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  1. SO when is this little bad boy coming huh? http://prntscr.com/epb8d8 you know we want it.
  3. Ive said it a few times but we only had two tests with the handcannon, and both times it shredded me, and its just as bad in the wild, nothing should be able to slap 110+ and the dark bow is far more powerful in grinderscape than it is in 07, and its far more accurate. Low level zerkers die just as easily to rangers currently, the only build that can toe to toe is A Jacked turm pure, and thats just un-viable. IN MY OPINION they need a nerf and more range weapons could be added to have a more progressive curve, similar to melee.
  4. I dunno, what is too long? I think you should just turn them off if you don't like it... personally.
  5. Just gonna say now, I really didn't want to say anything about this, or really post to forums again as it tends to end badly for me however.... I would really like what the community thinks about A nerf to dark bow and hand cannon, or maybe its the void, but these accounts are shredding pure's and I think most people would agree that the only reason I even lived that long was because he was unlucky with some of his hits and I had combo food. Thanks?
  6. idk

    Very proud that you are picking up illustrator, i'm getting pretty proficient myself, maybe i will send you some of my saves via skype.
  7. Support clan only islands and right click attack on clan members as these features are needed with the decline of active banks around grinderscape, once upon a time we geared at the banker by the Lumbridge forge, and a bunch of other "secluded" spots maybe make it an extreme donor feature to be able to have your own personal clan island. Right click to attack is really nice, i'm pretty sure that's the effect the team capes gave but i don't know for sure. The ::food and ::veng commands are just easy scape and you can set up bank pre-sets for this.
  8. I think that everyone is allowed to blow off some steam sometimes, However my actions in the past few days have been unacceptable, And for that I want to apologize to everyone I have offended either directly, or who got caught in the 'fight' I have no one, But myself to blame for my actions and I have decided to take an extended break for personal reason's which include health. As some of you know I have been facing a illness for A while now, and I have no intention of explaining away my behavior because of this, I just want the people who I have told that my Hands are indeed permanent. I would like to make personal apologizes to a few people, as well they include. @Sir Wizard Thank you for trying to stop me I understand now that what I was doing was stupid, and for you to try and stop me was the nicest thing anyone tried to do. @Mateus I highly doubt that we would ever be friends, however I was out of line and offensive, and I want to say sorry for the things I've said. @Niko I never intended to insult you or the work you do for the server, That was never the intention, keep in touch on discord? @Saim Always hated how that the entire drama over the discord - in the forums, resulted in the demotion of Divonux, but apart from that I would like to apologize to you for what I have said both to you, and about you. @Pb600 We have had A lot of pointless conflict in the past that I want to apologize for, Neither of us is perfect, no-body is and, in saying that I hope you will accept my sincere apologize. @Tyler @dour And to the people who have considered me a friend I also want to apologize, I've made mistakes with my conduct, I have lied about some people behind there backs in my moments of heat and I don't understand how I ever thought it would end well. To those still here I will be returning back home to Atuona, I doubt that I will be playing in the near future, and wish to split my bank up before I leave, I have amassed a small collection of items and i will be keeping some of them but overall it's first in first served. (special privileges to those on my friends list of-course) http://imgur.com/a/JcP5M (posting in like form for quality reasons.) Despite what it looks like, I'm not quitting over this recent drama, It has been coming for a long time as some of you might know, I have been fooling myself over my actual current emotional state and I need to retreat to the surf and sand, and think about where I am going to apply myself in life.
  9. Literally roasted the fuck out of mongooli and you for this shit, don't make me do it again. You know exactly what I said about the stacking, and the only thing we tested was ags to gmaul and claws to gmaul, It was your fucking misguided views of the game that lead to that fucking update, so don't flip on me now. People like you People like you are what cause these massive personal superiority complexes in these guys. Pb has got the a ego triple the size it needs to be, which would be fine, but you keep feeding it and he and the dev team will never fucking learn from there mistakes if this type of shit keeps happening, you are not from 2011 and even if you are i couldn't care less, the updates are not constant, there is never any word on bug reports on thread or in update. He never updates his log so we have 0 transparency how hard would of it been to write a simple "Sorry we are having issues with our game manager and are currently un-able to proceed with planned updates" k. Good to see you at least take responsibility for it, yes plans do change that's why you have a forums log, so the community can stay up to date with the updates people can understand why the bugs that have been in the game since the actual overhaul (fight caves) are still not getting the attention they deserve. You can have as many plans as you want buy unless you actually accept that transparency is always going to be a big issue then this type of shit is always going to happen, i got so fucking sick of waiting for these shit, it's just so pointless when it literally comes down to this. ~~~Pb600 asks for people to make clear concise bug reports then ignores it, people flame pb600 for ignoring bug reports/questions/broken game mechanics, pb600 comes back with a valid reason for the delays~~~ too fucking bad you couldn't have written this in a log and this could of all be avoided, four fucking pages of wasted time. And nice one with idiotblock its original at least and yes i'm raging because i have reports up there from two weeks ago, that's before the last patch you released, Fuck some cave when there are game breaking mechanics in your reports right now. Bank isn't better than actual rs because it still glitches shut and it still glitches items to a place where they are not, i was actually going to make a video on it just for you, like the other 8 videos ive made for this game, which tbh isn't that hard but it gets really annoying when you get some views and then ignored. And yeah I have done that, ive sat at my chair and bounced a ball off the wall thinking back to what made 2011 rs enjoyable for me and ive done my best to test and see if its working in the game, because 2011 rs was the best model of runescape. and my memory is hazy at best because it was 5 years ago. Don't be a bitch you have a dev log for a reason, you could honestly make a new thread and just write up a small journal make the thread so that you are the only one able to comment and keep the team transparent if you had of taken the 10 minutes to write up, or the few minutes to reply to my bug reports i would of had no fucking legs to stand on, but honestly it feels like you live for this shit, because its not the first time you have been flamed only to turn it around. Thanks for admitting that you are busy and life isnt fair, but youdrive people away with how you interact with the community, again this could of been avoided alot of people have quit over this shit, and its not hard for you to change that, ron we lose players that matter, we lose people who have standing in the community players that bring memory's and pomposity but what would you know, you don't have any actual server interaction with anyone who plays the game.
  10. literally such a 180, i dare talk shit because this is a business you might not get paid but trust me those donations go somewhere, and when you make promises in your update notes, and when you ask for the community input then turn around and ignore it, what happend to the KBD lair? what about the purple portal update? and i'm not ungrateful its literally shit like this that makes me so mad, because clearly i give a shit about the server im always willing to help i report bugs ive got knowledge on more advanced techniques which is why it fucks me off that when im asked for my input on the subject and that im told its going to be fixed and it isnt that fucks with me, it also turns around and says somthing about me that im still here still reporting bugs, still doing my best for this server, I would never say anything about your personal life i never raised that point at all alot of people give there free time for this server me included, i just don't get why you defend this update and prior updates to this, why can none of you look at this objectively and say wow ok we could of done this better lets learn from it lets set up a dedicated role for handling the actual bug reports so it dosn't get backed up and people feel appreciated for there services, lets not set up a great big new area without going through and making sure its bug free, lets not ignore what the community asks for because community = donations = payment, and don't say i have to be grateful for everything like some dog begging for scraps, this game is a service provided for the chance at receiving donations at the bottom at it all its a circle, happy players = donations which is what everyone is out here for as clearly as mateus put it, Why don't you just fucking say what is wrong with my arguments why is there three pages of this shit over some fucking bugs what a fucking show.
  11. So you made it, you admit that you put a bunch of bugs into a game that already has enough bugs that get ignored. i suggest putting more monsters into an area for multiple reasons but if you want to bitch feel free, sounds mean nothing when you can't even play the fucking minigame we havnt had sound for fucking years so i don't know what grinders problem is too bad i guess. So he fixed the godwars bosses but left fight caves un-playable, what a fucking shame if only we had people in the dev team who where meant to look into it, gz you get paid to work for a server you must feel accomplished too bad it has nothing to do with the argument, but your new content is shit, its biased to at a maximum 13 people who are going for max slayer, everyone else is going to use it for about 3 hours to get 99 then never look at it again, maybe you should of worked out the bugs before you put it in the main game. See how when im wrong i actually admit it and accept that i fucked up which i did, but you, you just keep fucking bitching but the fact is stutter stepping was promised us and was put in badly and doesn't work at all, fight caves is fucked, minor bugs are so backed up no one gets a reply, and people get ignored even when they are viewed. which is hilarious because pb600 is the one who wanted people to report bugs. What a fucking shame that you can't argue my points, stop avoiding what im saying and tell me why fight caves is fucked, and stutter stepping is still ignored.
  12. Shit my bad, Either way its extremely overpowered and doesn't detract from my original points fight caves are still fucked, stutter stepping is fucked, there is no acknowledgments of bugs that are reported and if they are fixed or ignored, rigour and augry require a defense level in 07 for a reason, but that could be polled and ignored like the rest of the community polls, so idm either way, i apologize for getting that wrong. still doesn't change anything.
  13. Piety now has the correct defense requirement, however pb600 is too stupid to do basic research so rigour and augry are still one defense, even after I reported it, so :shrug:
  14. The fuck you mean makes me look stupid? you are the monkey in charge of making sure its runescape authentic and yet pb600 has no fucking clue how rigour and augrey have a def requirement, I do pay attention, too bad thats not what im talking about, if you read what i posted i asked to have fight caves fixed, because you said it was, in the report it clearly says, fight caves and npc fixed, and its not, they dissaper into the ground and relogging wont clear them, they get caught in un attack-able loops, they get caught in some random 9/9/9/9/9/9/9/9/9 pattern so why the fuck does it say its working? when it clearly isnt. Im wasting my time talking to you clearly. your point? dosnt change the fact his time could of been better used fixing pre-existing bugs, not putting more into the game. Look at this fucking shit you see me click the prot melee, and see how fucking long it take for it to come on, https://youtu.be/S588lIE9Gy8?t=4m40shttps://youtu.be/S588lIE9Gy8?t=4m40s PVP is a fucking joke currently, and you don't even care.
  15. Never said anything about the GM, I don't give a shit if its down What i said and meant is that the amount of time it takes to add a dungeon outweighs the people who needed it, how many bugs could of been fixed in the time it took to add that dungeon when you could of just put them in the donor-zone or crowd more into pre-existing dungeons and make custom content when you actually have the time to do it, I Never asked for more pvp content not that it hasn't been promised (wilderness bosses/multi tournament/etc) I don't care what the fuck pb600 had to fix, because its clearly not fucking fixed as you can see from my videos' its currently un-playable fuck the sounds who the fuck needs sounds when you can't even play the game have you ever heard of priorities, Why is it my fault you can't see bugs? maybe its because you're incapable of the job, don't fucking forget that you clowns knew next to fucking nothing about PVP before i came along and did all that fucking work for you. If shit isn't actually fixed then don't fucking say it is. at least admit that you fucked up, you know that the time spent on that dungeon wasn't worth it.