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  1. Really good update Pb! Love the idea of the merge I will definitely be checking it out
  2. Good luck with the goals Kyle
  3. Looks good from what I see on this thread
  4. Nominate me plis
  5. Congrats Saim nub
  6. This actually made me laugh
  7. Only just seen this sorry Sophie Hope you are ok. If you need to talk to anyone if things get too rough irl you know I'm always here to talk. You did a great job as a staff member <3
  8. Congrats nub keep it up
  9. Congrats Robot
  10. hhhhhhh oldfag You are still that same nub I camped in wg <3
  11. Voted yes because why the fuck not? Seriously though I have no reason as to why he doesn't deserve the rank. Seems like a decent guy and has done his fair share around here Good luck
  12. Gimme ma vines bruh
  13. [Denied]

    Ily Akash <3 All is good my end just busy doing other things. Hope you are ok bro We have had some good memories on here tbh. We had a good run as well. If you ever wanna chat to me try messaging me on skype hopefully i'll be around to talk Last of all happy 1 year anniversary my friend
  14. You have done so much for the server Niels you should be proud of what you have achieved. Thanks for all the opportunities you gave me and most of all good luck with your studies