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  1. It's so pretty colt! Your work always is though
  2. Happy Birthday Russ! I hope it's a good one<3
  3. Enjoy your trip Bray! Hope you have a fun time with your mum and sister (But I agree with Liam)
  4. congratz Nic<33 deserveddd
  5. Thanks for the update pb! It looks amazing, Loving the new voting items/ things you put out keeps voting interesting
  6. Good job They all look really nice and I'm sure the in game players ill enjoy this as well!
  7. welcome backkk can't wait to see u ingame
  8. No problem booboo
  9. So been trying to buy Female Red Elegant and a Zammy stole via yell but no luck so gonna try here. I also wouldn't mind saradomin stole either Either pm me in game or comment here thank you
  10. I choose Cinderblock (Cindercroc), He has been very helpful to me countless times and I've seen him be helpful to the community as well
  11. Happy birthday taalq i love you most git gud scrubz
  12. Welcome to the server! I like how you spell your name. I also enjoy zodiac based stuff I think its cool you're in between Taurus and Gemini. this server is full of weird and random people but most are fun to be around and kind so hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. LOL Ily2 Taalq but i 14 so plz wait until ur 12 or 13 you're a 2 year oldfag like me now got em
  14. If it;s not lesbian sex gtfo THANK YOU RUSSSS Thank you Sven iluuuuuu
  15. Since I haven't posted a pic in 10 years heres how a potato looks