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  1. Epic suggestion, I really like the interface and it should reduce the ammount of people that get scammed. Thanks for suggesting this Adam
  2. Holy shit dude, pretty impressive!
  3. Inb4 forum admin and ig-dmin. OT: Congrats on this position Tyler, I hope that you have the time to be active on both forums and In-game
  4. Sad to see you leaving, but it might be the best for you right now to do so. Like Icarly said I've seen you change too, you used to be a really nice guy and help everywhere you could. I hope that one day you make your return and return with that same attitude and behaviour you had when you were a staffmember. Seeya
  5. 1. I think that the main reason for only allowing 3 slots was the win percentage of the host vs the requester and I think it should stay the way it is now. So a no support for me. 2. I don't really understand what you mean, but I am assuming that you mean that both players can attack eachother at the location where a player teleported to. I don't see why this is useful and I think it will be hard to implement without bugs too. 3. Edgeville has this feature already. 4. I like the idea of a new gambling minigame. I am not sure if the community likes blackjack, but I like the idea.
  6. You have done a great job as Event Manager Jake, sad to see you leave this position
  7. I found a temporarly fix: Vote on all sites, re-open the rsps100 site and do the voting on it and wait ~10 minutes before refreshing the main voting page and it should work. Still waiting for @Pb600 to come up with a permanent solution for the issue.
  8. Congrats on the 1 year of being staff. Make sure you keep improving on debating and always try to argue to get your right. Good luck on your study, I hope you'll do fine.
  9. Sad to see another Ex-Staffmember leave the community. Have fun in real-life mate.
  10. Loving #4 so I voted for it. Goodluck to the others!
  11. Dear players and development team, Recently when voting I discovered that the rsps100 page acts very strange when voting. If I fill in the captcha correctly and hit the button to vote and refresh the main voting page it still says that I haven't voted on that site. However, if I keep retrying it sometimes fixes the bug. List of things I tried: Using a different browser Using the ingocnito modus Opening the rsps100 page in a new window Asked arround to check if it's my computer I asked some people in-Game if they are experiencing the same issue and the conclusion is that I am not the only one experiencing this bug. I'd love to vote for grinderscape to keep it active, but if voting on a site doesn't work, it demotivates me to do so and I think a lot of Grinderscape players agree with me on this. I hope that this bug can be fixed soon. Yours sincerely, Thomas
  12. Sad to see you go bud. Goodluck with everything you do in real life and I hope to meet you in-game someday
  13. Ayyyy no luck this week. Congrats to all the winners!
  14. Broke my phone, got hit by a shitting bird, went to a friend to support him because his girlfriend broke up with him. Pretty shitty day
  15. Seems cool, I like it. I'd like to add that the items from the shop should be untradeabale This will make it unbuyable and if people want the set they actually need to work for it, thus will increase the star community.