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  1. Joe

    that's your opinion ^
  2. Looking good Joao. Would be cool to see some more of this style.
  3. Firstly, try adding spoilers and then images in those spoilers. If that doesn't work, it means that the 3 image limit still applies to normal members, and I'm afraid the only way to get around that would be to get another userbar. However, the option to donate for userbars isn't currently available on this forums, and so try winning an event.
  4. Your progress is quite remarkable. The concept for Wyatt's is pretty damn cool, the only thing I'd say is that the black font may be a little hard to read on darker backgrounds, and also the font itself isn't that imaginative. Having said that, I understand that the font was probably not the main focus. Looking forward to seeing more from you, and don't mind if I give you some CnC, it doesn't mean your work is bad. Not in the slightest
  5. These are pretty good my man, you're improving with every sig. Keep 'em coming, looking forward to seeing more progress.
  6. You have no authority. Accepted.
  7. good suggestions also, bring back blue drags, i need my pet
  8. Stay strong bro, keep us updated.
  9. nice feedback bro
  10. Thanks Wiki team
  11. Happy birthday Joe.
  12. Happy birthday Amir, I hope you have a great day. Still waiting for the the next video though Yours,
  13. Good luck my man, just look at me and @0xCAFEBABE as inspiration for the getting rich goal. Yours,
  14. Hey Dries, welcome to GS. Hope to see you around on the forums. If you need any help, feel free to PM either myself or @0xCAFEBABE. P.S just for a future note, try not to mention servers, just incase they're still active.