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  1. Congratulations son
  2. Adam, great suggestion, ily Suppoorrttt
  3. Ty everyone
  4. Congratulations m8, Don't let us down
  5. Hai Koen <3
  6. Ty babess
  7. Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. Ty bby
  9. Comeback v9999 incomming I'll join ingame in few weeks but forum 24/7
  10. I want old slayer back. Others are pointless imo
  11. I like it, gj!
  12. Ew thought we managed to get rid of you <3 good to see you back pm me in-game for some good banter. and join the discord we are always looking for more personalities. :) https://discord.gg/cF2mUS3

    1. Winniedepoeh


      Hey bae, 4:21 am, will do asap xxxxxxx

  13. First Looks awesome Pb Will try this
  14. Btw, sinds je dispute is geannuleerd, je in-game acc is unbanned


  15. get drunk and rave hard u mean