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  1. Hi guys just a few quick suggestions based around a couple of issues i have within the game atm these are all completely based off my perspective so feel free to give idea's and counter arguments for a lot of them. 1) Salve eels only heal for 20 where as sea turtles heal for 21 and rocktails heal for 22, I suggest we make eels on par if not better to rocktails as they are un-tradable and expensive but currently never used in pvp. 2) When creating a new pure there should be a stat distribution page so that you can customize your pure/zerk to better fit your ideal. if i wanted to make a pure ranger i have to start from scratch as you spawn in with 60 atk and 92 str. same if i want to make a 50 atk gmaul rusher. with the new reset lamp implemented by pb600 i hope this can be done easily, would be great to see variety with new accounts being created. (pvp is about having fun when you pk on a pure and its getting pretty stale when everyone does the same stuff.) 3) Add normal anti-fire pots to the store as it would be so nice to only have to gather feathers (still a challenge tho) ad currently unless you have super donor you need to buy dragon scales crush them into potions and then make them into normal's, then you have to gather the feathers. this takes twice as long as making restores but the pots cost the same so no one makes them/sells them. 4) Sag armor needs to be 99 def / 99 range on all of the pieces and needs to be un-useable in pvp i posted this to discord however i'm unaware if it was noticed - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Sagittarian_equipment 5) special attack weapons such as d-long d-halberd should receive a small buff with accuracy/damage as again having fun with pvp is the main goal. 6) Would be awesome to see super donors pick up a few more perks as automatic spell book switches was a major part of why i brought it i suggest we be given a few more quality of life additions such as (buy/sell 1000) (increased run regen when resting) (access to super donor only cosmetics) (extra rolls when voting??) (bonus skilling exp on weekends) (more tickets per game at weapons game/castle wars) (reduced cost on yells??) just a few suggestions let me know what you think of these. 7) small animation fixes (hand cannon) (hat missing when casting ice barrage) and (stalled movement when in combat (if you are confused ask me in-game) Thanks again for reading my suggestions please leave feedback / suggestions in comments. @Russ @Pb600
  2. Clan wars isnt ment to be an "active minigame" it serves its purpose extremely well for fun mini/big wars and a lot of times having fun clan v clan wars in there is perfect. no need to try and make it "active" as we already have 2 perfectly dead minigames to fuck with leave clan wars for its intended purpose.
  3. The really old players remember falador party room. I think its not the best place to have the dice however a small area that is inviting and colorful would be really nice.
  4. Good video but a lot of the same stuff, try breaking it up and having fun with some different special weapons dlong/halberd/dbow maybe do some risk fights aswell great video btw
  5. No one welfare pks, if you look at real rs videos you are never going to see anyone in full ahrims/karils getting hit, because A no one used it (tank gear was only needed in multi) and B because it was was to expensive. if you look at grinderscape you will never find someone who is actually a good pker in mystics and rune. because hardcore tank gear is super cheap and its better than taking switches. you are always going to land spells in dragonhide occasionally, but again if you only fight once or twice a day in full brid then you wont get a clear result.
  6. Big issue with that video is its all welfare gear. real rs had this thing called an economy where barrows etc where actually worth something so alot of people actually did just pk in mystics / rune / dhide but here, you are never going to get people who bring more than 3 ways because full ahrim's is better def than rune and dragon hide anyway. plus you are never going to get a decent understanding of whats going on when you only get one brid fight a day.
  7. Can you get discord on your phone? would hate to have no one to banter with.
  8. http://prntscr.com/dvs8ma http://prntscr.com/dvs8qh IDK i kinda think there might just be a little bug with the display. maybe i just don't understand what max hit means.
  9. Yeahh buddy, thats what im hype for. Keep up the work
  10. As i said to tyler i dont care about the the group chat i was kicked weeks ago honestly, what i hate is how people like ziko mongool and a bunch of other people decided to blame me for some shit i never did nor said, the only thing ive ever had to say was to do with the gmaul becoming an instant hit after spec if done in the same tick. And now they are saying i ruined the game for them. And the only people who knew enough to "blame me" would of come from the dev team itself
  11. zzz you're so wrong you might as well stop replying. you just got schooled and your still trying to talk shit, yeah i started this topic for everyone to read because i'm sick of idiots like you trying to call me out on some fucked up update i had nothing to do with. i don't talk in-game because i have you on ignore list. i don't need an audience i will most likely get infracted again for calling one of pb600's "masterful" updates shit. I just want everyone who's talking shit to understand how fucking stupid they look.
  12. @Pb600 there you go, see if i give a fuck if the developer team are going to throw me under the bus and blame me for a series of updates that i had nothing to do with then give me no support when people launch accusations at me, turn around on all the work i did for them. kick me from the chat without a reason. then i don't care what pb600 thinks of me. you are so completely wrong that your grasping at anything you can use against me. sit down and shut up.
  13. Cool you got me saying the same shit i'm saying here, do you want a cookie, clearly i wasn't lying as i can back up everything i said in-game with this post. you are retarded and the i can prove everything you accused me of is false, i had nothing to do with the update and you are still acting like a child. grow up accept that you got lied to and move on. stupid little child.
  14. Just going to clear this up now because i'm getting real tired of people trying to tell me about all this shit i didn't do. So people have been asking me a lot about why i was "kicked" from the developer chat and honestly i'm as confused as you, but when people start acting with worse behavior than a fat child, it is clearly unacceptable and has promoted me to make this thread. http://prntscr.com/duzk6s Now i'm not actually aware of why i was put into the developer chat and then taken out. i assume its because I care more about the game than i do about being "respectful" i was asked to join by pb600 when i was helping him understand the mechanics around stacking special attack weapons but we have had interactions in the past (some of which can be seen by looking at the threads i have created under the suggestions topic I also helped on some smaller updates bringing attention to small bugs that effect player vs player combat) Now when i say stacking special attack weapons i mean claws to gmaul / ags to gmaul I was able to show him how gmaul cancels animations when used in the same tick (exactly how it is in 07- was in rs2) I also did a some small research into items such as spined/rockshell/proslyte/torva allowing pb600 to adjust the level requirements to be rs2 accurate. Now i have taken alot of blame for the horrible stacking update but i see no reason for it, i had nothing to do with that update at all. and i can prove it. This is pb600's own poll where he mistakenly assumes that combat is class based not weapon based. as you can see i did not comment on this poll as i had never seen it until it was far to late. (the update i was accused of being the cause of) This is the public backlash on the topic where pb600 again makes the mistake of thinking combat is based off class not off weapon (class meaning range/melee/magic) so all stacking for range was based off only the msb, (allowing stronger slower weapons to have the same follow through speed as the faster msb eg cbow) "I'll take a look at it, but how should it be? I doubt RS manually write which swiches will result in delay or not... Also the way I had done it initially wasn't allowing those kind of stacks but was making stacking a bit slower, so I suppose that Range attack apply half delay to mage, mage attack apply half delay to melee and melee attack apply half delay to range?..." Now this is wrong, but again i wasn't there in time to make a reply for the thread to explain how it was meant to work in rs2 (its a very simple system that rs2 had) he still thinks combat is based off class at this point. "I doubt RS manually write which swiches will result in delay or not..." He still didn't get it and i still hadnt said anything so next time you want to have a hissy fit remember, I didn't have any say in this update at all. the only thing ive ever said on the topic was way after it was updated and after i was already kicked from the team. "when attacking with a weapon with a delay EG knives of 2 ticks followed by a c-maul 6 ticks, is instant. however when you reverse it and you do c-maul 6 ticks to knives two ticks you have to wait 3.6 seconds to do the hit. this is because the weapon used (unless a special weapon/feature EG: g-maul) follows the delay of the last weapon used. an example of where this is incorrect is with the cross bow to god sword combo many pure's use, the delay of the weapon used has nothing to do with the class of weapon it is," Thanks for reading and the next time you decide to shit talk me either too my face or behind my back, make sure you check your facts. you fucking idiot. @Mongool
  15. Here is an actual guide for 07 obby maul pures, it details how to make/train and equipment that should be used for the accounts. http://forums.zybez.net/topic/929130-guide-to-making-training-a-pure-obby-mauler-by-as-known-as/ In my opinion however the only thing needed is a bone dagger for stacking poison. all other decent obby maul builds are already available however because this is a private server people can easily craft low level accounts designed around ragging/rushing anything with low hp so its pointless to go too far with a obby mauler. I have no support for the barrel chest anchor losing its atk req would have horrible repercussions for everyone anyway. I support more people making obby maulers as i think they are fun accounts, but the preset for pure's is horrible so we will have to wait and see.