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  1. The lowpoly looks brilliant and the colours go along nicely, thanks to your white-ish background. As a signature, it really doesn't work well. The depth of field as a wallpaper is works because you have a fg, a mg and a bg, but as a signature you only have a fg/bg combo, and the blur shouldn't really be where it is. As a profile picture, again, brilliant. Good work Pedro, keep at it.
  2. Yeah, I've seen this coming for quite a while. An obvious promotion, and in all sense of the word, a good one. Congratulations Tylerbot, I'm sure you'll do splendid!
  3. Closed as per request.
  4. The idea of having the vine whip be the ultimate end-game content, is getting old, we need new, viable content. I definitely support this!
  5. May I ask Wyatt, was this a girl, by any chance?
  6. I'm pretty sure Thrausi is the word you're looking for. Other than that, it looks nice. Could've done without the white to black gradient on top, as it makes it some what unclear, but well done. When using thrausi, make sure you don't split text up into a crapshoot of splines, as it'll take forever to render.
  7. Closed as per request.
  8. Closed as per request.
  9. Realistically speaking, nobody stays around with full activity for 5 years. 5 years would not only discourage, but create an unrealistic goal for players to achieve. It's fine the way it is, let it stay at 3 years. Weeks online shouldn't be necessary and post count shouldn't be a part of the equation to begin with.
  10. Let's say for the sake of argument, that one is being implemented, because I'm assuming that's what you meant. I'd work around #3. The crown's quality is rough, and we would have to do something about the text, but it's nice to see someone attempting to create userbars. Also, the semi-overlay works in your favour. I would try to incorporate blue to work around the dual-theme of the crown for an overall more finished feel, but we all feel differently. Keep at it.
  11. It's really nice, liking the lighting. As for the name... You could've gone with "Kay" and "GM" tho Regards,
  12. I'd love for you to make me one. How you do it, what you use as text, what colours you use, anything, it's all your choice. Surprise me.
  13. [Solved]

    Hello members of grinderscape, today, we would like to introduce a new QOL forum update from Yours Truly. This update comes in form of three new achieveable ranks: The Ironman rank The Ultimate Ironman rank The 7.7B exp (a.k.a. Master skiller rank) With this come three userbars, three emblems and appropriately coloured names with each respective rank. To obtain one of these you need to accomplish the following Have an Ironman with a total level of at least 1850 Have an Ultimate (Hardcore) Ironman with a total level of at least 1300 Have an account with 7.7B experience in total, meaning 350 million experience in every single skill. Once you've met any of these requirements, feel free to request the rank here: http://forum.grinderscape.org/forum/111-request-a-forum-rank/?do=add We hope to see you all strive on. Regards, -Grinderscape Team.
  14. Why are you asking about the state of our forums (vBulletin or IPS), when we've said many a time that we'll never go back to vBulletin? I understand that some may have liked the older forums, but what's the point?