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  1. Another lady on the team. Nice. Cant say I know if it was well deserved or not, but I know Joe, Tyler and Ron have made some great decisions lately. All the more to you Lisaax. Prove the disbelievers wrong.
  2. I would have never seen this coming at all. Panos returning to the Staff Team once more? Holy cow.
  3. Movin on up fam. Congratulations Nic. Proud of you.
  4. Rip no mention for me. Bye ridcock. I love u fam.
  5. I was wondering when this was planned to happen. Congratulations Saim. It was also a pleasure working along side you for the time being. Do wonders buddy
  6. I dont see any harm done. Joe is an Ingame Administrator after all, and really all this is accomplishing is replacing Niels' responsibilities on the forums and giving them to Joe. Those who deserve to be Sectionals will earn the title of Sectional. Otherwise, Im pretty certain the only remaining SB mod that hasnt been promoted is Chris, so I mean, what does it matter in the end?
  7. A host ban can be simply defined as, or otherwise referred to a 'Mac Ban' What this means is your entire computer is banned from playing Grinderscape, and it succeeds an IP ban because no matter how many times you attempt to change your IP to evade said IP ban, you will NOT be able to make new accounts. Hope this fairly exaplains a Host ban.
  8. This really is just not what I wanted to see at all, alas, it's happened, and I have to let it sink in. I have to thank you dearly for putting a smile on my face every day whether it be us gossiping about plebs ingame, or real life conflicts that made us go "What the fuck" to ourselves at least 20 times. You're a true spirit, Soph, and I kinda feel bad that I let you down after promising you I would stick around the best I could, but I've really since ignored Grinderscape since I resigned. (I truly havent had any time at all especially after wanting to go straight to bed after I come home from my jobs) You've still got me added on Skype. And I do plan to pop into the discord eventually; ( I'm trying to make it a once per week ritual where I'll hang out there for a while) It's just like you said. We're all human, and we all grow up, and we all have our own seperate responsibilities. You're one for the books. @Sophie
  9. I mean I dont understand how you could feel so much shame but you still did it. I feel as though our generation are using less and less of their brains. I do not know you, Soldat, and maybe your apology is sincere, but use your head before you feel like you can just get away with something.
  10. Not at all is that a hassle on the Official Middleman Team. Being an ex-middleman, I know exactly how it's operated, and the only reason this would be a hassle is if a said middleman is simply lazy. There's already a system in place that allows the middlemen to track current purchased rsgp amounts by players, via an organized documentation system.
  11. I also agree with @Grinderpoint on having a monthly limit, or bi-monthly limit. It would allow for a more reasonable hold on Blacklisted players and there wouldnt be as much trouble with our current rsgp limit. If it were my opinion, I feel as though 150m rsgp per month is FAR more than fair for any player to purchase, and still allow them to buy more in the future without hassle.
  12. Nice Job Roy. Both you and Irish were my up and comers for the staff team after I left. Glad my assumptions were correct. Do me proud man.
  13. rtTo be even mentioned in this thread is nothing less than an honor, Akash. You hardly knew much of me but from the beginning you believed in me and thats something you rarely see nowadays. I appreciate the support and all the kind wishes. Im certainly doing my best but my adulthood is catching up to me and I just need to settld down before I can make time for extra curriculars like Grinderscape. Happy 1 year pal. And for more years to come. @Nefarix
  14. Ta ta for now Mr. Pr0 0wn4g3
  15. I was kinda hoping I would get my spot replaced soon. Congratulations Irish. You earned it man.