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  1. Glad to see this happened, You've been Mod for a very long time now Chris and I'm sure you'll have no problem being an elite mod. Grats once again and #inactive squad always
  2. when you have to write your own bday thread because you have no friends (insert pepe meme here) sikesike happy birthday lol
  3. nah g no use, everyone's said the clear reasons. no support.
  4. was better without you tbh
  5. Glad to hear about your Soccer experience, I myself am in the New Zealand Nike Academy on a 2 year contract and have been to Europe for a tourney too. It was fun reading your post, I like to keep fit, it makes me feel a lot better and it just doesn't feel right when I miss the gym or aren't doing things to my full potential.
  6. Forums are bugged like that, sometimes the spoilers show and sometims they don't. I can assure you there's spoilers
  7. Remove vote penalty, I'll get straight to the point. It's fucking silly having that penalty because we don't vote? So we're forced to vote or suffer not getting streaks rewards or activity rewards? I've missed 9 days of voting and have a 69 vote penalty http://prntscr.com/dqih1c , are you kidding me... That's just ridiculous. Players who are taking a break from the game and or have quit come back to this and have to vote a shit ton to get it off. Plain and simple, remove the vote penalty. @Pb600
  8. Maybe if you knew the work he's done in the past you'd understand, now these kids are actually seeing this as an unfair promotion. Nevertheless, this promotion was needed. The man picking up the timezone I left, goodluck Blake though I doubt you'll need it my old friend.
  9. There's more for Jack to still learn as player rather than someone who should attain this rank, yes he's been helping out, staying out of trouble and all. Imo that doesn't make one eligible for this rank. I've been there done that, a lot of people have. He may have changed his ways for the better but I'm sticking with a no.
  10. My Resignation Hey guys, so as most of you know I've been with Spectrum afew years but actively a year now. Through my time here I've seen a lot of great leaders come and go, players who've shown they are more than capable of holding a certain rank within Spectrum. It's been a hell of a run, I've learnt so many things, from Recruiter to Admin it was quite the journey. I've really no time left for Grinderscape in general, I will come back and visit from time to time but for now it's my time to go. To our youngsters looking to have a rank within Spectrum in the near future, never give up, show consistency and dedication in whatever you do, no work goes unoticed in Spectrum. I see a lot of potential on some of you people, I hope to one day see some of them holding that Admin rank and taking charge. For now, deuces fam Stay Sexy Spectrum
  11. Dear players, as the title says, I will be resigning from my Moderator position. This is due to several reasons but the main one being irl. Summer time is here and I have 2/10 businesses to run and my family are looking for another shop which is going to be our third Pak N Save (only nz people will know) which really limits my time online. I don't think I'll be able to hold my hours much longer and there's no point in me holding the rank anymore. It's really been a great run but like everything, fun too must come to an end. My goal was to stay active and online for 2 years, I've been staff for almost a year now. It's been a hell of a run, I've learnt many new things, met lots of great people who helped make my experience here much better and smoother. I'll be leaving all In-Game duties except for Spectrum, I'll remain there for a tad bit longer. Now for some honourable mentions, @Carol Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be Server Support, you were a great leader and an even better friend. @Soccerlove , You're a great leader and a great co-owner. You're like a father to us in the staff team and lot's of good things happened when you returned. I hope you can continue to carry out and lead a good staff team. It was a pleasure working with you Ron. @Acolyte, Thanks for believing in me, thanks for trusting me with a lot of things. You're the perfect example of a role model and I've always looked up to you. @Tyler , Arpt V2. You were a great thing that happened for us, you still are. You're a great leader and I see you next to Joe as an Admin in no time, You've done a wonderful job thus far. I have no doubt you'll continue to do it as you progress further. @Icarly65 , You're a great guy Chris. You're an easy person to talk to and can have good conversations. You were an Admin before and you did a good job, try and pick up your activity and I'm sure you'll make it there once again. @Saim , Our newest mod, I'm glad it was you. You're a good kid Saim. Keep doing what you're doing. @irish3601 , You're doing alright as a Server Support, maybe because I barely see you in-game is why I don't get to see your true potential. You're doing just fine and keep it up. @Sir Wizard , Nic, You dedicate a lot of time to Grinderscape. You've been deployed in Korea, I hope everything is well there and get home safe and sound Soldier. @Straightkill, Roy, You're a good kid, you've shown us you have what it takes to carry out the resposibility of being a Server Support, you dedicate your time in-game and to Spectrum at a cosistent rate. Keep it up kid. @Raiderist Probably the funnest person to be around, oh potato, you left me so early but now I too fly high above the clouds. Since I joined the staff team there was 5 main homies, @Mystery Ltd, @Aa Cc Ii Dd, @Sma11zplz, @Acolyte and @Niels. All of which only 1 remain. You guys have all taught me what I know of staffing duties, love y'all to bits. Sadly, you guys had to bite the dust and now I join the club too. A lot of people will be happy with my resignation, and a lot will be sad. I'm really sorry it has to come to this, but shit happens. You can't expect someone to stay on a game for your entire life you know. If I missed anything I'm sorry, If I made you feel unwelcome, sad, upset, angry, demotivated I once again apologize. There have been tons of people I've met on my 11 month journey as Staff. A lot of good players have come and gone and it's time for me to go. Deuces fam, stay lit and maybe one day I'll be back and earn back what I worked really hard for. -Amninder.
  12. Spectrum Application Review Accepted. We've seen you going out of your way to help players in Spectrum and have been doing a good job as a Recruiter, We feel you've done what it takes to be a Moderator. Good stuff. Pending. Though we see you yelling for the players and advertising Spectrum, We'd just like to see you helping in the clan a bit more, show you can do this and I'm sure you can get Recruiter. Accepted. You've proven to us that you have what it takes to be a Moderator within Spectrum yet again. Keep up the good work. Accepted. You've been doing a good job in-game for a while now and we think you're ready for the Recruiter spot. Well done. Congratulations to those who were accepted and to MK7 who was pended, don't give up just yet because pending is very close to acceptance. To those looking to be future ranks within Spectrum, help out in the clan, advertise and yell for our clan members and show consistency in your work Stay Sexy Spectrum -Amninder.
  13. Guess you really don't like people staff hunting, you did too lmao. Just that you didn't get because you come back and leave a million times. But take care Shiv!
  14. Bruhh Matt, how could you leave me "G" I still don't know how I don't have you on Skype, pm me it fammmmmm <3 <3 ;(
  15. Incase you didn't know, Saim is the discord server Owner. All I see is you and your group of forums kids talking shit all the time and starting shit lmao, instead of removing Saims ranks why don't you remove yourself from Discord. That'll make it a better environment don't you think lol.