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  1. Well deserved Chris, you're a good example of how a moderator should behave. I'd like to see you go even further, so hang in there! Congratulations.
  2. Ouch that hurts. What hurts even more is that you're willing to get yourself banned this way Two spam threads in general discussion,
  3. Have a good break, it seems as though you're in dire need of one, judging by your facebook Jokes aside, have a good break and get your shit together
  4. Anything that takes more space than my 1920x1080p screen can fit in one space, is not fine. So no, your length is not fine. It is absolutely humongous.
  5. lolnoteven10yearsold
  6. Idk, I might be rong, but if u want top dog to take ur tred seriously, u might want to edit dat title
  7. Hello everyone, today we will be promoting a member to the Sectional Moderator rank. Congratulations Tyler. We believe that Tyler has been doing a good job across the board, he will be filling in the gap that Kyle left behind, meaning that Tyler will have the following sections: Official, Support, Community and Development. As with all newly promoted staff, he will be on a two week trial, but at this point, we highly doubt it's necessary. Good Luck Tyler. Regards, -Grinderscape Staff
  8. Wow newfag lol You've been a welcome addition to the forums and the in-game, all the way from 4 months TSO accused Ugobot, to whom you are now, an administrator. Gotta hand it to you, it's much like seeing a World of Warcraft sweatshop, all that work in so little time. Sheesh. All obvious jokes, expecting more great times to come, lad :-)
  9. The render took a pretty hefty dump on the quality as you said, the aliasing looks like it might've fucked up somewhere. Aside from that, it looks great. The yellow colour works great with the pattern and its reds. Keep at it Colt, but remember to not push yourself too hard, your rank isn't going anywhere anytime soon!
  10. Worked on Fourier series & Fourier transforms today. Effective day, to say the least.
  11. Requested Rank: Veteran Desired Primary Rank: Global Moderator Proof:
  12. Moving this to spam as it's already generated enougha useless posts.
  13. I don't feel like these emojis have anything to do in a runescape server. I don't see this happening.
  14. Don't worry about the rank, take a break and use whatever time you need to recollect yourself. I won't see it be taken away that easily, you've contributed a tremendous amount to the graphics community as a whole, an effort that should not be thrown around lightly. You are straight on the point, graphics is supposed to be fun, something you can enjoy and use to express yourself, and if you ain't feeling it, you ain't feeling it, and that is something that would reflect off your art. I'll be seeing you around some time then, until next time. Regards,
  15. Updated your thread for you