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  1. I've edited all these pages, and they should all be fixed. Thanks once again for spotting them.
  2. It would be nice to add these drops to slayer monsters that have reasonably boring drop tables, but getting 50 of anything is quite a lot. I'd be happy with 10 for most of these, except for the runes/rune essence.
  3. About time man Congratulations on finishing it off.
  4. Hey guys, I've been wanting to update the bossing guides on the wiki as they are quite out-dated, but I don't have access to any of the castle wars armour stats which makes comparing equipment difficult. Can anyone who has these pieces please post them individually? Edit: Thanks to everyone who helped I've got what I needed. Will work on the Bossing Guides in the near future. Low key @Pb600 give me access to spawn worlds please
  5. I like this suggestion, but I'd be a lot keener for it if we had instances or something similar. At the moment there's only 1 of each boss and 1 world, so if two people get the same task, then it'd be rather annoying having to compete for every kill.
  6. Welcome back to the wiki suggestion page!! I've recently updated all the skilling pages, so I was bound to mess something up I still have to clean up half the pages. But thanks for spotting these. Taken care of these, thanks again for spotting them.
  7. If it is possible then i don't see why this shouldn't be added, I'd certainly clean up the mess i made over there.
  8. I vote 500m, just cause it looks a lot nicer [email protected]
  9. Well that's a good looking surprise and I'll gladly use it as my signature. Thank you for this, and thanks for the nice words
  10. Welcome to my Goals and Achievements thread, basically my goal is to complete Grinderscape. This list mainly consists of gaining all the titles in the game (besides the Player Ranks). I probably wont ever complete it, but I'd like to get as close as i can. If you can think of anything I've missed that could be considered completable, lemme know and I'll add it to the list. The text which is highlighted green are the ones I have already completed. While the black text are what I have left to do. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Skill based Achievements -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - 7.7 Billion Total XP [7.7/7.7] - Complete 100 hard slayer tasks [55/100] - Get a streak of 50 slayer tasks [50/50] - Kill 5,000 assigned slayer monsters [5,000/5,000] - Learn how to craft Slayer Helmets - Learn how to craft Slayer Rings - Learn how to craft Vine Whips - Complete Chief Thief Robins Training -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Player vs Player -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - Achieve 10,000 PK Kill Count [322/10,000] - Reach a Kill Streak of 75 - Spend 250,000 Pk Points on 2 Titles [ /2] -Lord: 50k PK Points -The Brave: 200k PK Points -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Player vs Monster Achievements -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - Get a Total of 1,000 Boss Kills [1,000/1,000] - Kill all bosses 100 times - Kill Corporeal Beast 500 times [500/500] - Kill The Untouchable 500 times [500/500] - Kill Mutant Tarn 500 times [322/500] - Kill The Black Knight Titan 500 times [500/500] - Kill Tormented Demons 500 times [500/500] - Complete 300 Barrows Runs [300/300] - Kill Slash Bash 50 times [50/50] - Acquire all PvM Pets [9/27] - General Graador - Commander Zilyana - Kree'arra - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Tormented Demon - Mutant Tarn - Sea Troll Queen - Slash Bash - Kalphite Queen (Crawling) - Kalphite Queen (Flying) - Chaos Elemental - King Black Dragon - Dark Beast - Bronze Dragon - Iron Dragon - Steel Dragon - Mithril Dragon - Frost Dragon - Dagganoth Prime - Dagganoth Supreme - Dagganoth Rex - Jungle Demon - Dark Core (Corporeal Beast) - Baby Green Dragon - Baby Blue Dragon - Baby Red Dragon - Baby Black Dragon -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Mini-game Achievements -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - Win 150 Games for Saradomin at Castle Wars [6/150] - Win 150 Games for Zamorak at Castle Wars [5/150] - Kill the Flag Carrier 50 Times [2/50] - Earn 5,000 Castle Wars Tickets [778/5000] - All God-Bird Pets [0/9] - Win 200 Bets at the Dicing Arena [108/200] - Win 1,500 Duels at the Duel Arena [895/1,500] - Spend 600k Tokkul on 2 Titles [2/2] - Buy a TokHaar-Kal Cape (Kiln) - Buy a Pet Jad - Win 100 Times at the Fight Pits [100/100] - Reach Level 500 in the Range Class in Weapon Game [150/500] - Reach Level 500 in the Melee Class in Weapon Game [150/500] - Spot 40 Stars [40/40] - Mine 10,000 Stardust [10,000/10,000] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- General Achievements -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - Spend 800 Voting Points on 3 Titles [3/3] - Vote 100 Times [100/100] - Achieve a Voting Streak of 50 - Buy a Bloodveld Youngling - Complete All 84 Tasks [84/84] - Complete 100 Clue Scrolls [16/100] - Complete 10 Elite Clue Scrolls [7/10] - Spend 14.1b GP on 10 Titles [10/10] - Buy 100 Extra Bank Slots From the Premium Features Store [100/100] - Unlock 5 Extra Slayer Task Blocks From the Premium Features Store [5/5] - Reduce Wild Evading Time by 5 Seconds From the Premium Features Store - Reduce Skull Timer From the Premium Feature Store - Unlock the Ability to Store Phoenix Feathers in a Familiar From the Premium Features Store - Buy a Baby Troll - Feed a Baby Troll a Piece of Torva - Buy a Charming Imp - Unlock Corporeal Beast Pet and Nomad Pet by reporting an item duplication glitch - Collect All Brawlers [12/12] Wish me luck!!!
  11. Or he could put them somewhere easier to describe
  12. I've changed it to "North side of the island south of Karamja" Hopefully that will be a little clearer in case anyone else needs it before the updated slayer guide is ready. Thanks for spotting this.
  13. Thanks for the feedback @Cypherdrone, I'm glad someone likes what we're doing P.S. Your suggestions aren't too annoying, they actually help us out quite a bit.
  14. I'd like a new home, but only if we had the option to set our spawn point on death to Edgeville.
  15. Thanks for the fixes PB. But why does the robe go to shield slot and not torso/legs?