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  1. Ign Dont lure
  2. LOo0o0OoO0oOL
  3. I loved loot beams in rs3 when I played but the thing about making it customizable and stuff is that since we don't have a GE, it would have to be based on alch value which they aren't all exactly how it should be. Also, there should be an update coming soon that boosts both the pvm and pvp aspect of the game if I'm correct.
  4. I'm innnn
  5. Arma crossbow was in pre eoc too just saying
  6. Gg but jeez who was that tank at the end you guys were piling omg
  7. Oooh sick update looking forward to this. Let's just hope that people won't boost the target kills
  8. Well first I would say Wildy bosses (yes I know it's planned) Second I think purple portal to possibly have a clan tournament (10v10) or something with a reward of real life money. You'd announce this maybe one month ahead or so (also to give u time to code purple portal if you decided to) and use the upcoming tournament to advertise and gain players as well as possible gaining back lost players with this tournament. Cuz tbh there's nothing really that the update changes for multi, it just died out. Hopefully after the tournament people that joined would stay and multi would be active again. @Pb600
  9. U sure that 51 is the max for the spec? I thought maybe the 51 is for a regular hit
  10. I have a build that was 1 attack then I lvld it to 20 attack as it gave me no combat lvls. It gave more variety as you can use corrupt weapons ( corrupt vls, swh). Just not any spec weps
  11. Possibly my last quitting thread. Been playing this server for over 4 years and have accomplished a lot over the 4 years including: - Comp cape + 3 kilns on 3 unique accounts - 4k+ kills spread over 15+ different account builds - Made few pk vids back in the day - Ran own successful cc and was part of arguably the most successful cc in GS being #KoP Reason I'm quitting is quite simple, which is the lack of players/pkers on this server. This is a very great server with a low player count making it less enjoyable then when we had a not so good server but high player count. Only thing that kept me logging on were the memories that this server holds and my friends on this server, but most of them have quit already. Its really a shame because @Pb600 works really hard for this server and deserves all the credit, but it's not resulting in an increase of players, and seeing less then 200 online on a weekend was when I really realized that I'm done with this server and rsps in general. Was good while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. Shoutout to all the people, ally or enemy, that made this server fun. Peace out
  12. Because I denied it
  13. 1 year is an old player in a server that has been here since 08? Lul
  14. Cya Daniel u were a good friend of mine and I wish u best of luck. Add me on 07 if u don't have me already "F4ncy"
  15. Well I couldn't find the pic of the stats that used to be on the wiki but I know that battlemage has good magic bonus and Str bonus, vanguard is good for Str bonus and range bonus, and trickster has good Mage and range bonus. One thing to note is that the Str bonus for vanguard and battlemage are the same, the Mage bonus for battle Mage and trickster are the same, and the range bonus for vanguard and trickster are the same (pretty sure). So in the end choose the one that has the bonuses for the 2 combat styles u use the most