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  1. Awesome perks ideas for super donators (except the sortition rolling one)... I want to know what others think about buffing salve el, make a poll I guess... Special attacks are according RS max hits already... Not planning to customize combat without a very big poll. Sag armor will be fixed on next update (Or maybe after the next). Yeh I don't think there's a problem to on adding antifire potions for a quite high price at shop. (We dont want it to be flooded in eco and wortheless like all others) About the pure starter thing idk... not sure if gonna happen...
  2. Maybe I can add a hint icon to the closer entrance.
  3. Hello Players, This update will contain a few community requests and lots of bug fixes! Combat The accuracy for combat classes have been adjusted. Opponent's armor will have bigger effect (the proper now) when rolling your accuracy. When casting spell with mages, there will be accuracy penalty when using melee armor. Multi-Cast on NPCs is now working back. Pernix Body is no longer defined as metal body, so ava's effect will work while using it. Combat potion no longer will boost ranged and mage stats. The inventory glitch that would happen while switching items and prevent players from eating | drinking should be fixed now. Ava's attractor was implemented and added to Pure Items Shop, it will save arrows with 25% of reduced chance compared to Ava's accumulator. A problem allowing players to teleport during combat with ::west ::east commands was fixed. Staff in ghost mode no longer can pick-up items at wilderness. Death keep priority was adjusted to 'Eye of the ranger, mage and warrior rings' New Font A new system created to properly import new fonts was created, now we may implement some new fonts, which you will see in the next content. Reset Lamp As a few players have pointed out, the old stat reset system would allow players to abuse of it in order to have a lower combat with innapropriated hitpoint level. Misc Chat actions clicking at 459 Game Frame was fixed. The duplicated ancient ceremonial hood was removed from sortition. The Login box shadow was improved. Now once you enable vote-reminder once it will automatically remind all subsequent votes, unless you disable it by using the new command "::disable vote-reminder" A problem allowing players to spam vote reminder button to gain multiple participation points was fixed. The chisel rewarded at skillers game mode starters will now work, however the starter pack was adjusted to reward regular chisel. Fixed a few Clue Scroll Sets (Bandos, Armadyl, etc) not being tradable. Greater Demon defence was slighly nerfed and life points reduced. Torn robe going to weapon slot was fixed, it will move to shield slot now instead. Fixed a problem where bronze dragons area was set as multi combat. Lots of miss-spelling issues were fixed. Fixed easy clue scroll reward giving 150 unoted pure essences. Amulet of Glory Examine messages were fixed. Fremenik Body not wearing properly was fixed. Unlit bug lanter will now go to the proper item slot. Looots of visual glitches were fixed. Rock climbing boots death-keep value was decreased. Selected Iron item was removed from Clue Scroll medium rewards. Zerker game mode will start with Climbing Boots and Archer helm was replaced with Berserker helm Game Commands link was added to ::guides Ironman Vote Store has updated with most of regular player's vote store items. Pernix Cowl was finally fixed! Tormented Demon Entrance is more visible now. As suggested the following teleport commands were added: ::mb (Mage bank) ::duel (Duel arena) ::dice (Dice arena) ::home (Edgeville)
  4. Hey @Pb600 are you able to make it so when a owner of a clan wants to premote there alt or another player, could you make it so even if that other alt/player has spaces in between there name they can still be premoted to owner?

  5. as you guys wish.
  6. Nice try, but item stacking on inventory is not combat system issue, and multi mage on npcs issue is already fixed. Fail. Guess you don't have anything else to say, so we can close it.
  7. Checkout changes after next update and make another feedback here and tag me! Thanks.
  8. Please PM me your skype!
  9. Remember when I told you that I didn't want to display max hits because idiots would make thread like that @Russ @Mateus ? Players always have to prove me right... You have been disrespectful so I have no intention to be respectful when showing how idiot you're, how do you think that you can judge how fucked up is our combat if you have no idea how RS Combat works apparently? Nor can you read apparently... Also I doubt you can find like even 2 bugs in our combat system while In any other server I can find bugs in less than 2 minutes, and I swear that to you... Where to start-off... Oh yeh how about reading? Now lets compare to RS??? OMG JAGEX COMBAT SYSTEM SUCKS, LOOK AT THAT '0 K.O Potential' * If you have payed attention to update notes you know by now that our max hits are 1-2 bellow RS' (inb4somesmartassattemptomentionittosoundsmart) Now I'll tell you how Pkers do to increase their max hit, cause apprently you don't know... First we have the 'Prayer' feature, it's in that tab > Then we have a very cute prayer, but it may trick you as you cannot read properly Focus on the 'Increases Strength by 23% PLUS 10% OF ENEMY'S LEVEL', now look back at the first picture where it says 'Your max hit may change according to your target and other combat variables...' There's another feature that Player Killers that know how the combat works use: Now shall we merge all the provided features and calculate our max hit again?? Result: You are an idiot, congratulations for the most disrespectful and idiot thread of 2017 That honestly sucks guys, the combat system took a lot of effort and time, I took care to make everything working perfectly like it should so you guys would be happy (As I never seen anyone complain at RS' combat system to Jagex) then Kids that want to have something to complain at "or probably rage because died for not knowing how to pk" make idiot threads like this, without understand how RS Combat system works... so lets do like this from now on? If you have any problem with Combat System, first take a look at Wiki and make sure you're correct about your issue, then report it to me and I'll fix it 100% because our goal is to have the most perfect combat system, so don't think like Arcane that says that suggesting or reporting a bug is pointless, if you actually read updates notes, 95%+ of updates are player's suggestions, but at this point I have already realized that Arcane is not capable of reading properly... Most likely you don't understand combat system neither did read update notes where I've mentioned that I added tooltips over bonuses so who doesn't know how they work will be aware of what bonus does, let's try?
  10. Yeh Ill make it not go straight to Grim outside wild, but prices are fine, vanguard is stronger than Torva at wild... Hoe much is torva compared to 2b that will be rewarded to killer...? Exactly much more yet weaker
  11. Open console CTRL + ALT + L and click at send logs, does any other acc work? Ask a staff teleport you home after you login
  12. I don't understand why players think that you should be blamed for something that goes wrong, if I coded it it was my responsibility, but I also don't understand why all this drama over it? What happened as far I remember, is that you've said that there were NO DELAY at all upon weapon switching, even tho Russ had warned me that you were wrong about that, russ didn't have enough time back then to check it out so I left as you've said, as I wanted to make quicker updates to our community, and any thing working differently than it should would be adjusted later. After Community feedback me russ and mateus we went on OSRS and recorded switching | stacking of many different combinations, then I did put on Vegas and calculated precisely ever timer. That's why in the update notes I've said that According to @oliviawilde stacking is working good now... and I never made it based on which weapon is being wield... So why you keep insisting that Jagex manually decided the stacking time for over 3,000 items?... " " I don't understand how being removed from group bothers you, of a few days that you were in there, I can count in my hands the time that you've said something, I didn't even think you'd notice the removal, so I didn't make any drama over that...
  13. Read the notifications.
  14. Hey players, Today I'll be releasing some big changes, and lots of players suggestions and polls, hope you love and read it all! Don't miss anything! Summary 1. Combat Nerfs|Buffs and fixes. 2. Max Hit Displaying. 3. Streak Penalty Capped. 4. Voting Sortition - New System with awesome rewards. 5. New Task (Take a chance on me) 6. Eye Recoil Rings - Vote Store 7. Puzzle Solver - Vote Store 8. Dwarven rock Cake - Voting Store 9. Puzzle Progress - Progress is now saved 10. Clue Scrolls Participation Points 11. Notification System - Personal Notifications 12. Action Scheduler System 13. Vote Remainder 14. Untradables on death 15. Misc 1. Combat Stacking delay was fixed with Dark Bow. Mage stacking delay was slighly adjusted. Mage|Range hit delay was adjusted when at 1 distance from enemy. All colored staff of light will now have special attack available. Granite Maul accuracy was reduced. Dungeoneering items are allowed outside wild and duel arena as voted by community HERE Void Set Effect Void Set effect was buffed from 10% to 20% damage bonus on Ranged. New Set effect 2. Player Equipment - Max Hit Displaying Now Max Hits values will be available at Player Equipment interface to Super Donators and players that have at least 1 vote streak point with no penalties active. Note: Some weapons will have different max hit when special is toggled, turmoil will increase max hit effect based on current target level, and other things may occasionally modify max hit, such as prayer's | stats buff | debuff. ::max command is also available to those players who have max hit checking enabled. Tips were added to all Equipment Interface field, they will appear once you hold your mouse on the text for a while 3. Vote Streak - Streak Penalty Streak Penalty was capped at 25! Meaning that it cannot go above it. Akrisae will now reset player's penalty points once they have at least 15 points. You may deduce your vote streak points from your penalty amount, meaning that if you have 250 streaks and 20 penalty points, you will remain with 230 streaks and your penalties will be reset. 4. Vote Sortition A new system to reward voters was added, once you vote you will gain sortition credits, those credits can be used to roll a reward, there are over 35 new costumes items available in the reward table, and lucky items that will be available to the next 12 hours in your account. Most of new items are untradable however if you already have the piece that you received or don't want it, you can always convert them into coins Lucky Items Lucky Items are untradable and are rewarded quite frequently, however they will last only 12 hours in the account. Lucky items will disappear upon death and will reward the killer an amount of coins as reward. Vote Sortition Sets 5. Take a chance on Me - Task A new task is available, in order to complete this task you should roll at least 20 vote sortition rewards. 6. Eye Recoil Rings - Vote Shop The Rings: 'Eye of the ranger', 'Eye of the warrior' and 'Eye of the mage' were implemented into the game with special functions! They are trade-able and will be available at Vote Store shop for 1k each. You can dissolve up to 100 Ring of Recoils into each of those items and get up to 4000 recoil charges! Each Ring of Recoil provide 40 charges. When equipped and charged, the ring will recoil 1% of received damage on the opponent, however it will boost the retaliated damage by 50% when received damage type is according your combat triangle weekness. Eye of the Mage: Range recoil bonus. Eye of the Range: Melee recoil bonus. Eye of the Warrior: Mage recoil bonus. The rings have stats a bit lower compared to imbued rings, however they provide 1 prayer bonus and recoil effect. Eye of the Ranger Eye of the warrior Eye of the mager 7. Puzzle Solver - Vote Store A puzzle solver package is now available at vote store, you can use that item once to solve your current puzzle. 8. Dwarven rock Cake - Voting Store Dwarven rock cake was implemented to the game, it can be obtained from voting store for 50 and 200 Voting Points. It's an untradable item. The Rock Cake will deal damage when you attempt to eat, you can do it repeatedly times. The Damage will not kill you. The Gray Cake will take 1 of damage; The Orange Cake will take 10 of damage. 9. Puzzle Progress Puzzle progress will now be saved. A puzzle timer was added, every time you complete a puzzle it will calculate how fast you have finished! 10. Clue Scrolls Participation Points Players will now gain participation points upon clue scroll completion! Easy: 25 Medium: 50 Hard: 75 Elite: 150 11. Notification System Notification system now supports personal notifications. 12. Action Scheduler System An action scheduler system was created, the system allow us to pre-define some action that will occur at given time on a player's account. That will allow us to add reminders and remove items from an account after specified time has past. 13. Vote Remainder Thanks to scheduler system now we're able to allow players to activate a vote remainder to the next 12 hours once they redeem a vote reward. Players will be prompted to remind the next vote time or they can type ::remind vote to enable it at any time. 14. Untradables on death I have received lots of complaints about how some untradables are stronger than most expensive sets yet they offer no risk at wilderness, thus killer is not rewarded at all. In order to solve this problem I've proposed you guys a solution and majority (up to 70%) of players agreed with it ( HERE ) So as voted by community, now pking with hybrid cw sets will offer a risk to carrier and a reward to killer, the set will go straight to reaper collection when lost on death. On death item conversion Once player dies with some untradables, the item will go straight to reaper collection and killer will receive an amount of coins as reward, based on the item that was lost... That same amount of coins will be charged to buy-back this item from Reaper Collection. Reaper Collection Now reaper collection will accept coins from anyone in exchange of Soul Points. Chat Dynamic Colors Now we are able make game chat render a text color based on the game mode (Fixed or Resizeable) Spoiler: 15. Misc ::KDR command will now display your KDR in public. Follow and Trade action positions were switched to be properly positioned Bonesack will now hold regular bones. Bloodthirsty and Combat Ready tasks are working properly now! Fixed a problem not allowing players to wear a mining master cape. Duel Arena Count down speed was reduced to provide player's more time to prepare. Trimmed Dragon Pick-axe mining speed was adjusted to be equal the dragon pick-axe (It was slower) Vote Reward timer at Point Check interface was fixed. Task Interface and system was changed to support other types of reward (other than items) and rewards description. Image tags are now forbidden when sending a message (to avoid impersonation) Once a duel is draw and player doesn't have enough inventory space, the returned items will be placed at bank. Fixed a problem allowing players to smuggle items from CW. - Thanks to @Nolife Inc Fixed a problem allowing players to do not lose their clue scroll upon task completion - Thanks to @Tltramay Now players can deposit items from looting bag to player bank with no problems. Fixed silver bar smelting giving negative experience. Experience drop will no longer fall slower when FPS is low. Clue Scrolls destroy messages were improved
  15. Will be done as you guys have decided.