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  1. congratulations noob. I am sure you will do a great job, keep up your hard work.
  2. let the pre load in the top left corner finish before you log online
  3. Accepted. You have been on the team before so we know what you are capable of. The slayer guide you are making currently looks really good and I look forward to it being ready. Congratulations and Welcome to the team. -Ryan
  4. Been waiting for this promotion for a while. you have been doing a great job and i think you will have no problem stepping up. Congratulations.
  5. Yeah that was just an example of how to do them. Will add that in there. Thank you guys
  6. Hey everyone I just have 2 suggestions to do with Clue scrolls which I think would be nice to have. The first suggestion would be a "Clue Scroll Tracker". This would work like the "Kills Tracker". It would show you how many of each clue scroll that you have completed and maybe a few extras such as "Fastest Puzzle" and little things like that. Just to create a little challenge for players to compare with each other. The second suggestion would be gaining Participation Points for completing the different clue scrolls. This is just an example Easy Clue Scroll - 10 Participation Points Medium Clue Scroll - 20 Participation Points Hard Clue Scroll - 35 Participation Points Elite Clue Scroll - 50 Participation points I think the participation points would be a good idea because they take a little bit of time to complete and it would be good to at least gain something from them when you get a bad set of loot. Thank you all for reading. Let me know your thoughts on these ideas. -Ryan
  7. Sad to see you go mate. You proved me wrong which doesn't happen often. Im happy that I had the chance to work beside you in Spectrum and as Staff. Skype me anytime mate. Thank you for all your time and effort that you put into Grinderscape.
  8. I agree that they are too rare but i think that 1/64 is also too common. I think that around 1/500 would be a lot better.
  9. We wanted more players to use the forums and make the forums active. I dont see how this will help make the forums active. It takes players away from here.
  10. Unfortunately the Wikipedia team is very small and at the time of some skiller we were very busy sorting out a differant project. At the moment we are now focusing on Ironman.
  11. Jumping Ranks? ahah, congratulations Joe. Not fair on the current forums staff working hard on the forums to get promoted and out of nowhere someone skips a rank.
  12. Wikipedia Christmas Event Okay so its Time for the Wikipedia Christmas event to start. The Image you are all Looking for is . This image is located on 9 Different pages within the Wikipedia. I wish you all the best in finding them first. The first 3 to send me a private message on the forums will win. The private message must include the names of all the pages which have the image on and the location of the image on each page. Good luck. Prizes 1st Place - Santa Set + Hat + Sled = @Colt 2nd Place - Santa Set = @So Yontoo 3rd Place - Sled = @Alvin Congratulations on our Winners. Zachery did come second but he is Host banned so is unable to claim his prize in game. -Ryan
  13. Ironman & Hardcore Ironman Community page Hey everyone. I have decided to make a page on the Wikipedia by You for You. This page will include your own Tips and Tricks that you have found out and that you think will help other Ironman and Hardcore Ironman along their way onto completing their targets. This could be anything that helps you save money while skilling or how to get supplies easier and faster. I think this would be a great way for you all to share the information you have found and help others. I would like for all you Ironman out there to post below anything that you think would help others in game. Once we haven enough Tips and Tricks I will then start to create the page. Thank you for taking the time to read over my idea. I hope you all get involved and help create a great Community page. -Ryan
  14. Denied. We don't feel that you are capable of being a Wiki Editor. The only reason that your grammar was fixed is due to someone telling you what was wrong. This will create more work than what it needs. You have only made one guide? which wasn't very detailed. -Ryan
  15. Love this event. Good luck everyone