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  1. Ign Nubownger, leggo
  2. Good ol pking day
  3. Still got this problem?
  4. Accepted! Welcome back to the OMM team, Woody You have been doing a great job and we know you can handle this very easily
  5. Congrattz Lisaax! You'll do great! Welcome to the team
  6. If these items didn't get removed no one would do the clue scrolls, I understand your frustration but it was polled, and the poll passed so they got removed.
  7. I know this is an old thread, but I really like the idea so I would like to bump it instead of "stealing" the idea by making a new thread. @Pb600
  8. Offer for 100m 07:
  9. Type in ::replace while having the "broken" cape in the inventory to fix it
  10. ???
  11. Dayuuuuuuuum sooooon! Congrattz Tyler, you've deserved this promotion for a really long time. you have done really well overall everywhere you are ; ingame,forums,discord and so on. Keep it up!
  12. @xfrostbite Popularity: 2 Personality: 2 Thread bumping, instead of making a new one
  13. Not support, the kiln cape looks dope like it is right now, fashionscape isn't my favorite scape