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  1. Congratulations to new Moderators Irish3601 & Zoiezo ! Congratulations to new Recruiters Boibandido & Evow ! For those who didn't get accepted, don't get angry. Stay Active, Help and Apply 1-2 weeks
  2. I suppose i voted for Cypherdrone becuse he obtained 350m in agility which that thing is so hard and boring to get. Congrats and Good Luck everyone else
  3. No explanation why u want a rb. Selected last option.
  4. The Options for Duel arena should be different. im going to post some pictures and why we need them. Screen 1 - This shows the options in a screen such as Stats, Presets, equipment Screen 2 - This screen shows Anti-Scam so u can see their Inventory etc. Pb600 might have to delete the cost of how much is it because prices might change and it takes alot of time. Screen 3 - This Window is a confirmation that the rules are the same and as last comment " Remove Gp because prices will change " Alright, im going to put a poll and if we get above 15. i will ask Pb600 ( Developer ) to change to this duel arena windows. Happy Voting !
  5. Grats My Boy
  6. How Long did that take you ? Gratz tho
  7. 1. Support 2. No Support 3. https://gyazo.com/aa6d6eb26b7984c813a54ff5c74e99f0 4. No Support. Good Suggestions.
  8. I believe he is now reworking Npcs that they will look a lot better and also Brand New Bosses coming
  9. This isn't a Suggestion or a bug. but i wanted to make an updated Voting Picture with the new items Regards, Adam1343
  10. I think i mistaked you with a Wrong code. Have you tried : Item ID : 7917 see if that would let you wield it.
  11. You're in my clan on rs, we could hang out some time
  12. Some of these outfits are not even blue.. Im Picking #4 because them Wizard Outfit is just 100% going to win !
  13. I don't anything broken with Spec hits. It's all a RNG hits.
  14. Nice Clue Loot Man
  15. For the Shooting Star Shop, we would like to bring new items. There's a post but it got messed up so i wanted to list you some for non-combat items With the Suggestions: - Increasing the Star Dust Limit is 10k - Decreasing 5 Star dust to 10 participation points each - 1/10k Pet rate this will obtain you a Shooting Star Pet New Items Including Item ID - 3k Orb of Oculus - 15484 - 5k Giants Hand - 13666 - 7k Gnomeball - 751 - 10k Dragonstone Armour Box. Opens a box and contains 1 armour piece @Vechtking for the idea - 8k Ram Skull - 7818 If you have any Non-Combat Items, feel free to comment them with the Item ID -> http://www.itemdb.biz/ Thanks for reading my suggestion