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Everything posted by Carol

  1. happy birthday to the top kid in all the east coast hope u get plenty on boads and hoes my dude
  2. is this a democracy or what, the yes is winning #demotesaim #shtstaff #nubowner4modinstead
  3. Ranged Damage bonus is what affects the max hit. Range bonus only affects accuracy (the one you're pointing out) Not sure if you noticed that the range strength is the same on both pictures.
  4. yea it kinda makes you choose bandos over vanguard
  5. About time you guys are merging ingame with forums looks nice<3
  6. very high
  7. Santa is real and he ate my ass Yea wtf take note @Soccerlove
  8. @Pb600
  9. Hello Kyle, nice to meet you. Welcome to GrinderScape, welcome aboard buddy. -Grinder staff. ~>////<~
  10. voted yes he helps
  11. Taalk can smd
  12. smh @Pb600
  13. regards -grinder stuff
  14. damn thats actually pretty nice
  15. Happy holidays

    greetings from the squad haha lol:D


    1. 0xCAFEBABE


      Happy new year :D

  16. This thread is approved by ex-heada dmin Carl
  17. Should @Valar use fking spoilers on his signature????
  18. You suggested Grand Exchanged (Economy based content) without bringing the current eco into the table, try buying a vine with max cash lol
  19. ya ge would be fucked up with our current economy, plus as usual grinder update it would have a lot of glitches and dupes that could be game breaking
  20. thats right
  21. thought the same lol