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  1. This is the most pathetic name for this Video. You killed 2 members of AOG, I would like to congratulate your clan for doing that, really you done a super job of killing only 2 members It really does seem this video is for your own clan just to re-watch over and over to feed your own egos or something. Pretty good editing, just the content and the title is your downfall. Better luck next time.
  2. Is the combat update trash? Or is your pking trash? I'd 100% pick the second one.
  3. This man needs a staff to be able to help! Promote him, quickly! Before it's too late!
  4. I couldn't be bothered watching it all, but the parts I did watch was pretty good. What were the numbers for them like tho? Looked like you had massed against them during the parts I watched.
  5. In-Game Name: Varranak Timezone: UTC +10 When can you get on?: When ever really Weapon Game Melee Level: 508 Weapon Game Range Level: 498 (Or close to it) Which Style would you be participating in ( Melee/Range/Both): Both
  6. I don't understand why Shiv has been banned on forums now? If it's because of this thread and the other one, that is pretty shit thing to do. Better come on 07 some time nooba and talk to me.
  7. This shit is easy to do lmao
  8. Well thats quite sad. We organised in the CC that I would be joining you. Great one.
  9. I respect your opinion. You will still get targets from other sections if there is no players within your section.
  10. I was at Revs earlier today, relogged about 8 times and all of them were edge targets. Like I said if there is no one in your section you will be given a target from some where else. Plus barely any edge pkers will hunt down their target because everyone knows that people in deep wildy have teams and usually aren't alone.
  11. Currently when you get a target the player can be anywhere in wilderness, you could be at edge and get a person killing Chaos ele or the other way around. I think having sections like level 1 wilderness to level 15 will get targets within that area, 16-30, 31-45, 46-60 (Or different size sections). If there is no one in that sector you may get a player from higher or lower.
  12. On your other computer, the one where it opens WinRAR after you click on it. Right click on the icon > Open with > Java (TM) Platform SE Binary That most likely should work for your other computer. Also try this on your other computer, right click the grinderscape icon > Properties and the top part of that screen will be this http://prntscr.com/d9cqbs, click change and make it so you've got the same one as me. Then you should be all good, good luck.
  13. Welcome to Grinderscape Stinginroger. Since you're new I reckon I could whip up a Trippa Snippa for ya, how does that sound?
  14. Who said that vine was the same though? Because I know it is no way near the same as it originally was.
  15. You made the max his the same? But the accuracy of the vine is off the charts is what I'm guessing is the real problem, that's why we hit so high so often. Gear is useless still with the vine this strong. Half the kids in Weapon Game and complete idiots and don't know what their talking about. We need a time when you can come into weapon game and have it actually tested while lowering the strength bonus of the vine until we find it is controllable which would help ALOT.