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Arcane Blast

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  1. he means nothing
  2. U should do these wars at a better time
  3. cant cause games too bad to play
  4. cause of absorption
  5. medicore, how about fix some of the bugs I reported
  6. what did u close?
  7. 5 years would only have the real vets so ye boi
  8. NH means I'm pre potting smh
  9. enter it, spectrum pker? OT: am in
  10. Keep in mind that you have 3 warning points atm, the amount of warnings you receive is way to high, realize that the next warning you will receive on Grinderscape Forums might be you last warnings for a while, I will make sure of that

    If you don't have anything constructive to say on Forums, I suggest not to spam other peoples threads with useless comments and not to post at all

    1. Arcane Blast

      Arcane Blast

      shit boy u wanna do a follow4follow cause if u follow me ill probably follow u back

    2. Soccerlove


      i don't care, just watch your steps on Forums, all I told you

  11. u gotta leave spectrum if u wanna call urself a pker cause rn ur just a faggot wanting staff
  12. No jack because then you would of been playing when you were like 9
  13. You weren't even around 5 years ago?
  14. Don't be a pussy and think about the eco