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  1. You are a sheep, we all knew it. OT: You wear a zamorak item in saradomin portal, or a saradomin item in zamorak portal
  2. Voted number 10 because of the original ring slot item
  3. I have only returned recently to Grinderscape and I have worked really hard this month to get some acheivements done. I first of all managed to get the Recruiter rank @ spectrum which I am very proud of. Second of all, I managed to get a shot at the Official Middleman team once again: And I proved myself to be worthy enough to serve this team with 74 Official Middleman trades this month:
  4. If I get jackpot again, I'll lmao and do a drop party for half of it. Gl all @ all the participants!
  5. Selling all items below: Pm me ingame or leave a message below for any offers! - Thomas
  6. Sign me in, in-game name: Vechtking.
  7. Ragefires and steadfast boots should both be boosted. I support this.
  8. I don't see how this hurts the game, so supported from me
  9. Cool idea, supported 100%