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So Yontoo

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  1. Ing - So Yontoo
  2. I would just like to make this short post letting you all know why I have been away from Grinderscape for the past few weeks. We had to move houses, and when we sent our request to switch to the new address, there was someone here that lived in the past and didn't do X y and z. I should be getting the Internet some time this week, no later than Monday(I hope). I'm currently using a bit of mobile data that I have as I type this. I'll see you then
  3. Semi-final @Tautvyds vs @So Yontoo @zoiezo vs @Dragenforce2 Good luck to all!
  4. Try these: -Ask a staff member to jail you -Use hotspot shield -Use Pb's Jarfix http://www.grinderscape.org/pb600/download/jarfix.exe -Restart router/pc
  5. Congratulations on the promotion, I've seen you help in Spectrum for ages so this is not a surprise. I see you're from Ireland too, eh. Don't let us down.
  6. You should suggest them for Rs3/07 instead, I doubt Pb would make custom quests.
  7. Make sure you downloaded the correct java.
  8. Please read the rules first. The only type of trading Grinderscape allows is Rsgp - Gsgp. Anything else is not allowed and will get you banned. @hajHAT
  9. How did that go?
  10. No from me. Maybe runes. As someone said above, might as well spawn items.
  11. Damn that looks sick. I like it. How long did it take, curious.
  12. I read all of it. Just don't be offended, that's not what I aimed for. I was just being honest.
  13. Mate, it's sad that you lost those items at dicing, but I'll be honest and I'm probably speaking on the behalf of everyone. Nobody cares.
  14. I believe I seen you playing in-game already, so I assume it's solved. Pm me if you want me to move this thread back or make a new thread.