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So Yontoo

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  1. Reserved.
  2. Congrats Chris, I'm sure you'll do fine.
  3. Looking forward to the next few updates, looks promising.
  4. Sucks that you left so quick, but irl comes first as we all know. Pop in to us once in a while
  5. Good luck with the irl things, I'll catch up with you once you're back.
  6. Yeah the knives/bolts are fine. Idk man d bow is just way too accurate on this. Would be cool to have a nerf though.
  7. How often does someone hit a 51-38 on you in wildy? I can promise you it never happens. I've pked at all pking brackets in wildy on Gs and 07 and I can tell you it's broken here. A slight accuracy nerf would be cool.
  8. I know that. I've spoken to several people from all around the globe and even people from America have dead clicks. No idea where the host is but nearly everyone has it whoever is a pker. Edit: Forgot that @Nevarykit gravedigged so I'll go ahead and lock this thread. We can discuss on forum pm/shoutbox/in-game pm.
  9. Zoiezo beats Pkfailure 3-0. Pkfailure forfeits after 3 losses. Get your fights done @fakya madda @The B A N G
  10. Then it's for everyone. Hate when you click something and it happens a few secs later.
  11. This is where you're wrong. On 07 people bring knives/d bow combo or whatever else and they never bring archers rings, furys, etc because then they would have a lot of risk which then means they cannot ''shred'' through pures a lot of the times. On Grinderscape a fury, archers ring and d bow takes like 5 minutes to get and everybody can afford to risk those, hence why voiders shred through every pure on here.
  12. Sometimes spoilers break and when I open a thread and someone has like 50 gifs in their spoilers, my computer blows up ;/
  13. Not going to happen. The game was much worst in 2013 than it is now. Pb spent too much time updating the game just to have it rollbacked.
  14. Yeah if we get the 07 duel screen there's no way anyone can get scammed. Would be more beneficial to the server. Support.
  15. acolyte repley me anout my ticket but how i can get the account back?