't screenshot other people on yell, judging by Colts comment though you can probably assume he's one person And I only called you out because you called me an idiot, when typing like one. And if you can find some instances where I did feel free to report/call me out on it. I'm calling you out because of your immaturity, and you are just responding with even more immaturity/insults. See you in a week
  23. You're* And actually people were calling you out, you probably just didn't notice because your head was too far lodged up your own ass
  24. Not being immature just stating facts, the only reason you're replying with insults is that you know you're wrong. Like I said, you yelled you were quitting 5 times in 30 minutes, people were even beginning to call you out on it. And leaving after being denied for omm looks bad, simple as that. And I won't comment back as long as you don't make ridiculous comments like you've been doing
  25. "staff hunting" okay i'll keep on that man, maybe someday I'll be staff :// You re applied after making a big scene when you left, you only wanted attention, simple as that. You got denied and now you're leaving, so who's really the salty one here?