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  1. mhm...more xp? nah.. but what its be nice to make skilling again awesome like skilling pets or new skill i think its much more intresting like again start skill old skills Btw i know why u offer that wanna get higher rank in highscores
  2. selling all thats cosmetic wanna sell full sets but if u need any piece just pm me in game
  3. thnaks and what about pets i killed alot drags
  4. buy osrs gp 2.5b gs for 1m osrs pm me in game rcmbs (if u catch me when i am online) or better pm me in rs : rcmbs v2
  5. awesome update good new year to all
  6. like alltimes update awesome thanks for what now time back to game
  7. its easy special when u are in p2p
  8. nice strange but my mining better like yours My skiller sadly still f2p ;(
  9. sell all this pieces pm me in game or here probably better here because dont be alot in game
  10. i have offer that suggestion few times and a lot other persons said that too but sadly he forget about this update...
  11. now i can say for u @pb600 i love u just wait this update
  12. one more dave welcome back to GS
  13. Norway-Lithuanian
  14. nice party hats gz another winners