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  1. Your str bonus is +2 with the statius compared to bandos, that's why your max hit didn't change lol.
  2. You would pay 1k vote/part points to skip 1 step of a clue? Bruh they ain't that hard to complete lol
  3. The clue scroll itself should not be rare. The rewards from the clue scrolls is what's rare. Notice how in OSRS clue scrolls have low drop rates? Yet the prices of third age and other valuables is still high. This is because the rates of third age or other rare and valuable items is 1/1000+. This is to keep people interested in grinding clues for the potential to get a very rare reward. If you make the actual clue scroll super rare, nobody is gonna bother farming them. Another thing you should keep in mind is OSRS or RS3 have 50+ worlds. There is 1 world in Grinderscape, and that means 1 of each boss. You need to account for that when you're making drop rates.
  4. How much for the vesta spears (non-corrupt)?
  5. A few days ago I made a thread suggesting a change to the EP system. The main change that was wanted was the removal of losing 25% EP when teleporting. In our current system, you lose 25% EP for teleporting from the wilderness during the fight (example, player has 25% EP, they teleport, it now drops to 0%). In real RS, their EP system involved losing 20% of your CURRENT EP when you teleported from a fight (example - player has 25% EP, they teleport, this amount drops by 20% to 20%). Pb600 said if he were to remove the 25% teleport penalty, the speed of EP gain would be reduced (making it accumulate 2x slower than it does right now). So the question here is which of these options you guys would prefer? Let me know what you guys wanna see! @Pb600
  6. Runescape's way of dealing with teleporters was a 20% reduction of your current EP, not a static 25% like we have. However, I would prefer what you suggested with no penalty but 2x slower gain.
  7. Ok, added a poll to it.
  8. Pb implemented an EP system into bounty hunter with the intention (I'm assuming) of helping PKers make some extra cash. In theory, the current system we have is great. But there are also some flaws that should be addressed. Currently, these flaws make the EP system not work as it is intended to (make PKers money). The major flaw is a 25% EP loss when teleporting from a fight. Like it or not, teleporting is just part of PKing now. The removal of 25% EP will ALWAYS be the preferred option over death. This is even more obvious in target fights - you have the option of a 25% loss of EP, or losing your items and some bounty score on death. Not really a tough choice is it? So since teleporting is preferred over losing EP, this leaves many PKers with EP percentages in the 0-10% range. When the wilderness is active enough, you won't be standing around without a fight for very long. Therefore, unless you specifically run out to deep wildy and hide in a corner, or go kill a boss/monsters in the wildy, your EP will never really accumulate to a percentage high enough to give you a decent reward. On the off chance you get your EP to around 20%, you'll probably be rewarded with a ruby chalice. Woohoo, a whopping 10m. Chances are the gear from the person you killed is worth more. My suggestion is to remove the current EP system and replace it with a system that gives you a random chance to get ANY statuette on TARGET ONLY kills. Obviously the drop rates of statuettes will scale downward from ruby chalice to ancient statuette. The reason I would apply this to target only kills is to prevent any kind of boosting. One potential flaw in this change would be unique combat level brackets. Right now, most people in the wildy range from the mid level 70s to max combat at lvl 126. This means if you and a friend make level 40 accounts, you're probably the only level 40s in the wilderness and would be nearly guaranteed to get assigned each other as a target. Perhaps a system similar to not boosting PK points could be applied to being rewarded on target kills? (example - no chance of statuettes from killing the same target (on the same IP) over and over). Let me know what you guys think. @Pb600
  9. There is no super ranging potion. The regular ranging potion is supposed to boost to 112. Extreme ranging potion boosts to +125, so use that if you want a bigger boost.
  10. Thanks for the banter.
  11. 98, 107, 111
  12. Would like to see this ingame one day. Support.
  13. http://forum.grinderscape.org/threads/19786-Pest-Control-Preview As Pb600 said in this thread 4 years ago it's coming soon.
  14. What a waste of time and an insult to all the staff members. If you don't trust your staff members to hand out fair punishments, why are they staff in the first place? The first thing out of anyone's mouth that has been punished is that they think they were treated unfairly. Obviously the person being punished isn't going to see eye-to-eye with the staff member. You can't let that dictate how staff manage the players. If I was a staff member now I would be thinking about resigning. I mean come on, having to take picture/video proof of EVERY punishment you hand out? Holy shit it's bad enough having to deal with that all day, let alone take up more of your time making sure you have evidence of your actions. This is a good step forward in deterring people from ever wanting to be a staff member. And honestly, you probably have to think about staff members avoiding handing out punishments now. A few weeks into this when staff members get annoyed and fed up with constantly taking picture proof, not handing out the punishment is going to look a lot more appealing than having to take action + get proof, especially for smaller punishments. Have some faith in your staff members. And if you absolutely must implement this, make it for bans+ only.