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  1. This is the same as fishing and cooking, they should be more equal also.
  2. A solution that like 07 has i think, is that monsters drop skilling supplies, and i don't mean like 3 clean herbs for grinderscape, they should drop like 100 uncut d stones, 50-100 rune bars / ores, 50-100 magic logs and like 50 raw karambwans and 100 raw rocktails.
  3. If this were to happen, claws, ags and vine should be removed. on ironman mode it shouldn't be possible to get the best weapons at level 3. Even if this doesn't get implemented, i still think they should be removed.
  4. It's bugged and always shows this:
  5. The ancient robes were already rare and had a price, they didn't have to get cleared
  6. The ancient robe sets should never have been cleared, they were pretty rare and from the voting lottery.
  7. lol, are you guys really mad about this? who caresss
  8. Would be nice, maybe make use of the donator islands empty space with these and some other monsters
  9. Why do you want ironmen to have 425m? do you even have an ironman? what would anyone gain from it?
  10. I think 350m is a possible reach for ironmen, 500m is not. that would take like 5 years.
  11. Yeah, very smart done, what's it going to be worth now? just over a vine it seems.
  12. Yeah, the same should go for bunyip heals, but idk if it was like that 2012.
  13. Achievment: 350m runecrafting xp on ironman I have just finished 350m xp in runecrafting this month and I now have a total of 16 max xp skills. Runecrafting might be the most anoying skill, and no one else is even close to doing it. https://www.grinderscape.org/highscores/iron_man/skill//Runecrafting <- RC highscores 2017-01-11
  14. All these were cleared