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      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again

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  1. eexdee this is a good laugh, i say kick dizturbed cuz he is a bum though.
  2. woohoo cant wait for these looks great.
  3. Leave already you can't pk, stop feeding reids fat ass in the wildy k thanks <3
  4. i know hehe <3 enjoy my dude hmu.
  5. wow............ reid fat, and helped you rebuild so many times??? what has reid done.
  6. bye Felicia... <3
  7. what the fuck did i just watchhello?
  8. l0l gl pking russ permed for life nerd. <3
  9. Uhh hit me with about 6-7 sugars in tea son time to promote me
  10. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee my boy ayoub out here doing big things gratz mate<3
  11. l0l rip. love this lowkey.
  12. Bye niko baby, good luck.
  13. Didn't even know this was a thing, pretty neat.
  14. Voted#3 even though the shorts arent blue i like the way it looks.
  15. Gratz to everyone, good think i didnt win lotto 3 times in a row