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Dont Lure

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  1. Support
  2. Its been awhile since last update... what's being worked on now? @Russ @Niko @Pb600
  3. Cya Ryann was fun pking with u in kop
  4. Too busy so I will forfeit @Icarly65
  5. This wasn't the fullout >.> this was just a regular war. Vid of fullout is up in a bit
  6. ACCEPTED Seen u multi pk before and ur decent. Pm me ingame for invite if you aren't already in.
  7. Could u increase the death priority of Korasi now then? Things like barrows arm and I think dragon legs protect over it. nice update
  8. Surprised @Bang didn't join this yet
  9. ME rannar seed and someone else I'll find out soon
  10. Ign Dont lure
  11. LOo0o0OoO0oOL
  12. I loved loot beams in rs3 when I played but the thing about making it customizable and stuff is that since we don't have a GE, it would have to be based on alch value which they aren't all exactly how it should be. Also, there should be an update coming soon that boosts both the pvm and pvp aspect of the game if I'm correct.
  13. I'm innnn
  14. Arma crossbow was in pre eoc too just saying
  15. Gg but jeez who was that tank at the end you guys were piling omg