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  1. Voted 4!
  2. Goodluck everyone!
  3. Happy birthday Joe, AKA elite moderator Hope you have a good day! Regards, OMM Dragenforce2.
  4. pretty good at the game dude
  5. Sometimes you have to wait til the pre-loading finishes.
  6. i voted because i'm gay
  7. Sorry for the huge delay, from now on I will be consistent. Here you go, tell me if you want anything changed.
  8. Holy! Your artwork is amazing. I never knew you could do this. You will have to teach me everything! Well done!
  9. Gz Nic well deserved, also don't give up Ryan! You will get there .
  10. no i don't know. maybe mute
  11. Damn cole that's dope asf! Going to pm you on skype soon to teach me .
  12. new dzone isdopeaasf! good update
  13. Happy Birthday Saim. Have a good day! Aka Abuser. Regards, OMM,Dragenforce2.
  14. Welcome to Grinderscape my friend, If you need any help just hit me a @PM Dragenforce2.
  15. A very nice update! Just like always.