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  1. 10/10 because turtles
  2. ok gl on streeeem
  3. Who?
  4. Cash me outside how bout that, gz Tyler bb
  5. Actually 07 is a diffrent game from Runescape, and the basis is here so make a runescape that is better don't copy what Jagex did
  6. I wanna see more Grinderscape content if you want 07 or rs3 content go play the actual game.
  7. Can't be added ingame since this model isn't ingame.
  8. So I've been bored for a couple weeks started collecting some stuff and wanted to know what i should collect next. Here are some collections i have right now: Note: 10mil feathers is still buying :P.
  9. Hey thats pretty good.
  10. Nice suggestions, would like to see these ingame very soon.
  11. Hope you feel fine tho <3
  12. Has Been suggested before, not sure why Pb didn't respond to the thread, Support