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  1. Support from me
  2. Voted to keep it the way it is. My reason is that there is tons more of it coming into the game now. More and more each day with revs. It wouldn't make sense for it to be non degradable again because it would just ruin the price of it and there would be way too many of them ingame. I get that there is not enough good cheap armour that doesn't degrade but it is just tough really. There are other options such as barrows that do degrade but can be fixed. Or you could just use fighter torso etc until you are able to afford Torva. There is also bandos which isn't too expensive that people can buy and use no problem. Just my opinion anyway.
  3. Good luck with everything you do in life bro. I enjoyed our banter together and I'm sad to see you leave. I hope that you stay in contact with me whether it's through skype or something ily Akash <3
  4. I've said this before, OMM should be no better off than any other player. There should be no benefits that they should get for being an OMM. They are just a normal player that carries out rsgp trades so staff are not bombarded with stuff.
  5. Congrats Tyler no need to say good luck I'm sure you will smash it
  6. I really like this suggestion tbh would make selling items easier tbh! Support from me
  7. Good to see another forum update. Would love for this to become a regular thing. I really want the forums to become more active again.
  8. Good suggestions! Would love to see something done to barrows
  9. Hey Hi Hello
  10. The whole thing was my opinion on the matter. A statement can also be an opinion. You are obviously very stubborn with your opinion so there is no point even arguing my point. Good luck with the poll.
  11. The exact same thing happens on real rs........ Plus you could run with like 5 accs and dds spec and kill someone ??? Listen, I'm not here to argue with you. You said you listen to opinions but obviously you don't. I gave you my opinion. We will see what everyone thinks through the poll.
  12. My point was that when you go in the wild you have to expect to die no matter how it is done. I wasn't necessarily talking about you. You asked a question and I gave you my opinion. I don't know the ins and outs of 07. I watch videos of it and I see people using d spears to make people lose pray and stop them eating. Why would you change a mechanic that is in the real game??? If it is op in GS and not like it is in 07 fair enough. I don't pk on here so I wouldn't know. My "opinion" was not a "counter" I was merely saying what I thought. Plus wasn't the d spear recently buffed??? It used to be completely useless. If it is op then change it. In my "opinion" I just don't see the need to change something that isn't broken. People could easily go 1 item with a dds and bring alts and completely KO someone in really good gear. There is no difference.... It is a weapon that has a unique special. Why make it utterly useless.
  13. I see where your point is but isn't this just an aspect of pking? The same thing happens in 07. It is just a part of runescape in my opinion. At the end of the day if you go into the wildy. Don't expect to not die.
  14. Not bad at all go for the pet now