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Mystery Ltd

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  1. You've done well bro, and will continue to do well!
  2. Who cares, he is the developer he can do what he want's lmao
  3. Interesting Promo... Gz Tyler, don't let this power get to you.
  4. The problem I see with making it 500m xp is that a new person starting GS may have a goal of getting the max xp, but when they realise they need 500m xp, which takes like hours depending on the skill they will probably not go for it as it seems to much. Therefore the max xp limit needs to be balanced, which I think at 350m xp it is. There are still only like 20 accounts with maxed xp, if it was easy then there would be like 100. Answer is no to change sorry, 500m is too far fetched. Try getting another account maxed like Suffer plox?
  5. Looks cool bro, kinda like an M but allg
  6. Leave it as it is. It's already gone from 1.5 yrs to 3 yrs ( which was a good move imo ) but 5 years is just stupid for vet.
  7. nice bank bigger than mine. O.T why do you call yourself "Grinderscape Veteran" all the time? jw its pretty cringy thats all lol
  8. something like this happened to me aswell, i cant use glory? https://gyazo.com/d77a7d8c62d1d50e7aa3d4b2cef7cb65
  9. So as we know the 350m xp capes were added but no 7.7b xp cape. I can understand why and maybe @Pb600 hadn't gotten time to doing it yet but I is probably the most important 1. However I think the addition of this will contribute greatly to the server, reasons: 1. Rewards those that achieve max xp 2. Gives players another reason to try achieve 7.7b xp along side the title. 3. Could boost skilling in GS and bring an ecomony for skilling items and more flow with cash. This is just my opinion and yes I suggest this because I want it myself, aswell as others. Thanks bro
  10. Congratz you Potato
  11. the gloves look like a camels foot lmao nice idea thou
  12. Gz
  13. If they didn't effect tasks etc it would be good, maybe like having titles for quest completed would be ok. But if a PKer wants to get comp cape but has to do quests he likely wont want to then just go to another rsps. So in short, dont make them OP