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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. this is life that's why.
  2. Stop with that its jack.
  3. A very nice update indeed Pb, I'm sure looking forward to this but what I'm looking forward to more is that it makes the wilderness active and it makes the boss active because I don't want your work to go to waste. Best of luck Pb. - Dragenforce2
  4. A very nice video Lord Rope I hope you continue making these videos I wish you the best luck. - Dragenforce2
  5. I'm Back Hola Grinderscapers, I'm sure you guys thought I was dead but thankfully I wasn't, I was on vacation for 3 months and I didn't have a computer or laptop to play so I wouldn't be in-game but I had data on my phone and I would be on forums now and then. Since I'm back today I would be going back to my old duties as helping and OMMing [ If I get accepted into the team] I also will create signatures, youtube banners so I could still obtain my graphic designer rank. To apply for a signature - So from today I would be active and be carrying my duties as I used to and maybe some pking and also I will be participating in all of the events so good luck guys . I hope you guys are happy I'm back and I hope I will stick forever with you guys. It feels good to be back. -Dragenforce
  6. I congratulate all the winners!
  7. This is a terrific promotion! Yogi is a very dependable server supporter and he's very dedicated to his job. I wish him luck but I doubt he would need it.
  8. Damn Roy that sucks because I'm coming tomorrow and I see one of my friend resign . All the best in real.
  9. Approved by ex-spectrum moderator.
  10. Wouldn't work on PvM noobo
  11. Damn your life in Grinderscape was wicked with adventures and I'm glad you're still with us .