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  1. Hi

    Well hello there
  3. I myself usually dont die to dbow spec on my pure but it is the DPS of the knifes and bolts that usually goes thro my food really fast. And when i am out i tab to my house and i get more spec and pray from there and return and most often after a few fights i end up dead to some combo And i have often seen high dbow specs
  4. I myself own a pure "combat 70" 60 attack pure. And every time i see an voider that is like combat 75 and i have him as a target i am expecting to die against him but i always have the hope that i would somehow combo him out since if he dies with void i will get a nice pile of cash with dragon bolts and all the goodies. While i usually risk around 20k since i keep my spec weapon and only risk i have is my black d hide legs and untradables and supplies in my inventory. That is my point with it
  5. This is one of the reasons most of the "BH" pures in OSRS "yes i know this is not OSRS" wants to be lower combat. Since on combat 80-90 there is allot of voiders with great stats and they shred thro the pures like butter. But d bow should be a really strong weapon because of the fact that it is one of the only "high" level range special attack weapons. If we would nerf d bow and hand cannon the whole "range class" would be nerfed. But these accounts already have an counter and that is low level zerker builds. Zerkers will always have an upper hand agains void rangers and the only chance a void ranger have to defeat there counter is with an lucky d bow spec or an good timed venge and d bolt "assuming the player does not use anti fire potion". And the pures has also an edge against void ranger and it is the same edge as in osrs and that is the fact that they are most often risking more. This is my opinion on this. But yes there might be something wrong with hand cannon and d bow but i am not 100% sure. I think in the orginal game they could hit this high but later on it got an damage cap to 48-48. But i do not have much evidence backing this up.
  6. I have been personally on this server since 2012 and i started pking around 2013ish or early 2014. And i know most of the old pkers some are close friends now and some or enemies of my. But non the less i talk with them daily and most of the old players likes the new combat more. Because of it takes more skill to pk now than it did before. And the new players all seem to like it. Since this is what they are used to while playing runescape. Only players i know about that is actually complaining about the combat mechanics are players that wants some weapon to be more balanced or something tweeked. But that is 100% normal and that is something that the developer needs. It is called constructive feedback. But what you are doing is forgetting about blaming yourself first. Since that is really important. When the new combat came out and if i am 100% honest i was not good at it. But instead of blaming the server i pked on the new system until i got good at it again. But you are not even trying to better your own skill level you just jump straight to blaming the server mechanics instead. And that is something you should be ashamed off. Or then you are simply not an fast enough clicker to be able to reach those skill levels and in that case you can buy the "no combat interuption" From the donator store "25 dollars".
  7. From where exactly are you pulling such numbers. I just checked how meany there was online and this is not even the peak time for me. Usually there is around 300 players online. There is no facts behind anything you say for some reason. Next time before you say anything do a little research before you do. To back your own facts up.
  8. In my opinion it should not even be punishable for scamming in duel arena. Because there is a 2nd screen where the players should read the text on. To double check there rules and stuff. But somehow the players in this game rather put a stick in there own wheel and cry about it later on. So i do not think this would change anything.
  9. For ppl that is mad on Everwild pulling high numbers vs low numbers. Well... That is what multi is about Its all in numbers. That being said... Great work Everwild!
  10. Revs drops the pieces really fast because of the fact that they infact do degrade. So yes i think it would be the best idea that we would make it non degredable because this way none needs torva anymore and this way every player can run around in the max strength stats for only 10m. I love this! -Support!
  11. 1: This will not be an good idea. Because of exploiting and there is some kind of reason behind it. 2: This i do not like. It would result in some really odd game mechanics and i do not think the majority want such mechanic. This would also mean that risk fighters would have to tab allot earlier. And also it is point less because you can just use an "off" meta teleport or an other tele tab to avoid it. 3: This we already have in edge. 4: This one is really cool but would also open a new gate for real world trading and making more job for staff members keeping up with it
  12. Only reason you cant combo as good as you could before is probably because of you need more practice in f keys and switching. Because now the combat works as it should work. And as i stated before you can get the old combat back at the donator features store if that is more of your thing.
  13. All of this works. It is just that you have to have skill in switching and pking now. And i think it is allot better when there is a bit more skill involved
  14. The new combat system works allot better than the old one. And you can still play with the old system on your accounts if you buy the feature from the donator store
  15. I do not see any of these necessary since you got the spell book swapper 5 steps from edge wild. And same for the food... the bank is not far away and if you want to refuel inside wild or on the ditch get an pak yak. And for the clan island... NO just NO XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD