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  1. I have pked allot and that sounds like high ping to the server. So no it is not an bug its only lag
  2. I dont have any rank for the moment. So shh
  3. An donation is not buying an product. And donation is by your own will and the things you get out of it is just some benefits as an Thank You for donating such amount.
  4. The new extreme donator rank is nothing game breaking but it does give some benefit for the ppl That donate such huge amount of money. And 150 dollars is not much at all if we compare to other servers. And super donator that is only 30 dollars is the most "bang for the buck". In my opinion this was an really nice change to the donation system. You have to always remember that this server is only alive because of its awesome community that donates there own money to keep it up. And i think it is an really important thing to give the players that donates such amount some benefit. Sorry for all the spelling or sentence mistakes. I am "was" really drunk when i wrote this.
  5. With an forced teleport like an jail. NOPE you could easily low key abuse some really nice exploits. And ppl who say it cant be abused in anyway is so wrong. Every forced teleport can be abused to some really extreme lengths 2 warnings and they are out? On that time they can destroy the game in some aspects already
  6. Happy birthday stalin! Have a good day and go enjoy yourself
  7. They degrade. And nope there will be no refunds.
  8. Since we atm have a really small pking community it would split that small community in to two making them even smaller.
  9. I would not mind the buff. For me i dont really have much of an opinion on this. I would be happy if it gets buffed or it does not. Non the less this is a well put together suggestion!
  10. So i was doing an normal stream today and out of no where i had 240+ viewers. And got over 300 followers in a few minutes. Got attacked by tons of bots And thanks to @Pale Of Cmen for trying to fight the bots If you want to see me pking "getting slaughtered" on my pure. Make sure to drop an follow on my stream so you know when i am going live. https://www.twitch.tv/nikopure
  11. Welcome back man
  12. Yes this would be an nice change -Support!
  13. So i spent my whole day on creating my channel today. And tomorrow will be my first stream. So if you want to watch me getting killed and go mad make sure you check it out https://www.twitch.tv/nikopure I will probably say when i am going live tomorrow on forums! And i made my overlay myself since mr dragen forgot about it
  14. Allot of ppl lost allot of stuff on the reset. But it was better for the long term and in the end of the day they are just pixels. And kinda your fault you did not sell or alch them before the reset since you was not on the alert.