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  1. Hahahahahahaha absolutely not
  2. 5/7
  3. yesss really need more items worth more than 1.5k vp
  4. Congrats, glad to see some more new faces joining the team.
  5. I mean I get it, its cute that you want exclusivity to the veteran rank
  6. Why exactly? none of these have anything to do with forums
  7. Hey hey Blake congrats bud, I haven't played in a while but I know what you're capable of.
  8. As a middleman I always thought it was pretty stupid that limits were added back and there was never a real post about it or anything just people telling people to add to the blaclist, I thought it was pretty stupid because removal of the trade limit is why the server skyrocketed in population
  9. Bye

    koen wtf men
  10. Im so glad this wasnt a real post by some staff tryhard trying to suck ex staff and current staff off tryhard for a month, get ss for 1 day, resign, profit
  11. w0w no mention of me kkkkk you tagged the wrong mike you noob have fun with 5 more years
  12. Colt obviously, great dude Make me a fucking sig k ty
  13. Congrats, seen you in spectrum some
  14. @4 Agent 7, @Byron, @Greg These boys made my time as staff enjoyable, they were beasts and we all made a hell of a team If we count forum noobs @Jordy @Jordan @Pope Brennon LXIX