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  1. voted for 6 cause i love the hat
  2. good i fkin cant stand this nerd
  3. who is this and why is he saying kop squad?? ot pce have fun
  4. For once I actually agree with adam? I think these are good ideas, i also think there's no need for a stardust limit
  5. I gave her the flu
  6. i wanna apply
  7. Hey can you chuck the uncropped version in please 10-2 we can cop the loss on the chin Was a good war, most fun ive had in a long time EDIT: idk why you're all saying it was easy. obviously wasn't if it went for 2 hours...
  8. Can't beat crushcrushcrush
  9. hey bro thanks for following me

    1. Angel


      bro np bro

  10. my entry is my lucky clue reward As I'm sure most of the server knows I spend 99% of my time in the wilderness and I have to be beyond bored to actually do some pvming... After only 23 steel dragon kills I was able to pick myself up the first elite clue i've got on any of my accounts. So I went and did it and i ended up with dragon ceremonial hat, bandos page and ancient crozier. Dunno how much they are but I'm sure someone out there wants them
  11. First elite clue I've done across all of my accounts, probably going to be the last as well cause it's boring as heck.
  12. ya break the game more than it already is
  13. I have quite a large collection of brawlers and ring of wealths from killing them/killing pvmers
  14. i like the part where bg won and aog didn't win