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  1. Thank you for everything. You were a great addition to the staff team. It is going to be a great loss to lose you. I hope when you get your hours back that you rejoin the staff team. Nic
  2. Weak, ILY CARLIE
  3. ACCEPTED. You have been doing a great job within the Clan Chat. We have noticed you stepping out of your way to assist our members. Keep up the great work and congratulations!. PENDING. Keep trying man, obtaining these ranks are difficult. It is not for everyone to become a leader within our community. We know you have it in you, we need to see more consistency. Keep advertising the clan chat and help as many players as possible. Reapply in 2 weeks. Thanks. PENDING. We know you are capable of such rank but the activity is really low. As a mod in our clan chat we would rely on you to assist and help create a peaceful environment for our players-at least maintaining a stable time frame of hours online. Keep up the good work tho, you are doing awesome! Reapply in 2 weeks. Thanks. PENDING. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. We need consistency within our clan chat. Advertise and assist-keep up the good work. Reapply in 2 weeks. Thanks. Gz to Woody2097 for the promotion. Everyone else, dont give up--it takes times to reach your goals. Spectrum Staff,
  4. Hello everyone, Today marks 25 weeks of being on the staff team. It has been a great experience. I have really enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite thing is hanging out with the players. I love hosting events and just legit talking about nothing to the players. (To those star miners-ILY). I love assisting players with their needs, the way i see it----if i can help you, i will help you;if i cant help you----i will find someone who can. I want to thank the community for allowing me this opportunity to moderate your community. I put this in the achievement section because this is a huge achievement for me. Everyday is not promised to you, and i thank everyone for this chance----i wont let you guys down! S/O to the staff team, you guys are amazing. Sir Wizard-----------------
  5. Everyone saw this coming. Well deserved.
  6. weak . . .
  7. Welcome to the team m8.
  8. Congratulations! Woot Woot!
  9. Let me know if there is anything i can do Hope all is well bro--you are my fav! ILY Nic
  10. u haz no rightz on GS. Ca$$$$hh mi outside howbout datt. #Wizards
  11. Cogradulations. No abose pls me no scam me bankr, refun mi ples. com on i beg
  12. think you sir wizard but why my password in error

    1. Sir Wizard

      Sir Wizard

      you will need to create an account recovery to recover your account. Admin will assist you after you complete a thread.

  13. Pending. We noticed that you have been doing a great job advertising and offering your assistance. We think that it is very soon to bring you back on the team, in fear you might leave again. We want to see you apply yourself even more and to show commitment. With that, please re-apply within 2 week! Thanks, and keep up the good work bro!
  14. SUPPORT. Really like this idea. 10/10
  15. Pending. We have noticed you assisting the clan-keep it up! Doing a great job, the leadership would like to see some more consistency. Keep up the good work and apply within a week or two! Pending. You are doing a great job, you just recently came back and we feel it is to soon. Reapply in a week or two, would love to see you back! Denied. Pending. Nice to meet you Adam. We have noticed you assisting our clan members-thanks! We need to see more consistency from you, with that we don't see anything holding you back from this rank! Reapply within a week or two! Accepted. Welcome back to the community. You really stand out helping everyone and being active. Welcome back to the team! Enjoy, =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To those who did not make it this week, DON'T GIVE UP. We encourage every player to try again. These ranks don't come easy, hard work and dedication to our players is a fast way to obtain these ranks. Let us know if we can assist you with anything. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=