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  1. Happy birthday Joe.
  2. Happy birthday Amir, I hope you have a great day. Still waiting for the the next video though Yours,
  3. Good luck my man, just look at me and @0xCAFEBABE as inspiration for the getting rich goal. Yours,
  4. Hey Dries, welcome to GS. Hope to see you around on the forums. If you need any help, feel free to PM either myself or @0xCAFEBABE. P.S just for a future note, try not to mention servers, just incase they're still active.
  5. I think this calls for another status update. Happy birthday.
  6. Good ideas. I hope that these can be comfirmed as solutions soon. Regards, Backery stall
  7. I see "Security", I support. @0xCAFEBABE #nailher
  8. Somebody needs a safezone.
  9. Soo... Carl nominated myself and Sander for MOTM and this is what happened: Ok, let's check the rules: Hmm... so I don't see anything there, except for what I can only assume he looked at, which was "fake nominations". Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that unless @So Yontoo agrees with your nominations, they're regarded as fake, even though you can nominate "who you think deserve it". Regards, 1942
  10. Don't hate, just impersonate.
  11. Stop impersonating, you may get banned and muted from the SB mods. I support this promotion. You're active. I think. Regards, Vape Lord Nord
  12. Welcome to Grinderscape, Security. Hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to PM me for help, see you IG.
  13. with pleasure
  14. Thanks Kain Regards, Pb601
  15. you mean if i do thats i will be admin/.?? Regards, donator2