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  1. Welcome to Grinderscape Enjoy your stay
  2. You won't get a clue scroll every single kill Keep at it and you'll eventually get one
  3. yea we'll demote him the same day we promote you to SS
  4. Acceptered After you got pended on your first application, you really stepped it up in-game and we think you've earned your spot on this team. grats
  5. Enjoy your trip man
  6. Instead of bring a disrespectful little shit, make a suggestion thread. Also, i'm pretty sure that max hit is just for a regular hit, not a spec
  7. Dear players, Today we have decided to promote Sir Wizard from Server Support to In-game Moderator. @Sir Wizard has been doing an excellent job for quite some time and we believe he's ready for the next step. Of course as with all promotions, he'll be on a 2 week trial. Congratulations Nic, and good luck! Regards, GrinderScape Staff
  8. If i'm not mistaken, you can't convert super donator to premium points if you've switched dicer - super I never understood why you couldn't convert dicer, but i will try to talk to pb about it and hopefully we can get it added
  9. Application Review Denied, Before your application, I haven't seen anything from you in-game. You just recently started to help which is great, but we think you need a little bit more time before we promote you. It also looks like you spent a good 20 seconds on your application. Work on your consistency in-game and put some effort into your application and re-apply in 2 weeks.
  10. Accepted Although you've only been back for a couple of weeks, you have been doing very well and you have the proof to show for it. Congratulations Braedon, Glad you have you on the team.
  11. What is MOTM? Member of the Month (MOTM) is a rank that was created to recognize a player of our community each month who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. These people go out of their way to help other members, they contribute greatly to the server, and they reflect a positive outlook on what Grinderscape represents. Each month, five (5) nominees will be selected and voted on to win this coveted rank. At the end of a five (5) day period, the voting will close and the player with the most votes will win the rank. The process of selecting nominees is going to be up to you, the community. We want your input on who you think deserves to wear this rank. Exactly one (1) week from today, the Event Team will compile a list of your nominations and narrow it down to who we believe are the most deserving of the rank. Rules: - You cannot nominate yourself. -You cannot nominate staff members. You may nominate Event Team Members but you MUST give an explanation. - You cannot nominate anyone who is banned/has been banned within the last month. - If you do not have any input on who to nominate, don’t post. (i.e. “No one even deserves it this month,” or “Good luck.”) This also includes spamming or fake nominations. If you don’t have serious input do not post or you will be punished accordingly. - You can nominate as many people who you think deserve it. If you nominate more than one person, please keep it to one post. Edit your post if you think of more people, do not repost. - Do not ask to be nominated, as you will likely lose your chances of being nominated. Thank you for your input -Grinderscape Event Team
  12. any 350m is impressive on an ironman congrats man
  13. Denied The way you left (complaining about not getting respect from players) was very immature. Whether or not you had IRL problems, you shouldn't act out on Grinderscape. You should've let any omm recruiter know that you are having IRL issues and we would fully understand. It hasn't been long since you left, so i suggest you wait a little bit longer and make sure you're all good in real life so this doesn't happen again.
  14. Dear players, Today we decided to promote Blake to Server Support. @Blake has just recently returned to Grinderscape and we've decided to give him another shot at staff. Some of you may think this is a rushed promotion, but blake has been here before and i am more than confident in his staffing ability. Blake lives in New Zealand (GMT + 12) and will be helping out in this timezone. Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial. Congratulations Blake, and good luck! Regards, GrinderScape Staff