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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. Congratz man!
  2. The only thing is good in old slayer is less monster killcount assigned.But i love the new slayer now it is working good but as epic said more reward so slayer will be more attractive eventho already gt a vine as reward
  3. AOTM
  4. There are going to be so many stories that i can read. Good luck!
  5. Congratz mate Do good
  6. IMO it might cause a bit problem with the IGN and Username for login maybe not. I am not sure. But i like what pyk said release some inactive member which is like 3-4 years+ would be good.
  7. Ye make it untradeable because some people might use it for scam
  8. Nice fools there Happy April Fools Day
  9. Nice lol didn't know that was so much going to be release.
  10. Few of em had been suggested and would not be release said by Pb but still great suggestion Hope some of it will actually be release by Pb Good luck
  11. He wont remove all the hard work he had done for the pass 4 years LOL
  12. Nice lol my rs acc had been hack or remove or something like that
  13. Tbh Pb use a lot of time coding it and now you want him to delete his whole work that worth like months of hardworking so what do you think??
  14. Don't pk much but with the command ::veng and ::food would make the game easier and unfair to those who use about few hours to organised their bank for the perfect/fastest click and go on a pk again
  15. Welcome back then all i can say Feel free to pm for any help since there have been a lot of changes for the pass months