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  1. Yeah, none of the new vote shop items are in the ironman vote shop, would be nice if they were.
  2. Achievment: 350m runecrafting xp on ironman I have just finished 350m xp in runecrafting this month and I now have a total of 16 max xp skills. Runecrafting might be the most anoying skill, and no one else is even close to doing it. https://www.grinderscape.org/highscores/iron_man/skill//Runecrafting <- RC highscores 2017-01-11
  3. All these were cleared
  4. So that's the private server name, huh, Sand-scape.
  5. photshop in text = your picture
  6. fake
  7. Can the looting bag be picked up by ironmen if they get it from a kill? Since they can't pickup statuettes or rusty coins?
  8. yeah... But i've been seeing @Cypherdrone doing alot of stuff
  9. Hell no...
  10. Why wouldn't ironmen be donators? They can both be a super donator and buy normal tickets.
  11. Trickster and battlemage has the same mage bonuses.
  12. Yeah, 99 isn't much at all, it's only nice for some hard skills on hc ironman lol
  13. Definitely supporting this
  14. It's supposed to be like that, even on real RS. If you think it shouldn't be like that, make a suggestion thread.