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  1. Welcome to the 7th official Grinderscape Pk tournament. It has been quite some time since our last tournament, but it's back and better than ever. For those who don't know what the Pk tournament is, let me explain. Pk Tournament *The pk tournament has 32 players, each will be squaring off against 1 other player (by random draw). *Once you have your fight, you and your opponent will fight until the death. The winner scores a point, and the first to 4 points (in that fight) advances to round 2 (where there will be 16 people). It is like Basketball/Hockey, a best of 7 series. *Example: Say I get Bmb195(nooblord) in the first round.. Let's say I have killed him 3 times, and he has killed me twice. I am up 3-2 at that point, so all I need is 1 more kill to advance, whereas Bmb needs to win the next 2 to advance. *This will occur until only one player remains! Rules *This tournament will be Dharoks Only * This is what your gear should look like (you may substitute some things such as a Kiln cape instead of a Comp.. Just check with an event member to see if it's okay) * Here is what your inventory should look like * No brews * Vengeance is Allowed * No spec weapons in this tournament. We want only whip- veng- dh axe * You must get somebody trusted to watch your fight- Any staff member/ Official Middleman/ Event Host will do * No teleporting/ Tabbing- If you do this you forfeit that round and your opponent gets a point * Givebacks- Items will be given back to your opponent if you kill them (unless BOTH fighters agree to risk fight it) * No Protection prayers, only use Turmoil / Berserk Prizes 1st Place: Torva Set+ Claws 2nd Place: Vine Whip 3rd Place: Claws+ Ags Signup If you would like to join, comment with your in game name and you will be added to the list (we will have 32 participants ) 1. Icarly65 2. Sean Roy 3. Olivia wilde 4. So Yontoo 5. Russ 6. hoodi 7. Mongooli 8. Vechtking 9. Nubownger 10. Zoiezo 11. Zheu Gavr 12. Dont Lure 13. Lord Rope 14. Zerc 15. Pain 456 16. Master Dice 17. Yolo Zombie 18. Pure Range40 19. The b a n g 20. Pkfailure
  2. I do remember you suggesting combo foods. Tbh that was the thing I was the most on the fence about. It's been a while, so I kinda just wanted to do a good old fashion pk tournament. There will be more tournaments from now on, so in the future there will be combo foods allowed
  3. I'll support these, idk how good the rainbow partyhat will look though haha
  4. Yeah, I think it should only last for a week (each month), it's kinda sloppy how it is now
  5. Denied You have been doing a good job in game, but due to your past we are denying you for now. It won't be impossible for you to become an omm, but we need to see if you truly have changed. Keep it up, and I can see you eventually getting the spot
  6. Welcome to the team Lisa!
  7. Basically what Saim said is spot on, the gilded/3a etc needed to be removed, as it had little to no value I can agree with the ancient robes though, but what's done is done unfortunately. We can't just refund a few people that had the ancients gear, and nobody else
  8. I've always thought it should be like this. I support, and thank you to all the donators of the server
  9. Really didn't expect this, but it is well earned! Congrats Tyler keep it up man
  10. I would like to see more 07. I wanna see a mix of 07/rs3/unique things added to the server
  11. Props to you for admitting you were wrong, rather than blaming others (like a lot of people do). You were a cool guy, I hope to see you back someday
  12. I wouldn't mind a separate cape, maybe make it cost extra tokkul or have to trade 5 firecapes in for it
  13. Congrats man, welcome to the team
  14. Lol that makes no sense considering you still have to earn the piece by grinding out the boss. It's dumb how the best gear in game is only obtainable by donating As for the new bosses, I wouldn't mind to see nex (for torva/virtus/pernix) but other than that I think the current bosses we have right now are fine, they just need better drops
  15. Voted for 500m because it wouldn't hurt. I'm not much of a skiller though so that'll never happen lmao
  16. Congrats man, welcome back to the team
  17. @Cypherdrone gets my vote. He puts a lot of effort towards the server with his guides/suggestions/quest ideas. He isn't like most people on these motm's constantly helping in spectrum/mming etc.. He is unique, and he is a good role model. Gl to everyone else
  18. k Thanks bro it looks good <3
  19. I see your point of view here, as it is hard so view somebody who joined in 2014 as a veteran. But 3 years is a long time, and if you are with us that entire time with little to no breaks, your loyalty deserves to be rewarded in my opinion
  20. I love the idea of having a player owned shop area at Falador. What you would do would be you stand there, make your own shop, and then you can auto type (which we can implement an auto typer into the game) and people would check out your shop. This would allow you to afk, which I think would be helpful I don't support trading posts though, because it is just going to consist of people undercutting each other. "Oh this player is selling this for 1b, I'll sell it for 900m" and so on..
  21. I made a suggestion exactly like this a couple months ago, even adding it as a drop from the saradomin boss. SS/Sgs hilt isn't enough to do the boss, sorry.. Only reason to do it currently is if you're going for a pet. I'd like all the bosses to be somewhat worth doing
  22. I'd support the 2 extra rolls if the streak was made a bit higher. Otherwise I'm fine with 2 extra vote points
  23. I'm actually a bit surprised that somebody else nominated @Cypherdrone , but he is my top nominee for this month. He puts a lot of effort into the game, making well thought out quests, fantastic guides/suggestions. He also has stayed completely clear of any drama/negativity, making him a good role model. My other nominee, who is doing a great job is @Jess for constantly helping out in the cc and being a good role model every single day. Good luck to everyone, and keep up the good work
  24. Accepted You're very active and have been doing a good job in game. We feel like we can trust you to get the job done. With that being said, any questions that you have please ask. Welcome to the team
  25. I don't find this as bad. I find the resetting of the stats back to 99 to be the annoying part