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  1. More than us, still slapped them again. Go recruit more at edge. 76 Minute War
  2. ex-support, newly found savage.
  3. Once again, out numbered, still cleared... Thanks for watching, sub for future content! No cuts, just sped up video. Didn't die once.
  4. Thanks to Zoiezo for helping pc!
  5. If someone could PC This that would be amazing, or atleast PC some of it, the bulk stuff. Oh, and im buying osrs GP for pk Gear
  6. Someone Please PC the big items and bank for the most part... Also, Pm me in game if u wanna do some Trades IGN: The B A N G
  7. The B A N G Lets get it
  8. Joe

    this is weird as fuck
  9. Of Course, makes it easier to get out of sticky situations faster. Also.. You know I support anything to make the game more like 07 100% support from myself and the Gang
  10. Ill buy all dragon spears and morrigans bodies/chaps [non corrupt], the seers rings, and verac's helms.
  11. Maybe you didn't know that this game is only around because of the actual game so there is always a basis from the actual game that has to be implemented into this one. I do play 07, does that mean I can't have a preference on Grinderscape?
  12. This is unfortunate to see.
  13. Please leave your preference and why