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  1. Thats sick, can't wait until the next update.
  2. On a serious note. Pb has worked his ass making gs how it is atm, so that will never rollback.
  3. Taking a break and fixing your issues is the best you can do. Hope to speak you sometimes on discord and maybe sometime in game. Cu bro.
  4. This is pretty late. I haven't spoken to you a lot but you were a chill dude outside all the drama on yell or whatever. Anyways gl with all your futher stuff. I do also play 07 so if you wanna add me my name is OZEIOZ.
  5. Congratulations Tyler, i'm sure you'll do well.
  6. You took the words out of my mouth lmao
  7. I don't see any need for this. No support sorry.
  8. This would be unfair for the people who do buy donator status to yell. So sorry no support.
  9. I personally like this suggestion, makes it also way easier to sell pk sets.
  10. Hey, welcome to this wonderful game if you need help with anything. Hook me up with an pm.
  11. Not bad, those are some nice suggestions.
  12. Peace Ryann. Hope to see you around sometimes again soon.
  13. I do like seeing these kinds of posts. Makes you know a person better. Really haven't spoken a lot to you, but just reading this post makes me know you better. Hope in the future we can even get to know each other better. Gz on your one year anniversary.
  14. It works inside the normal wilderniss. When you get a target and you kill that guy you'll complete the task. If that doesn't work then i have no idea lol.
  15. I won 4-1 from Pain 456.