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  1. @Valantic Active OMM, always happy and stuffs. gl to nominees I don't pay that much attention
  2. I've seen it work extremely well. Pkers are happy, skillers are moderately happy, win win situation. If a skiller gets caught out then RIP them, but they're risking it for double experience so that's the risk they have to take. Support
  3. Um... seems pointless to me. How much security risk do you run into by doing an OMM in an open place? Oh no, somebody knows my rsn? Dang, such information leak If anything, just tell them to go to another city. It's a lot simpler than having a WHOLE area just for OMM's. We're normal players like anybody else, and the job itself does not require a whole separate area to do trades. All we do is ask for their RSN, how much it's for, and everybody goes on with their merry day. Not that hard. Basically, I voted against the idea because no point and it promotes the idea that middlemen somehow have a difficult task.
  4. i hasn't a clue of what you are speaking
  5. another server? I wonder which one Kappa
  6. How dare you assume my name, I hope you get banned mate. -Closed
  7. I'm in
  8. I respect your opinions Shiv, but I also respectfully agree to disagree. We're friends but I disagree with a lot of your sentiments in this thread. That's chill though, I don't see this as a big deal and neither should you. If you have a problem with one part of the server though, you shouldn't use it to justify your judgement the whole server. Sad to see this in farewell though will miss ya
  9. I still don't understand.... why were you banned from Discord? The proof I saw was Jake... not you... I may be misunderstanding but again I don't have enough info to really care.
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D: Well there goes my favorite staff I understand you but still sad, we can still talk
  11. I will put a santa hat on every single pker in that picture
  12. pls moni I'll cya on 07 or something Daniel
  13. In-game name(s): Rich Skilled Age: 16 Timezone: EST (GMT-5) Will you be active within the OMM team?: Yes How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: 1-3 hours. I usually have it open while doing homework. Why do you deserve to be in this team?: My last application got pended and I understand the reasoning behind it. Ever since though I've dedicated more time in Grinderscape and I'm an active member on yell and Spectrum. I'm not too serious about playing the game but I enjoy helping and I'm often on while simultaneously working on homework. There's not much else to write because not much has changed over a week except I've shown consistency in my activity. For further explanations on why I deserve OMM, just reference my other applications.4 Any other info: Previous Applications:
  14. I don't get it, how is this abuse.
  15. Voted Straightkill due to the fact that, in my time playing and hanging out in spectrum, he was always engaging and helpful to everybody. He's a positive player and I can see how he deserved SS. Best of luck to everybody, great diversity this month