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  1. send him back 2 the shadow realm
  2. I think Nick was secretly trying to tell us stuff back in the day im not sure @Nick
  3. idk

    Read closer!!! shouldnt be proud because i made it the poor man's way heh illustrator is way 2 time consuming
  4. idk

    Fairly certain this is my first attempt ever at a type of "logo" if you wanna call it Letters are b and w (black and white) duh idk, super random but im too lazy to learn illustrator
  5. If theres anything to cheer me up it's the shenanigans that have gone on in the Shoutbox Activity in the Shoutbox these days is very close to non existent and there isn't as much freedom in it as there once was Share your Memories / Screenshots or any other fun stories from the glory days Not expecting this thread to be a big hit just want something to scroll/read through once in a while Let's see what you got!
  6. Just wanna bump this thread I will be participating
  7. just tryna stay active i guess tried to revisit abstract art font used : http://www.dafont.com/paradox-2.font Render kinda took a shit on the quality but it's still something miss u guys
  8. I made a vow i would never make a farewell thread again so a break it is! IRL has been absolutely crazy these past couple weeks and im having trouble keeping up with everything Women / Work / Trying to move out / Trying to build my dream vehicle / Nights with my right arm these are all key factors in keeping me from getting on the PC. a lot of you know how to request signatures from me now and that's also taking a toll on me, i cannot stand saying no to you guys but sometimes you just have to GFX will always be a major passion of mine but at this point i dont want to see it as a job right now .. i just want to have fun with it. Since re-joining the team the GFX community has sort of come back to life .. it's sort of a chain reaction, you get one person interested and the rest follow. It's super cool to watch and even cooler to see you guys get so good I would sort of call this an inactive/active/not really active break ????????????????????? few quick apologies to the people in queue for signatures @Emq @Lisaax again im not saying i wont give you guys a signature im just saying it could be some time before i get around to it, basically what im saying is that if i hop on the PC to mess around i'll use your guys' name's. @Vape Lord Nord Master Kay i dont know what the rules are anymore but if i dont post a signature or anything for like 2 weeks i will not be angry if the rank is gone .. yes i take pride in ranks but i also could care less if they are there or not. it's just not fair if i have it and dont do anything with it. All my friends you know who you are .. i check skype once in a while, let me know how you are. Love you guys
  9. Your best piece yet Ryan Crazy to think you started 2-3 weeks ago .. im very impressed Now, go get a shop open and get closer to your Rank Judging by the quality of your signature here i would say your very close
  10. Hey, thanks guys Just noticed Jaiz had a shitload of signatures already As a GFX designer if i released this right after you submitted your work to Jaiz i apologize .. i sorta did this blindly which is my bad
  11. @J A I Z Been messing around a lot lately and @Tuk sort reminded me that making stuff look complicated can look cool too lol Lately been working with cleaner and more presentable pieces but i sort of had fun with this one Jaiz your name is short, simple, and easy to work with so enjoy the present i guess
  12. ah how i miss you Joao you make me want to get back into LowPoly but i know how hard it can be insane work
  13. i foresaw this coming the day you got staff buddy you remind me a lot like Max you will do great
  14. im telling
  15. @Mateus Nice work buddy, happy to start seeing your stuff