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  1. I thought I solved the problem but it's just somewhat better lol I can usually load and login after loading the client a few times but sometimes like right now I have alot of trouble getting the pre loading to load I've cleared the cache but still have this problem and I don't know why @Pb600 @Byron
  2. It's about damn time nub <3
  3. sorry for the late reply was busy but I sent the logs, I tried to log onto another account and I still get the same problem @Pb600
  4. @Pb600 @Byron https://gyazo.com/bccb87812507cd6afb7ad15e02fa1218 this started happening yesterday I've deleted my cache and client like 4 times now still get that screen .-. pls help
  5. In-game name(s): Timebrawler Will you be active within the wiki team?: yes of course Do you have prior experience editing a wiki?: yes I've been a wiki editor on here before Why do you deserve to be in the wiki team?: I believe I deserve another chance because when I make a guide I put 200% effort into it I make sure that later on if someone tried to make the same guide that they won't be able to top my guide Do you have any creative idea(s) for the wiki? If so, explain it(them) below: I am actually making an updated slayer guide with lots of videos so the players won't be as confused, after the slayer guide is done I will making an updated crafting guide with video's on how to make everything that we can on gs. Eventually I will be updating all the guides that I possibly can with as much video as I can.
  6. Excuse me if I sound retarded as I don't understand Ingame Coding very well This morning I voted as I usually do and I got 3 dicing credits which I don't mind at all I enjoy dicing but I also got 2 donator days but i'm a super donator is there any way to code it so that the system detects that the player is a super donator and doesn't give them donator days? because it's literally a useless reward I understand if you can't that's fine it'd just be nice if it could be that way. @Pb600 @Byron
  7. brawlers are untradeable @PerfectHit
  8. looks really nice man
  9. Oh no you actually have to put forth some effort for once someone call @Pb600 quick we need to fix this ASAP so no1 cries anymore :'( Lol not worth doing this, cutting 1 magic log = 40k cash so I'm actually lost where's the loss of money now?
  10. So many seeds <3
  11. pm me ingame whenever you get back on
  12. if this is fixed literally all xp for summoning will be half of the xp we get now
  13. so atm as most of you know the "make x" option for summoning is broken as it only gives you the xp for making 1 pouch instead of 27, I have talked to pb and he said he can fix it to give xp for making 27 but he will reduce the xp gained by 50% of the current xp you get for making 1 atm I feel this should be implemented because we can no longer spam click summoning like we once were able to and now we have to make 1 at a time or summon familiars for 99 or even 350m for the players going for max xp do you feel this should be fixed or left as is?
  14. Nice hacks!
  15. The answer is obviously toast squared Now I'll take my winnings in 1's please