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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again

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  1. Did not even know about u but gl lmao
  2. This would make augury and rigour/regular pray book useless... no support
  3. Sry pls fourgive my
  4. Sol is pretty much sotd >.>
  5. Cya Drew was fun pking with u
  6. Ehh he's garbage he claims he's #1 then when he hopped on his zerk or pure for nh he gets slapped. Just another person who can't pk without divine
  7. Short one this month. Hope April isn't the same
  8. Support
  9. Its been awhile since last update... what's being worked on now? @Russ @Niko @Pb600
  10. Cya Ryann was fun pking with u in kop
  11. Too busy so I will forfeit @Icarly65
  12. This wasn't the fullout >.> this was just a regular war. Vid of fullout is up in a bit
  13. ACCEPTED Seen u multi pk before and ur decent. Pm me ingame for invite if you aren't already in.
  14. Could u increase the death priority of Korasi now then? Things like barrows arm and I think dragon legs protect over it. nice update