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  1. shit developer russ. teehee
  2. who the hell is vape lord nord? is this nordan shat? or just a fan boy who can't think of an original name himself? teehee!!! @Vape Lord Nord
  3. How can you be a black wigger? Illiterate and fat.. That's not a good combo my friend. cut back a little then maybe your "workouts" will work. Teehee
  4. I like to play Grinderscape when I have a chance, thanks for asking. Btw. You have too many rest days fat ass Hello!
  5. Hello! btw: I never quit this is just an inside joke teehee
  6. damn nigga this shit long as fuck ima just take ur word from the title that you're quitting. gl irl sir
  7. Peace man. GL IRL
  8. How did you get rid of it? I don't get it? is it hard to reset a clan? Nice plan!!!
  9. No Point for a farewell when nobody knows who you are.
  10. good luck with clan brother purmuri
  11. rip frenna pce
  12. Well, Doesn't bother me.. But just to end this banter and complete idiocy being spewed onto this thread. I'll end it by saying we are 10-2, you guys care way too much about this game, and you will never.. ever win a war where you have same numbers as us. Enjoy your 2 wins.
  13. You're autistic if you think people actually have 2 accounts in wildy at the same time. Doesn't bother me buddy bc you never come close to competing with us without calling 40 kids online 2 weeks in advance. Thanks for divines and sols. you're a 1 bang thats why we pile you so much. roasted again
  14. 10-2 doesn't bother me. Cya in wildy. Thanks for divines butthurted.. roasted man. nice english also