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  1. " What type of dumb shit comment is this " It isnt Shit. " Do you pvp " Don't Need to Why make excuses Liam when im trying to help this suggestion out you idiot. Stop Quoting me. Please Thanks
  2. This was an hard decision but Rune G is Members. ( Can obtained from clue scrolls ) I voted 4. Good Luck to the Winners.
  3. Thanks. Instead of decreasing the price. What about suggesting an upgrade version that holds upto 6 slots for 9k Participation points OR make a feature for 5k Premium points for 6 slots. Regards, Main Ecto
  4. Landslide by Vicetone & Youngblood Hawke. Thanks Siri +100
  5. i Love this ! Support on this goddamn Suggestions !!
  6. No. I do not support on decreasing the participation points on rune pouch. To OP to decrease it down. No Support.
  7. #4 and #6 i support this. The rest i will support it
  8. @Pb600 Did you managed to get this fixed at all ? This thing is bugging everyone else. I've already sent a bug report about this and it's getting annoying
  9. Make Vlog Please Also Enjoy ur Trip to Adelaide. BEAUTIFUL PLACE !
  10. Thanks Man!
  11. Yes. It will be an optional to put an Authenticator rather then a bank pin.
  12. Because it looked funny
  13. Hello Ladies & Gentlemen of a America. I'd like to suggest a Bank Pin or an Authenticator to login to your account because it is more secure on your account. Pb, said this in mid 2016 about implementing this but he hasn't worked it about it. Because as i said its Security when people might try and get your account it's a better way by putting your Bank Pin on it. If someone didn't get in correctly. Next time the owner gets on it. They will get a msg saying like " Someone was trying to access your account ". Thanks For Reading My Suggestion Support List - Koen - Taalq - Oliviawilde - Daganothking - Pyk - Blake - Niko - Limited Iron - Valar - Winniedepoeh - Fawbs - Grinderpoint - Valantic
  14. I love how Kyle made it so clever. Support Kyle4Bugtester