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  1. Hi

    good and server is getting a bit better this year no
  2. grats chris gl
  3. Hope this opens everyone's eyes and see that there is work being done and a lot to come. In the long run it will be more successful.
  4. Voted hopefully we can get votes on here
  5. sure why not
  6. Lol then it would be budget Torva which drops fairly often at revs
  7. Nice vid cool that there are more clan around and nice loots
  8. 4-3 Lord Rope beats Zheu Gavr
  9. Wtf you leaving as president or something to make you write this much? Bye anyways
  10. Think the problem here is that you cant pk so you have to blame the system I can do everything you listed here
  11. Lmk if u see me ingame or post here [updated]
  12. whats the problem with current?
  13. Welcome back