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  1. Charity Walk Noice mate!
  2. Chef hat Supported!
  3. It is a great suggestion but i suggest to have 1 specific slayer master to assign only boss task since not everyone can handle some bosses due to their gear and there are only 1 boss like suffer said unless we will have solo boss room which pb said it is coming soon,Otherwise make like every 5th/10th tasks you can choose for boss task or normal task because if people constantly getting boss task it would make people hard to get a kill since there is a really big chance of getting the same boss task for few person.Next,which is make it like nowdays slayer task it is random that you could get boss task if your lucky but i don't kinda like this since people with welfare gear could not kill the boss and they don't want to clean the streak so... yeah These are my suggestion for this suggestion. Support!!
  4. Yeah support instead of everyone using auto typer