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Mystery Ltd

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  1. Congratz you Potato
  2. the gloves look like a camels foot lmao nice idea thou
  3. Gz
  4. fake cause x2 arcane stacks gg exposed see you on Scarce's channel
  5. If they didn't effect tasks etc it would be good, maybe like having titles for quest completed would be ok. But if a PKer wants to get comp cape but has to do quests he likely wont want to then just go to another rsps. So in short, dont make them OP
  6. hm for the trickster top?
  7. With great power comes great responsibility. ~ Marco Polo
  8. R u tryna fight me @Blake?
  9. You are a good cunt @Ridok glad to see how far you came and ignored all the haters. All the best with Pak n Save, me and @Arcane Blast are gonna come and rob your stores now <3 (soz for late reply was in US )
  10. lol who cares about skipping ranks and other people etc. If it is beneficial then why not? No harm in it from what i see
  11. We have wiki editors for that but lets be honest most just want the userbar.... Would be good if they could do something
  12. What about Falu bro ;( cya man
  13. All the best Sophie thanks for the mention love Sam
  14. Yes because he has a good taste in music. And I guess he helps around abit jks well deserving of it tho Russ Someone nominate @Arcane Blast now pls
  15. [Denied]

    thx for congratulating on behalf of us staff Carl
  16. Bye

    GL on your goals i hope you can achieve them. You did set the bar quite high thou gl
  17. What do I like?
  18. Nice one now get 200m xp or shit at the game
  19. even the pets on rs are easier to get and this is a private server? Aren't PS's meant to be abit easier than RS.... lower drop rate of pets so people have more incentive to go bossing = more people killing wildy bosses = more wildy activity = win/win situation.
  20. They all have different styles so u cant really compare them. If you went by workload then def Niels / Max / Johnnie. The others were more "fun"
  21. Im not going to make this fancy and shit, I'm going to say it how i reckon it is so Please don't take any offence to these. @Soccerlove Give everyone a chance to prove themselves. It has been 6 weeks since resigning but whilst under you as co owner I noticed you can be biased towards some people and often promotions are very spontaneous... That being said I think you need to involve yourself with the staff team more and get to know everyone. This may help you with further decision making. I hope you can understand the point im trying to get across. @Niels Just resign already man. You have contributed a shit load to the server and the work has been amazing but all good things must come to an end. You are clearly very busy irl and struggle to be around as much as you would hope. I know resigning is hard and feeling like you are going to let the team down sucks, but I feel like it would be the right thing to do. I still ily tho man you have done alot for me <3 @Acolyte We were good friends but since my resignation you have changed. Admin is a big role and it feels like it is hard to handle. I still respect you but backstabbing me hurt. All you had to do was talk to me instead of getting others to do it for you. Like we said all those months ago how we would be the coolest admins out made me think it would follow through but it hasn't... On a real tho I hope you make the best admin GS has had, prove me wrong. Also talk to me man, I don't want to lose a friend over a fucking rank ily. @Tyler You are a smart man Tyler, you understand situations well and know how to take advantage of them. One thing I would say is don't forget your roots... Just because you have a high rank doesn't mean you can't chill and respect others 'lower' than you. Miss talking to you thou all the best take it easy. @Sophie You sad you wanted it to be honest so here it is You are a hard worker and think you go unnoticed, when I was elite I noticed all the work staff put in and was proud of it, and im sure the others are. Your time will come which you deserve, but for now just keep it cool. Don't sweat the small stuff and take it easy. If you aren't enjoying yourself then just resign! But that is upto you though and you are smart enough to make your own decisions. Keep doin what you do because it is a good job (This is honest, not alot i can critique you on) @Ridok The bro himself aye. From what I have seen your activity isn't the best (might be wrong so i apologise if I am) but i'm not surprised by that. You like pking and community interaction which makes you common on yell which is good. But sometimes you can be biased towards people which as a staff member is hard to help. Honestly though you are doing alright. Work on your activity and your attitude towards some situations Catch u in Auck someday @Icarly65 Haven't seen alot of you recently, other have said you are abit inactive which if is the case, just resign man. You have been staff before and know what you are doing, also seem like a pretty chill guy. But yea if you aren't around make the right choice Peace bro. @Saim You have been SS for abit now, and you seem like you have a good understanding on staffing. I hope to see you progress up the chain soon. For some advice keep a closer eye on spectrum and yell, often im on and see things that should be mutable etc. I know there could be some factors making it so you can't but you know what I mean. All the best man take it easy. @Sir Wizard I never thought I would see the day a Wizard was staff but hey I thought the same about Trump You were my final request when I resigned to see you have a shot at SS and so far I think it was a good one. Since we never actually worked together as staff I don't have alot to say. Just make sure you aren't biased, fair and make smart decisions. Thats all the advice I think I have aha. Take it easy man talk later. I guess alot of you will reply saying "cool thanks for advice" like usual. Atleast try to take what i said into consideration. I decided to make this staff feedback as I know alot about most of you, more than alot of the other soppy bloody kiss ass reviews recently have shown. I know I didn't have the best advice for some of you but meh, whatever. I doubt I will be very involved with staff now so thought I would just say something, even if only 1 of you take something from this then hey I have helped. I wish the Team(s) all the best with the future of GS and hope I can see them grow in the future. (Side note: next time you want to kick me from a team just talk to me, makes it alot easier. Because being inactive to some might be different when the fact there are different timezones where im actually around in, like right now when no staff are online...)
  22. If I make a staff review for the forums staff I people will be like "Oh you are never on forums how do you know what they even do?" So yea I don't follow forums staff because i never was 1, thats why there is no feedback for them....