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  1. Yes guys, I have contacted our host but apparently we will have to switch to another one...
  2. Thought it had stopped happening! Will take another look at that.
  3. Make sure you are redeeming when it says that you're elegible to gain a reward
  4. Ill be contacting our host for the 1000 time this month guys. If I forget to tell you their response by Saturday tag me here again
  5. The moment that a person cannot understand a simple fact of life... Plans changes... I was planning to have NPC system on rework progress this week to release soon a new Wild boss... I told players in game that Wild Boss would be the next content, but this week and previous week I had to focus on lots of other important unexpected issues that required my attention and I didn't have time to work on what I 'PLANNED'. And this week I'll have a few compromises and will not be able to update the game, so today I tried to release a quick update because players always requested more frequent updates, I had to wake up 8 AM and could just sleep 2 Hours because I spent more time than I could have to put some fixes together with Mateus' Ancient Cave work... Yet I come online on phone (Im still on ohone) and idiotblock is raging cause his wishes were not attended. Bank tab was planned to be like RS then I decided to make a bank better than the company's with 500+ employee did. Players always requested bank tabs and I did bring the best bank tabs that you can see in any RS related game... So are you really complaining that it took longer than initially planned? You're such an ungrateful person. I swear to you that no other RSPS developer spend more time coding the server than me, most bring shitty content done in a few days with 6 coders in it. So you complain at how long things take to be done, then I make faster updates and idiotblock complains that it has bugs... Don't you realize that you are just another brick on that wall of ungrateful whinners that ALWAYS are complaining at something? I think that you guys sit in your chair, stare at the roof and think "What I'll complain about now?" So now every time that a player ask what I'm planning for next updates, I'll answers: 'I'll not say a thing, because things may change and Tuk will call me a liar' What do you think that players will answer? I bet it will be something alike 'Ignore that ...'
  6. You really can't read can you? My first reply to you was to show you how doesn't matter if you broke a rule in our server or forums, it's our domain, our services. Staff rules doesn't apply here, I'm talking about our Terms of Services, we will get stuck in a loop untill you understand that simple thing??? There you go throwing more non-senses! Everybody but you apparently knows that I don't give ETAs!!! Stop making yourself look stupid, future plans are plans set to an undetermined future time, just because it didn't happen don't mean I lied... Stop being ignorant for your own good bro! Peace.
  7. If you don't have anything smart to say just be quiet, rather than make yourself look stupid by contradicting yourself, proving that you can't understand a simple statement and that all your oppinions aren't impartial because you are buthurt for being removed from Supporters Team... Feel free to prove where I banned someone just because I dislike this person, you said yourself that it was because of something that someone did/said on forums, thus this person did something that broke our rules (Contradicting yourself) I even clearly stated that I would just do something in case someone break a rule. (Couldn't understand a very simple statement) Not to mention that this was a very isolate case, since I barely punish 12 players in a year when they REALLY deserve(Such negative impact in the community), even tho I get people offending me evey single day. Which actually led others to think that they can go with that, then I have to come and break the cycle. If I do ban whoever I dislike like you sais, don't you think that a lot of those who makes raging thread insulting me and saying Nonsense's would be banned by now? Actually who's in contact with me more frequently, see that I get insulted many times and do nothing about it, can realise how ignorant and exaggerated you are... Someone else can tell me if Im lying about it: You guys always feel free/safe to say whatever you want about me, because I don't go closing threads and silencing/punishing players because of their oppinions, what I do is listen and argue with real arguments, and lots of times I see myself changing my behavior because of players feedback. Ill say again, you should read/think more then talk... Just THEN you will look wise (not that you care) And I didn't disrespect your work at support team, you were kicked for acting with disrespect and not respecting the workflow of the updates acting like if everything was supposed to be done in your own time. WHAT A Coincidence! Just like Cinderblock and Arcane Blast and Rippa! You guys are really from the same kind... Now quit throwing garbage here.
  8. I know that I can't expect much more than sarcasm from you Tuk and many other buthurt toxic internet trolls who think that they are the center of the universe Arcane Blast, Rippa (*cough*) I'm replying since that it's not the first time that I see you hit this same key, I'll keep it short as you apparently talk more than read. 1 - This is not forum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-_PxCXoDMk 2 - Make an effort to read this short statement that you all agree when using our services: Not sure if you didn't understand what it means, so I'll clarify, if we feel that you're being inconvenient we can suspend any service provided to you. In English: If you disrespect me, I'll not respect you, if you insult me, I can remove | block any service from our domain as I want, with no warning, doesn't matter which environment you are in OUR services. But all you have to do is play according the rules
  9. Done, I'm so tired of you and your egocentrism, just quit and stop pissing everyone, I can assure you that many are tired of you bitching every corner, and your lack of respect. You dare to blame our supporters FOR ANYTHING? I left you in charge to test stacking update, you said it was ok and turned out to be the biggest shit in the world, did I blame you? No, I said on updates notes it was my fault. You asked me to add Slutter Stepping and other techniques that you'd like, only you asked me this, nobody else, yet I gave you attention and watched a few videos that you sent me and worked in the system core to improve it and allow the content that you requested, even tho 99% of players doesn't get such kind of attention (I can't give that personal attention to every single player) you have this retarded feeling that you deserve 100% of my attention even tho I have 10000 shit to solve that you DON'T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CLUE ABOUT. As I mentioned in the updates notes, the new cave was 100% designed by our development supporter Mateus, using tools that he has available to create such content, he's not able to fix bugs, and I would be able to fix 1 bug in the time that I took to implement his project that benefits many people, so if you think that I should have fixed a single small bug rather than add a big new content and feature for donators, then sorry to say this, but you're a ret... Another thing, I don't answer non-fixed reported bugs because I know that they're yet pending to be fixed, since I skip the ones that I have answered already. You were inserted into the Development Supporters team and you have contributed ZERO (didn't even talk in that chat) for days, so I kicked you, and you come here and DARE to say a single word about those who spend hours daily with me helping to update the game???? I said that I fixed the bug where you'd be killed by Jad and could come back to attack him at Fight Caves, but apparently you're not able to read properly as it's clearly stated by my commentaries above. This week I had to solve 2 different host issues, staff tools that broke and prevented them from assisting players (Because host messed up), had to fix a WebClient because I also spent days reworking our advertisement that was 5 years outdated ( http://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-1858-GrinderScape - Best PK Tournament!/ ) and it has already resulted in players count increase (We reached 400 players 2-3 days after it was updated) I've been also working on advertising the game in many other forums, also many many other things in the background that I've been having to handle, yet you're there bitching that I didn't fix your slutter stepping. I've been trying to release constant updates, but one thing that I ALWAYS STATED WAS THAT FASTER UPDATES = LESS QUALITY, but that's exactly what players wanted, constant updates, I'm also releasing lots of important bug fixes together with the updates. (Lots of them are not documented because they are sensible bugs found by Nolife that could help players find other bugs if they knew about, just because they aren't documented doesn't mean that they don't take time to fix) Then you complain that I don't give feedback about bug reports, but I answered your bug report 'Rigour was broken' saying that telling you that it's not like that in the 2012 June Wiki(Since I wouldn't fix it, I answered so I wouldn't look at it again), I'll repeat as you have some problems reading... Our combat system was based on RS 2012 June, it doesn't have to stay like that, but the changes should be polled, I don't see where it says that Rigour requires 70 Prayer at 2012 Wiki ( http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rigour?oldid=6863544 ), so stop giving 2007 wiki as evidence of a bug /facepalm I told you in the thread that if you wanted it as you wish, JUST MAKE A DAMN POLL, the other bug reports I didn't answer because I couldn't fix it yet and if I answered, I wouldn't remember to fix it later, either you show valid evidences that it's a bug... But know what? Just like Arcane Blast, I'll ignore every new post or commentary from you, you can report or suggest or beg as much as you want, I'll only fix | do once someone else that is not disrespectful and can make a sentence without put 'fuck' in it, requests. I suggest you to just leave.
  10. Hello Guys Today I'm comming with more new content and some fixes! Ancient Dungeon The Ancient Dungeon was 100% designed by our Content Designer @Mateus You can access the dungeon through teleport interface (CTRL + T) All the cave short-cuts work! The Kuradal's dungeon access is restricted to donators only. Free for All monsters Abyssal demons Fire Giants and Dust Devils Waterfiends Dark Beasts Bronze, Iron and Steel dragons Mithril Dragons Kuradal's Dungeon (Premium only) Hellhounds Blue & Green Dragons Greater & Lesser Demons Black & Red Dragons Abyssal Demons Dark Beasts Mithril Dragons Misc URI No longer will quickly disappear after being killed. The problems related to NPC damage were fixed. Frost Dragon's retaliate icon should display properly now. Telekinetic grab will now remove runes. A way to smuggle items into WG reported by Nolife was fixed. Players no longer will be able to perform attack or walk during completionist and max cape emotes. Completionist and Max cape emotes were disabled inside wilderness! Divine Spirit shield will require 75 prayer rather than 75 magic. Now once you die at Fight Caves the current monsters there will be cleared, meaning that you no longer can come back and attack Jad. Chivalry requires now 65 Prayer Level as supposed to be. Black unicorn and black cavalier no longer will have any wearing equipment.
  11. Hello Dear Players I'd like to apologize for the down time that we have experienced today. What happened is that our host company has migrated to Los Angeles, which naturally takes a while to be fully performed. Regarding the vote penalties that may naturally occur due that down-time, they will all be removed in the 24 hours (once everyone has received their penalty). Will only be reset on those players that have less than 5 penalties active. As compensation this next weekend we will enable (1.5x 1.75x 2.0x) experience bonus to Regular players, Donators and Super Donators! I'd like to thank all those who were patient.
  12. Your KDR is awesome gratz
  13. As Saim mentioned, the purpose of degrading into dust is to remove some from economy, they were obtainable for 500 PP and very easily, thus we have tons in the economy, YET they are the best weapons, so the best weapons are flooded in our economy, how that seems correct? What would we do to fix it? make it last forever and don't turn into dust? No, the solution is keep like it's now (More items leaving eco than comming) until it's rare enough so we can make them a bit harder to be obtained and last longer... We cannot make them last longer without making them more rare, since atm you can get one very easily. Yet we cannot make them more rare when there are tooons in economy already...
  14. Hello Players, Today a few game changing updates are launching, hope you all love! PK Tournament From now on, every month we will be hosting a PK Tournament, this current live tournament is a beta test. Once the Tournament time is over, the rewards are placed automatically into player's collect box! To participate of the tournament all you have to do is kill your wild targets! Each kill will automatically improve your score and rank you up in the tournament! While in the wilderness you are able to check your tournament score and position in real time. (The rank position is updated every ~40 seconds) You may click the icon to open the tournament guide You can type ::tournament or click over tournament icon at wilderness interface to open the Tournament Guide interface (It's not complete, and will include a tournament guide in the future) In the interface you are able to check: Time left until the tournament is over. (You can type ::time to check the current UTF time) Current tournament rewards. Latest tournament winners in the 'Champions' section. Current Top 10 Placements Top 3 Tournament winners will have a trophy displayed over their head until the next tournament is over. (You can toggle it using ::toggletrophy) command. There are plans to allow players to cancel current target every few minutes. We will be rewarding unique weapon | armor that will remain on player's account until the next tournament is over and champions selected. We will be also hosting $300|$150|$50 rewards tournaments. Donation - Participation Points As requested by our players, some changes on participation point reward upon donating were performed. Once you donate, you will now receive an amount of participation points relative to the amount donated. The base of participation points reward is amount * 60, plus some bonuses based on the donated amount. Donation: 10$ >= 600 + 50 (Bonus) 20$ >= 1200 + 150 (Bonus) 30$ >= 1800 + 300 (Bonus) 40$ >= 2400 + 600 (Bonus) 50$ >= 3000 + 1200 (Bonus) 100$ >= 6000 + 3000 (Bonus) Revenant (Forinthy) dungeon locating Some players may have troubles to find the revenant caves entrance, many players asked a teleport straight to the dungeon, but that would result in a safer wilderness, which is not our goal. So the command ::revs was created, when used, if player is not too far from dungeon, a map hit will point the closet cave entrance. Combat Player Killing Points Shop Rework The PKP Shop was reworked with many prices adjusted and new items added. TookHaar-Kal The cape death keep priority was reduced to 1,000,000, so you will no longer keep it over godswords and steadfast boot. Other Combat Changes A problem causing NPCs to become un-attackable may have been fixed (Requires confirmation) Untradables that gets converted into coins upon death, will only go straight to Reaper in case player dies at wilderness, otherwise it will behave as default. (However will always be dropped) Players no longer may be able to attack while teleporting with tab|glory|ring of life. Dragonfire shield death-keep priority was adjusted. Rockshell defence requirement was adjusted to 40. Some items wearing into invalid slot were fixed. Ranged strength bonuses was added to Bolt Rack. Duel Arena Anti Scamming Now once a Duel rule gets changed, the opponent will have to wait 5 seconds before being able to confirm them. New Commands ::time - Displays current UTF time ::revs ::tournament - Displays current tournament data. ::toggletrophy - Hide or Show PK Tournament trophy over player's head Misc You may now hide roof from game settings interface You will receive a message when you attempt to restore your summoning in case your summoning is already fully charged. Players no longer will stop facing target in case they are not target-able. Musics were added to new DZ zone. A bug causing NPCs to deal sound damage after dead was fixed. A few glitchy roof at DZ was fixed. An issue when scrolling a main screen interface resulting in the tab interface to be scrolled was fixed. Glory's recharge fountain was added to Donator Zone The Banker from donator zone was removed to prevent players from banking from far away. Collect option now works at DZ bank booth. Stairs at DZ were made unfunctional to prevent no-clip. Fixed Wilfred selling logs to Ironmans. Items drop under players due to lack of inventory space no longer can be picked up by Ironmans. A few more visual bugs were fixed (Mostly related to completionist cape). Black Robe will now go to the proper slot. A graphic animation will display once a player kill a target at wild, like used to happen. The Nurse healing timer will be saved now once player logout. The Nurse will only reset the reduced stats. (boosted stats will remain boosted) Lucky Spirit shields will now have the proper requirements. The broken fishing spots were fixed, the fishing system didn't allow more than 1 different spot for the same fish, it has been fixed now. Premium Tickets were removed from participation point store, with many new donator features coming e'd like to keep them strictly as a feature to those who actually contributed to the game by donating. Regular Party-Hats and Christmas cracker have been removed from premium points exchange shop. Crackers will be available at Mysterious Boxes as a rare reward until we come with a proper method of implementation. Hope you guys loved the news! - Have a great day!
  15. No we don't have those models, they wouldn't render with that quality on the current engine and we don't have particle system.................................................