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  1. Hello everyone, so after last nights update there was a lot of uproar in-game about the new donator rank. I'd like to make this poll, and comment section available for everyone to vote and voice their opinion and ideas no matter what they might be, so pb can look at them. I mean there's no point complaining about it over yell when we can just come to forums with hard numbers and idea all in one easy section for him to look at. I'll start. My opinion. No, i don't think that $150 is fair at all for such a rank, that's overly expensive and not many people have that type of money to spare on a game. Majority of this player base are teenagers/young adults (uni students with payments/etc), people who can't afford this. I've always, always admired about this game that the Donator benefits are awesome, but not game-changing. Which is the best possible medium that one can have. Now we have a new rank worth $195 in my Australian currency.. which I can get about 5 tanks of petrol with this money to drive to school/work and back. I'm not going to spend this amount am I? (Personal choice I know, but logical.) Pb said last night that he wishes to recognise the people on this game who donate this type of money. Well pb if that is the case then this should be a cumulative donation reward, where over time if you spend $150USD this gets added onto your account, because those people who have sunk their money into grinderscape over the years should be recognised. as you said.
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no,not a good idea, you wanna make the wildy attacks more balanced yet you're changing a 2 handed weapon that has a crazy max hit as it is to something that can be paired with the defensive power of a divine? personally, as someone who uses both of these weapons every day, i don't think this is a good idea at all
  3. Trickster Helm
  4. yes pls fix item appearances before fixing the broken things in-game that will get us more players i can see how people would want this though as 90% of players are playing fashionscape, guess it makes them look cleaner so why not
  5. those are frosty dragony bones not zogre bones my dear
  6. its a cry for some power lmao no
  7. noob come pk gz tho
  8. can u pls not type with a capital letter at the start of each word i have ocd OT: nice giveaway how many of the winners were ur friends noob?
  9. @Arcane Blast @Rippa want join?????????
  10. this is srsly the typical br staker
  11. almost as annoying as the discord bots spamming join ::discord @ home on gs