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Everything posted by Carl

  1. give me back my name lmao
  2. i changed my name when i was staff but it was changed back, i waited 180 days after that and i changed it this morning and ron changed it back to normal@!!!!!!!! im a lawyer and i know my rights we could sort this out with a yu gi oh duel @Soccerlove If i win u give me back the name QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ If you win u make urself supporter for a week
  3. I KNOW he also moved the thread from staff feedback to funny removing all teh seriousness out of it @Soccerlove bro?????
  4. Ron isnt bad hes flexible yet very strict, just like a rubber band choking a kitten
  5. then help me u egg
  6. well from experience regardless of it people will always go on the shoutbox like "ADMIN ON??????????????????????"
  7. bye bro my name in 07 is tetis add me ye
  8. i dont get ur points tbh lmao
  9. how much for the cock
  10. Why did bryan died tho
  11. we all are going to die
  12. make them disappear based on hits and not time pls
  13. ya these thots killed me in the end but my mom was calling me for dinner so i let them win
  14. pretty nice war, both sides pulled an extraordinary effort. I don't regret fighting y'all for 2 hours straight it was fun
  15. promot the man, we barely deserve him
  16. This can be fixed by fetching a new IP address. Are you able to reset your router/modem so you get a new one? ^ It'll only work with dynamic IP service
  17. we both did
  18. I was so embarassed lol
  19. IMO, Korasi's is a hell of a weapon and its really fun to use it, what makes it annoying is that it is pretty easy to get, so instead of it being in the donator store why not remove it from there and add it as a rare drop from a hard boss? This way it'll be more balanced if the death-keep priority is raised
  20. @Mrlebeaudry, he's mature and a relaxed guy, plus whenever I log in I see him helping around, staff material bois
  21. Becoming an admin, setting up the event team. when alexis became admin, pb made it in a very fun way. there are more than I can remember atm
  22. enjoy ur day babi