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  1. I'm gonna choose #6. Shes just sexy.
  2. bidding 500m cash on fury orn kit+ Fury
  3. Entry #11
  4. Yeah. I actually did
  5. Entry #10
  6. The Title Says it and the Text on photo. Thanks to @Skye Zen for donating aswell. Regards, Adam
  7. #Entry 9
  8. " I'm disagreeing of making steads the best boots." Primal boots is most powerful ones inside of dung, and steadsfast are like for style 85 Defence and less dps. If you wear 99 Defence ' primal boots' outside of dungeonerring, these boots will be over powerful. I'll personally leave how it is for now. Dragon Boots > Bandos Boots > Steadsfast > Primal Boots Reducing the strength bonus. No support. Adam
  9. #Entry 8
  10. Very Nice Man. Way to go !
  11. Welcome to Grinderscape We love to see people return like you.
  12. Entry 7
  13. Thanks For Declining my Wiki Application Ryan u nub Happy Birthday man.