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  1. yeah, the spearers are surely in a perfect clump and if you splash once, they've already speared 2-3 times, so, if you haven't read what i've said, freezing spearers doesn't do shit. You know what this is? a suggestion thread, there is not a single spear counter that works, and it's a problem. freezing them doesn't accomplish anything at all, since they've already gotten 2 specs off. the weapon costs 1m and does more than a vine? I'm suggesting this to make it balanced, and all the "counters" that has been said here are completely bs. and that's what i'm telling everyone. I haven't lost bank to spearers and i'm not butthurt it, i find pking boring now when there's nothing to do against spears.
  2. So, your solution is to simply not risk anything above 30 wild? what's the difference? well, i'll tell you, with spears you can't eat food, with anything else, you can. Then you go on about making the spec required higher? you just said nothing needed to be done and not to complain about it? You just said that it would need 30-35% for spec, and that was even one of my suggestions for nerfs??
  3. Yeah, most likely.
  4. ah, you couldn't think of any more awesome "counters". what a shame. next time i'll spec with my sol, and pray to rngesus, and i sure will look out for those spearers, so i can just sit there and do nothing. end of rant
  5. haha, just debunking every single claim everyone is making about it being the same as rs. First you were trying to make it look like it was the same as rs, and now when it turned out not to be, you completely changed your view?
  6. Uhm, i just googled that shit, 90 magic? and it costs money? you can't compare. try and do that on a 5 minute account build 15 times on 5 accounts. impossible Yes, i'm trying to find a valid point that makes spears good for the game.
  7. So, you could go from edgeville to, let's say gdz in less than 1 second? because that's what a direct teleport is. Finally, after i debunked every single "counter" and ways it's "the same as real rs".
  8. not really sure what you're on about here, i don't think these are "opinions" "The same thing happens in 07" "Don't expect to not die." these are statements.
  9. ohhh right, i never knew there were deep wild direct teleports and 5 minutes for making a spear account on the pre-eoc game this server is replicating.
  10. "afford to have 5 ppl without any gear and only spears the deserve the win by doing so" A team has 10 persons, 1 person decides to bring his 5 spear accounts with 0% skill involved, he attacks 1 player and spears him once or twice, and then he gets killed, oh no. but wait, he just got restored spec and health, within 10 seconds he can tele back and do the same thing again. This is why you can't compare it to 07 in this way, in 07, there's no direct tele to deep wild, you can't make a spear account in 5 minutes. and on 07 you can eat between specs as so yontoo said. "i just don't see the need to change something that isn't broken." hmmm. let me recap; 1-item spear account that can return in 5 seconds > fully geared main risking 5b
  11. 1 person can pretty much have 5 spearers, and that's what i think is bad about it. if 5 real players who uses pk gear targetted you, it's fair. Wars atm are how many 1-item spearers a team has. that sol "counter" that you were talking about, what a joke. 50% less melee dmg for 1 minute. i haven't tried, but since you said you're supposed to be stunned, how would one enable this "counter" while being speared? and you said tank it earlier, how is one supposed to tank without eating or putting on p necks? i don't see tanking as hoping for good rng with opponents hits. i do respect opinions, but not these "counters" that makes no difference. When you watch 100 people spear a guy on 07, do you think; wow, what a nice pking experience, fun and interactive? You cannot eat, you cannot switch. And about "don't expect to not die." where did that even come from? did i suggest making it impossible to die in wild? i don't recall it. Side note: have you pked, ever? Current pk status; 1-item spear account that can return in 5 seconds > fully geared main risking 5b if that's not wrong, i don't know what is.
  12. As i stated, if the opposing team has 5 1-iteming spearers, can they all get frozen within 2 seconds? and then, they wait 10 seconds to do it all over again? i don't see what it adds to the game, you can't eat or put on p neck, just hope that other guys hit low.
  13. I have multi pked quite a bit over the years i played Grinderscape but now a days it is really not as fun as it used to be, a big reason for that is the Dragon Spear. The extremely cheap stunning weapon that leaves your opponents helpless, even if they have good and expensive gear. Before spears people were known for their good tanking skills, which really was a HUGE aspect of multi pking. Now a days anyone dies to dragon spear and they cannot defend themselves in anyway as it only takes 25 % special energy which is insane! Even pheonix necklaces doesnt accomplish anything except for maybe living another second. People also say that this is how the spear is supposed to work which i know aswell, but just because Runescape have some stupid designed weapon i don't see the reason why we would need the exactly same thing here. Even more sad it gets, now a days people bring spearing alts without ANY risk at all to potentially kill a maxed account risking billions. And at bigger wars it is not really fun to have 10 1-iteming alts running around and spearing you, which makes the reason to bring a big risk worse. People has also been saying "Just freeze the spearers", yea what about 10 seconds later when they can move again? Are you going to freeze them again and waste your time killing unarmed alt accounts in a war? I don't think so. So im suggesting that Dragon Spears needs to get nerfed to keep alive the multi community we have left. A few possible ways listed here; Dragon Spear taking 50% - 100% per special attack so it atleast requires some skills to time it! Make spears more rare, and a lot more valuble so there is some risk involved! Ticks for eating/switching inbetween the special attacks! Or remove spears completely... Please don't respond to this thread with "works exactly like it is on real runescape, nothing wrong", instead give a reason why. Vote in this poll, and if it passes, we can discuss what exactly has to be done to spears. -epic
  14. Not working for me either, pretty annoying.
  15. Outfit contest 21 in the title, and outfit contest 20 in the text?