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Sir Wizard

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  1. Cogradulations. No abose pls me no scam me bankr, refun mi ples. com on i beg
  2. think you sir wizard but why my password in error

    1. Sir Wizard

      Sir Wizard

      you will need to create an account recovery to recover your account. Admin will assist you after you complete a thread.

  3. Pending. We noticed that you have been doing a great job advertising and offering your assistance. We think that it is very soon to bring you back on the team, in fear you might leave again. We want to see you apply yourself even more and to show commitment. With that, please re-apply within 2 week! Thanks, and keep up the good work bro!
  4. SUPPORT. Really like this idea. 10/10
  5. Pending. We have noticed you assisting the clan-keep it up! Doing a great job, the leadership would like to see some more consistency. Keep up the good work and apply within a week or two! Pending. You are doing a great job, you just recently came back and we feel it is to soon. Reapply in a week or two, would love to see you back! Denied. Pending. Nice to meet you Adam. We have noticed you assisting our clan members-thanks! We need to see more consistency from you, with that we don't see anything holding you back from this rank! Reapply within a week or two! Accepted. Welcome back to the community. You really stand out helping everyone and being active. Welcome back to the team! Enjoy, =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To those who did not make it this week, DON'T GIVE UP. We encourage every player to try again. These ranks don't come easy, hard work and dedication to our players is a fast way to obtain these ranks. Let us know if we can assist you with anything. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  6. I support the following: Al Kharid. Port Sarim. Rimmington. I feel that these teles would make it easier for star hunting. Walking is easy, but this just make these cities accessible. Thanks for suggesting!
  7. I really like the star information, it could really be useful. The star community has dropped a lot, mainly because people are unable to know if one is out or not. I feel strongly that with this suggestion that the star community will semi increase. Most say its the poor items given as a reward, but for our new players-they are unable to locate. THANKS FOR SUGGESTING,
  8. Dang, you will be missed. Hit me up anytime!! ILY
  9. Hello GrinderScape Nerds, @J A I Z and myself hosted a CastleWar Event today. We hosted 5 rounds. Each round has 2 prizes for most kills and most cap. Round 1: Divine SS Round 2: AGS Round 3: Claws Round 4: Black Phat Round 5: Steads Bonus Prize: Vine Whip (for players who got 5 caps or 30 kills) If you guys want more events like this---come out and support our events. We are happy to host them, we just need an active community to enjoy these events. Spread the word out, we host active war minigames! Here are some action shots i took
  10. Voted for Nate, i mean who dafk wants to get 7.7b xp, Good luck to everyone else! Have funnnnnn
  11. Myself (Sir Wizard) & @G P D 4 I will leave the last spot open for a m8 who wants to join us. If not, we will have @Straightkill help us out.
  12. Welcome back to the server.
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