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Mystery Ltd

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  1. Congratz you Potato
  2. the gloves look like a camels foot lmao nice idea thou
  3. Gz
  4. fake cause x2 arcane stacks gg exposed see you on Scarce's channel
  5. If they didn't effect tasks etc it would be good, maybe like having titles for quest completed would be ok. But if a PKer wants to get comp cape but has to do quests he likely wont want to then just go to another rsps. So in short, dont make them OP
  6. hm for the trickster top?
  7. With great power comes great responsibility. ~ Marco Polo
  8. R u tryna fight me @Blake?
  9. You are a good cunt @Ridok glad to see how far you came and ignored all the haters. All the best with Pak n Save, me and @Arcane Blast are gonna come and rob your stores now <3 (soz for late reply was in US )
  10. lol who cares about skipping ranks and other people etc. If it is beneficial then why not? No harm in it from what i see
  11. We have wiki editors for that but lets be honest most just want the userbar.... Would be good if they could do something
  12. What about Falu bro ;( cya man
  13. All the best Sophie thanks for the mention love Sam