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  1. I Best Pker 2k17 IGN: Yolo You Say
  2. King Black Dragon currently takes 90 seconds to spawn once its dead... 90 seconds for a boss to spawn on a 1 world sever '-' My suggestion is it should be tone down to 30-45 seconds.
  3. I voted yes because Jack truly deserves this rank as he's a member who goes out of his way to help people when that time could've been use to benefit himself.
  4. Just a heads up Wreck Havok is possibly a ddoser for pixels lol, during our fight I got disconnected, when I confronted him about it he logged hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  5. I like this idea, it has my support but I was also thinking something along the lines of adding in a npc who you can take the puzzle to and he'll slove the puzzle for you for a certain amount of cash like 250m. Anyways you got my support on skipping puzzles. #FuckPuzzles
  6. <3 the pm more tbh
  7. I know who it is I think
  8. Congratz tavio
  9. Can a staff move this thread to general discussion under community
  10. Hello nerds, I will be hosting the second community drop party originally started by @Ziko yes I basically stole his event, deal with it as for usual everything that is donated will be put onto a mule account and recorded. The drop party will be happening NEXT Sunday at 6:00pm GMT. Everything will be collected on "Sunday Party" the account will be located in Varrock square until the day of the drop party, which will be held in Falador garden. That's everything for now if there is any changes ill be sure to let you guys know. Players who've donated: @aslam @Yolo Zombie @Lord Of pk99 @Opy @Valantic <- Highest donator (Color Partyhat)
  11. I would like to know where you find these stuff...
  12. <3 Thank You @Colt
  13. Nice video Jesse I was digging the first song
  14. I support the farming idea but as for the fishing one I don't have high hopes, what I mean is by all fishing spots there's a bank a couple squares away.
  15. Age: 16 Timezone (GMT): -6:00 Screenshot of Bank (Show return sets): ??????????????? Screenshot of stats: http://prntscr.com/df5c32 Do you have Discord: yes Any prior experience with multi pk: yes daddy