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    • Soccerlove

      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. bye

    Thanks for everything you have done for the game Joe. Tbh I saw this coming sooner rather than later. All the best
  2. Don't see why we couldn't have an al kharid tele in the city teleports.
  3. Voted for @Valar that is some insane commitment. Good luck guys
  4. Welcome back Jack!!! You best be back for good doe
  5. Yes Yogi bear! Well deserved bro! Looking forward to staffing with you
  6. Damn Pb really good job. I've been waiting for some bossing updates for years! Can't wait to see what else you do!
  7. My nominations have to go to @evow and @Boibandido. Both have been doing a tremendous job since returning. Keep up the good work guys
  8. Not sure yet tbh I was gonna use it for anything I usually mage or range. I'll buy the bottom and see how it goes
  9. I'll just get the rest of the set and see what it's like I suppose. Just on paper it looks bad lmao. I get the fact that it should have no melee def. I'll just give it a test
  10. Just wanted to ask you guys for your opinions on trickster. I know it shouldn't really have any melee defence and that as it is for range and mage but surely that should mean it's range and mage defence should be really high? Compared to the other cw armour it seems pretty weak to me? I mean I could be wrong, so if someone would care to explain to me if I am wrong why it is good then it would be greatly appreciated because I just spent 250 tickets on the top thinking it would be decent but now I'm pretty unsure tbh.
  11. Appreciate the sig man Thank you I love the first one
  12. Are you looking for a signature, banner or header?: Signature Main colour: Purple Secondary colour: Like a black or grey/silver Background (transparent/complex)*: Not bothered. Any logo?(link): Any particular render?(Link, if not I'll choose them myself): It's up to you Text1: Woody2097 Text2: Server Supporter Any social media icons/links?: Offering any In-Game donation?: I'll find something for you
  13. Voted yes mainly because whenever I used to pk it was a perfect helmet to use as it was cost free and was decent. I think it would be cool to add that back in
  14. Didn't expect this at all. Good luck with the manager role and glad to hear you will be sticking around!
  15. Good luck with the clan guys