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  1. Nominating @zoiezo, outstanding work this month.
  2. Yessssssssssssssss!!!!! Congratttzzzzzzzz my boiiiii!!!!
  3. Sick, a lot of good updates in the future Nice to see
  4. Thats why you left discord randomly Hope everything is okay soon for you
  5. What is "Long" ? Your signature is kind of long also even with the spoilers. You could put spoiler around all the spoilers. What I mean:
  6. Shes like, okay you win this time
  7. 873 days left on Saim for 10yrs, and my OLDEST account got denied for account recovery :C which is from barneskolen name was "Saim Dragon" (OG name yes)
  8. Managed to log into my old accounts on Runescape (Huge Shoutout to @So Yontoo for giving me advice to log into rs3 to make them log in) First one 2289 days old and last logged in 1724 days ago. Second one 2287 days old and 2037 says since I logged in. And my main that I use on 07 on rs3: EDIT: NOW TRYING TO RECOVER MY OLDEST ACCOUNT. Got denied
  9. holy fuck man, thanks for the help heres the result another account:
  10. Yeah, but I cannot set it to anything
  11. Hey, I tried to log into my OOOOOLD account, but I seem to have a BIG problem somehow. When I try to log into it it says I have to set a username from the website fair enough, I try to do it but it wont let me x D anyone that has experience the same or has any tips? Found a thread on RS forums, but its plain stupid if its like that? http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?317,318,88,65892025
  12. Voted #1 looks clean
  13. To get back the old forum theme scroll to the bottom and: as for the whos online list, its at the right side and at the bottom. Why? No idea.