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  1. Make it so you can buy it back from reaper or maybe a repair function.
  2. Is it gonna make us hungry again?
  3. Thanks for the feedback once again, Amir. You always give constructive feedback that I can use to improve myself, I really appreciate it & will keep it in consideration.
  4. So I did still not worth the 1000+ voting points As Adam said the music is: Vicetone & Youngblood Hawke - Landslide. You can always check the songs I use in the description of my video's, you will find the artist/song name & a link to the song. Thanks for the positive feedback mate
  5. 1) I agree with you the music is a pretty loud (and I already lowered it to half the volume). 2) I can definetly do a faded picture or texture, would be awesome if I could get a awesome GS background behind it tho, any ideas? 3) I can actually make it smoother with effects & I can also sharpen it by copying them over each other, so you get more volume/color to the fire. - An animation is definetly possible and wouldn't be too hard to add. - I'm not sure what you mean here, so a few examples would definetly be great. Note: This was just a quick review I made for the outro, for the idea/basics, I will definetly improve it when I have the time. 1. As stated above "I already lowered the music to half the volume", but I agree it's still pretty loud. 2. It already is under the text layer (I will definetly need to use a chroma key anyways). 3. I will try to do that man, I will let you see my work first (like before). Thanks for the feedback guys. It's much appreciated!
  6. So I've been working on a youtube outro to put in the end of my future video's & this is what I've made. Keep in mind that this is my first outro I ever made myself. Let me know what you think & feedback is always welcome. OT:
  7. Just wanted to try another kind of video and just screwing around with some effects here. Hope you enjoy! OT:
  8. Obviously this should be fixed. Also I do think it should be more profitable to donate more. Suggest to do it like this: - 5$ --> 300 Participant points - 10$ --> 600+100 Participant points - 10.99$ --> 600+100 Participant points (rounded down) - 50$ --> 3000+1000 Participant points
  9. It drops celestial pieces, empowered catalytic staff , catalytic staff, master wand & infinity pieces.
  10. You still have this same problem? I'm pretty sure something is blocking it then, maybe a virus scanner, maybe your internet connection itself.
  11. ^ This.
  12. Hello, Hereby I suggest adding the "Ice Queen Boss" into the kill tracker. Just because it is a boss and I like statistics Also I don't think it should be too hard to add in. ~ Koen
  13. Update: In-game: Ironman [Iron Koen] - Get a max cash stack [20-01-2017] Other Goals: - Get "Event Host" rank [22-01-2017]
  14. Happy birthday @Acolyte Have a nice day!