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  1. Gl with the clan
  2. GG Beat Iscold 2-0 Winner
  3. No brews or Karambwans in any of these Pk Tournaments I and some players complained last tournament about them and still no change in future tournaments cmon lol DHAROK FIGHTING AND NO COMBO FOOD = DEATH TO WHOEVER HITS A 30 AND 10x MORE LUCK ON WHOEVER HITS THE FIRST FEW HITS @Icarly65
  4. No, @pyk stated it already and Olivia Wilde too
  5. The boot set might need the boost ;p and not just steads. What stats would you suggest for each?
  6. Welcome back
  7. pretty good at the game dude
  8. Welcome back
  9. This would be a nice addition
  10. Where all the new clips at broo
  11. ill be there to watch you die 100 times
  12. Beat Lord Rope 2-0