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      Voting is fixed   04/26/2017

      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. Bish advertising everywhere should be illigal, but overall i like the idea :D.
  2. Too bad the student ain't a girl
  3. False, it was actually freezin where you live. How does it feel to be an Lying prick? Don't cri Ily
  4. If you wish out loud it won't come true, Cabbage
  5. Kinda welcome back i hope you kinda like this game
  6. this is not Evolution of Cocks
  7. some randoms singing barbie from Aqua
  8. 1.wouldnt mind seeing this change. 2.I would like to see Armadyl crossbow and morrigans javs/axes in the game but as far as blowpipe can't be coded in it's still a good suggestion! P.S. I don't think armadyl should be added as an pk item but added in pvm since the best is rune right now. 3.Honestly i think void should be untradeable, but since there is too much in the game allready this might be hard to do. @Cinderblock
  9. pretty good in the game dood
  10. Idk
  11. Happy april foolsday
  12. Nah would be confusing with buying rsgp and other stuff, no support sorry
  13. ill buy 5
  14. About time
  15. cya tomorrow