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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. bye

    Loved you man stay gold ponyboy! I'm glad you decided to go out with a bang respect for that man
  2. It makes sense to have a city teleport there, for the new players especially. YES GO ZIKO
  3. I still don't think you understand. Even if a comp cape and hood costs 100m, you're generally only going to buy it once unless you lose it..... Also it's un tradeable so there would still be nothing to loot.
  4. Which is a small part of the community. It's the principal of having comp hood back (which was best in slot) at a cost of 15m. Interesting how you act as if your opinion must be the only one acceptable. Consider the effects on other players not just yourself before making a suggestion please.
  5. To me the comp hood was amazing to use but i'd rather keep things the way they are. Comp hood used to be best in slot and cost a total of 15m. Comp cape stats are enough to make completionist cape rewarding.... Voted no because adding it back would make edge pking slightly less rewarding (people not risking nezzys)
  6. Cool poll brother. Maybe explain some of the polls a bit better I didn't completely understand the crystal bow or hunters bow polls. Please dont flame me pb600
  7. I agree, I came back from a 2 week trip and void ranger accounts were suddenly everywhere. Used to be so many good pures that wouldn't hide behind void and a divine out there. Something needs to change!
  8. Connor why you no take spelling lessons bro
  9. Correct english goes a long way
  10. Read twice what he said. He tried killing his target and it won't work. What you said was irrelevant to his situation as he wasn't asking about the panic task and has he has stated like three times the task he is trying to do isn't working.
  11. The day pb listens to idiots like you will be a terrible day. Please stop making stupid suggestions and giving your input, everything you do is literally just dumb man
  12. Looked like a fun war, shame i missed it. Sad everyone feels the need to talk shit
  13. 10/10 guide mate, love killing ppl like you at revs
  14. Too many. Getting host muted by max for like 5 months because @Aa Cc Ii Dd told me to yell #nazirise2k16 Getting host banned for half a year after that for making paedophile jokes Abusing the invisible ring alching bug made tons off that but got jailed for a bit When @Adax was staff and caught me acc sharing but let me off the hook cause bros Too many sick memories man
  15. I just think a bit of thought should be made before changing things like this......