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  1. Your best piece yet Ryan Crazy to think you started 2-3 weeks ago .. im very impressed Now, go get a shop open and get closer to your Rank Judging by the quality of your signature here i would say your very close
  2. Hey, thanks guys Just noticed Jaiz had a shitload of signatures already As a GFX designer if i released this right after you submitted your work to Jaiz i apologize .. i sorta did this blindly which is my bad
  3. @J A I Z Been messing around a lot lately and @Tuk sort reminded me that making stuff look complicated can look cool too lol Lately been working with cleaner and more presentable pieces but i sort of had fun with this one Jaiz your name is short, simple, and easy to work with so enjoy the present i guess
  4. ah how i miss you Joao you make me want to get back into LowPoly but i know how hard it can be insane work
  5. i foresaw this coming the day you got staff buddy you remind me a lot like Max you will do great
  6. im telling
  7. @Mateus Nice work buddy, happy to start seeing your stuff
  8. Good man .. Keep driving the price up and i might even get back into selling 07 Not a lot of people realize the price of 07 is skyrocketing via IRL
  9. Sort of a surprise signature i guess I've always admired your username for some reason and i truly believe you are probably the most under-rated player in gs, you deserve more credit than you get Anyways, i tried putting something together for you .. blue for wiki grey for ironman and i guess you can figure out what the hyphen is Use it if ya want! enjoy man @Suffer Plox http://imgur.com/a/xfb2W
  10. Very nice jack The only thing this signature needs is some good lighting and i can promise you it will look twice as good
  11. I'm sorry man, I hope we can be friends "again", just because I asked for a signature pro valar for another server, you hate me, I'm really sorry man.

  12. Listen, i'm gonna leave this as a presentation of your signature not an argument. Clearly you cant handle criticism nor can identify what it even is
  13. get out of my wild
  14. Man oh man i wonder where you got the idea for the concept??? could it be Tyler's current signature? i have no idea!
  15. Try and take your time on your signatures You've uploaded i wanna say 4 in the past 24hrs 2 of them are practically identical The quality of your signatures seem's to get a lot worse each time you are making them as well .. almost looks zoomed in a shit ton Your cap layer is only existent on half of the y and the k and the lighting is next to nothing You haven't been getting much criticism on your signatures, here's mine .. use it to learn going forwards