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  1. Looks sick fam you are definitely improving
  2. Fk man teach me how to play the game! Legit doe well done Nate keep it up bro
  3. pay the £389.70 and I will
  4. So I decided to recover my runescape account that got hacked quite a while back now. I put a lot of effort into the account and before I quit the game I was going for max cape. So I decided to check out rs again and maybe start playing again. Maybe try out the new nex or something. But fkin hell was I wrong. So basically some fucker has made my account that overdrawn it is completely fucked forever cause no way am I paying this shit to play again. Legit might even email jagex the bastards to sort it for me. So yeah take a look at this. This is some currency on rs3 now I have no idea what it is..... DO YOU GUYS REALISE HOW MUCH THEY HAVE FUCKING SPENT ON MY ACCOUNT HOLY SHIT! LOOK AT THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT I'M FUMING TY JAGEX YOU CUNTS
  5. Welcome back Michael nub you best stick around
  6. So I just thought with me starting playing again I would post some goals that I have set for myself. - 350m in all skills (big goal gonna take forever...) - Get some of the boss pets (again a big goal but I wants them ) - Achieve task master - Acquire some good clue rewards - Lvl up my ironman and eventually max it out - Get a full set of castlewars armour on my main Now this is my bank pic. I have lost a lot overtime due to staking etc ( I think my old bank pics are on here somewhere) but I am happy with where it is at now and won't really be doing any big stakes anymore. Apologies the pic is bad
  7. Thanks guys appreciate the chance to be in the team again and well done ayyoub fam <3
  8. I do like the idea but in my opinion it would stop people voting as much as like said above the ags', claws and vines would need to be removed from it as more would come into the game. Nice suggestion doe
  9. Fk man I swear on my ironman it wasn't working lmao well anyway I support the suggestion especially with me trying to lvl up my ironman atm legit I thought it didn't work still
  10. Don't you have to keep clicking the smith to coin option every bar?
  11. Looks cool man very unique keep it up
  12. Speak to you when you get back nub
  13. In-game name: Woody2097 What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT How long have you played for?: At least 3 years. How many hours do you play per day?: I play at least 3-4 hours daily. How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Since late 2013. Do you have ::yell?: I do indeed. Why should your application be accepted?: I think my application should be accepted because since coming back to the game after my break I have been trying my best to be a consistent helper in the cc. I try my best to resolve situations and do my best to help anyone I can. I have been an admin in the cc before and have the experience when handing situations. I have also demonstrated my trust within the game having been a staff member and now being an official middleman. I know pretty much everything about this game and I am used to all the prices again (they seem to just stick in my head). I have shown my loyalty to the clan overtime and I will continue to do so regardless of the outcome of this application. I would love to be given the chance to be ranked in the cc again.
  14. Support from me would be a nice little addition
  15. That looks amazing! You are talented keep it up man