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  1. i added little colour to the russ part maybe this is better xx
  2. thans bro thanks for like bro thanks hope u like bro sweet bro
  3. ty men i like ur star betterer
  4. I was playing around with C4D and I decided to randomly pop this through for @Russ since he master pker @Colt Sorry if this is stealing ur idea making this thread but I apologise but ily so yeah xx it is something bit different for me so ty for lookies and hope u liek xx
  5. You hacked Tyler for this fk u
  6. L0l0l0l0l0l bro gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg check your bank might be rich af
  7. ban the fegget
  8. Joe

    I am a faggot
  9. Agree to every wun
  10. Joe

    Everyone just tag @Acolyte Kty Joe really do love you its ok baby xx
  11. Yeah makes sense to have him also thanks
  12. Hey so today I'm making a suggestion to have bosses added into your slayer tasks like, Kree'ara Tarn ect. I think this would be a nice little thing to add into in-game and say can only get it from kuradel, would also boost the pvm in gs having to go kill bosses and what not. I don't think the tasks should be more then 50 or so but maybe also make it so you get more slayer points per a boss task? Let me know what you guys think Thanks.
  13. Steads need to be the best boots in-game thats just that haha.
  14. I support this suggestion also another suggestion that could be thrown in with this is to be able to make a whole inv of bolts like fml have to stop and click it 3 times to get inv of bolts should have the X option or smith all..