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  1. He assumed your username. I am outraged. I shall ask Security to hack us back to vBulletin.
  2. lmao ----------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Voted for #4. The maths in the background had me dead.
  4. While it won't be noticeable to most, this should provide improvements. When I was staff, moderating tools weren't exactly great so it's nice to see this update.
  5. I would like to see dz2 make a return. That place was awesome, had tons of useful stuff close together, made it easy to chill with friends and it had the damn blue dragons that didn't want to drop the damn eggs. It actually made being a donator partially worth it. It is indeed superior, and those that are superior will vote for dz2 to return. (P.S. I'm not too fussed over the new one, just wanna see dz2 come back)
  6. Sad to see you resign man. You're one of the people I respect the most on here, and it's a shame we never truly got to be staff together for a long period of time. I guess that leaves Kay from the old team, just a pity that the forums are so dead now. I'm not surprised by this because, well skype, but thanks for everything my man. You've been a great asset to this server, and somebody I've looked up to since I first joined.
  7. By far when Security came, hacked Joao's account, gave himself MOTM, respected and contributor, became bug tester, was superior in every way possible, got banned. Oh, and triggering half the server wasn't too shabby either @0xCAFEBABE
  8. :flag_au:
  9. That's a fact. Last warning?
  10. Looking good, adding colour to the Russ text improved it too. Keep 'em coming.
  11. Joe

    that's your opinion ^
  12. Looking good Joao. Would be cool to see some more of this style.
  13. Firstly, try adding spoilers and then images in those spoilers. If that doesn't work, it means that the 3 image limit still applies to normal members, and I'm afraid the only way to get around that would be to get another userbar. However, the option to donate for userbars isn't currently available on this forums, and so try winning an event.
  14. Your progress is quite remarkable. The concept for Wyatt's is pretty damn cool, the only thing I'd say is that the black font may be a little hard to read on darker backgrounds, and also the font itself isn't that imaginative. Having said that, I understand that the font was probably not the main focus. Looking forward to seeing more from you, and don't mind if I give you some CnC, it doesn't mean your work is bad. Not in the slightest
  15. These are pretty good my man, you're improving with every sig. Keep 'em coming, looking forward to seeing more progress.