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  1. damn i knew they were good but isnt comparing them to the best clan ever existed on rsps lands bit over?
  2. hey why not make the game pay to win lmfao
  3. Cringe
  4. impossible to make look good on 1 banner lol
  5. Obvs its fine if its delayed but what if its not looked in at all? ty for w btw
  6. Wont go in about the rule breaking and abusing thing since we cant understand eachother. Like i said, u gave ETAs like about bank tabs taking 30 days after ppl criticized you for doing them. They took longer. I dont have logs anymore but yeah. And if you say "I WILL DO THIS AFTER THIS" and then you dont it, i take it as lying.
  7. Firstly there had been a clear line between Forums and ingame, if you do something in-game that doesent get you banned on forums and vice versa. Guess that isnt here anymore. But what does it tell, that after you banning the guy for saying bad things about you, others talked to you and you realized it wasn't in line with other punishments? The reason you kicked me was because i criticized your work speed. Giving ETAs and not keeping up with them, if i'm correct. I was all in for pvm updates etc bc i get that not only pkers play on the server I got a new pc so cant dig up the logs of you promising some updates that have still not been even started to do
  8. yeh if he had smthn its obvs hes trying to get free stuff but kinda scummy to make his hopes up for having his untradeables back when its impossible!
  9. Firsly if he logged in from 4 years ago none of his untradeables will be there. Second maybe he's accs were reseted when pb resetted accs? ::recover might help?
  10. Obvs i dont like you anymore since you literally didnt respect my work in support group at all. And completely ignored pure community for 3 years. But how does it make for a fair and nice server to come if developer just host bans people he doesnt like? Thats something gs should work on lmfao. Obvs u have the right for it, but maybe you using that right has something to do with our playercount?
  11. Tldr but good job that you didnt host ban this fine lad bc of his forum activity!
  12. Sorry to break it to u but they were 1 def in pre eoc
  13. Did i get this right now? Piety doesent have def req but augury & rigour have?